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Program Details

Base Commission 15%
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type Wire Transfer, ACH (US Banks only), Checks, BlueSnap MasterCard
Accepted Countries Global

CS-Cart Affiliate Program: Overview

CS-Cart is a fully-integrated, self-hosted shopping cart software used to build online stores or build an online marketplace. The one-time purchase gives users a highly customizable eCommerce solution with easy-to-use design tools.

The CS-Cart company may not have clout on the levels of other competitors in the market. But, their inexpensive, low-price shopping cart solution has attracted tens of thousands of clients. It’s hard finding a dedicated shopping cart not attached to subscription services – this gives you quite an interesting, money-making opportunity in the business, online marketing, and eCommerce niche.

The CS-Cart affiliate program provides three levels of earnings potential:

  • 15% (about $57) for CS-Cart
  • 15% (about $130) for CS-Cart Ultimate
  • 15% (about $217) for Multi-Vendor

The CS-Cart program is open for all, uses sales tracking through BlueSnap, and quick to set up. The company is relaxed on how CS-Cart is promoted as long as it doesn’t involve spam. They’re looking for those dedicated to website design, web hosting, SEO, online business, and entrepreneurship, but anyone dedicated can generate earnings.

The CS-Cart Program: Pros and Cons

CS-Cart fills a void left what many other shopping cart providers and eCommerce suites left behind. There’s a strong market for shopping cart software not attached to subscriptions and marketplaces forcing free and paid plugins. As an affiliate, you’re given an opportunity to earn big sales while helping your audience take full control of their online shopping presence.

What are the CS-Cart affiliate program pros? What are the cons of this program and offers?


  • One-year cookie duration
  • High commissions with three product options


  • Stiff competition from other, leading eCommerce platforms
  • Commissions are for the first sale with no discount (not from upgrades)

CS-Cart Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

We think the CS-Cart offers and promotions included in this affiliate program are spot-on for those anywhere in the online business and marketing niche. This product is one of the few remaining to offer just a shopping cart not attached to all sorts of upsells, plugins, and subscriptions.

The price of the CS-Cart shopping cart software will certainly be a hard sell – plus considering the time commitment and learning curve. But, there are plenty of targeted buyers seeking exactly what CS-Cart has to offer… so why not join up and give it to them!