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Program Details

Base Commission $25
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type Check, Direct Deposit, PayPal
Accepted Countries Global

DailyBurn Affiliate Program: Overview

DailyBurn is a wildly popular online destination and app providing its users with a wealth of fitness and training routines.

The monthly service provides tailored workout plans users will have fun doing while seeing their efforts pay off whether it’s 10 minutes to 1 hour a day. Thousands have already used the monthly workout plan service to lose the weight, get healthy, and keep the pounds off.

The DailyBurn affiliate program, offered through CJ Affiliate, pays $25 on a Daily Burn Workout Plan paid subscription. Partners will have a 30-day tracking cooking window to convert sales. And, they’ll find access to dynamic banners, private commissions, and exclusive offers through the program.

The DailyBurn Program: Pros and Cons

The wildly popular DailyBurn platform provides thousands of workout routines in bite-sized chunks. This different approach to weight loss and exercise creates novelty to keep users engaged. The program includes a 30-day free trial that’s sure to get users hooked on the service.

What makes the DailyBurn affiliate program worthwhile? Where does it fall short?


  • Base $25 payouts for sign-ups to the paid subscription


  • 30-day tracking mixed with a 30-day trial could lose out on conversions

DailyBurn Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

It’s very likely your health, fitness, or weight loss audience has heard of DailyBurn.

The app and its resources are available across several channels be it it’s app, on set-top devices, and online.

More than 1000+ routines are available, with detail instructions from expert trainers, making it a complete solution for those looking to burn a few pounds.

Promoting the DailyBurn offers and promotions shouldn’t be hard.

The strong community, valuable app, extensive workout plans, support, and popular branding carries your promotions heavily.

Get DailyBurn in front of your audience and quite a few are sure to explore its features!