Cruise Direct

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Program Details

Base Commission 3%
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type Check, Direct Deposit
Accepted Countries Global

About the Cruise Direct Affiliate Program

The Cruise Direct affiliate program is a great way to monetize a travel blog or website. The cruise market generates nearly $40-billion annually and is poised to increase year-over-year. Joining and offering cruise booking services via Cruise Direct has a high earning potential.

Cruise Direct Program Highlights:

  • Commission: 3%
  • Cookie: 45-day

Partnering with Cruise Direct gives access to a dedicated affiliate management team, weekly bonuses, and personalized creatives. Cruise Direct pays a commission on the gross sale of each booking. Bookings are often $200 – $1000+ meaning big affiliate earnings during peak travel seasons!

About Cruise Direct

Cruise Direct has been active for 15 years providing cruise booking services. They’re among the top players in the cruise booking industry with hundreds of listings and destinations. Their site, albeit clunky, offers an extensive product catalog featuring all the major cruise brands.

Cruise Direct has an A+ BBB rating and more than 6400+ reviews.


Why You Should Promote Cruise Direct + Pros and Cons

Whereas many travel affiliates stick to flights and hotel bookings – Cruise Direct attracts a different travel-type. Those going on cruises look for bargains but aren’t afraid to spend big bucks on an ideal cruise vacation. A partnership with Cruise Direct will create a new vertical in your affiliate promotions.


  • High-ticket value = higher commissions
  • 15-years’ experience = trusted brand


  • Clunky website = lower site conversions

We think Cruise Direct is great for just about any travel blog. You may not generate commissions often if cruises are a nominal topic but those sales you do create can pay very well. Plus, this lets you expand content topics talking about things like doing a Disney cruise or Royal Caribbean, Carnival, and others.


The Cruise Direct Program: Our Verdict

All-in-all, the affiliate commissions aren’t the highest, but this small percentage isn’t too bad considering the high value of cruise bookings. People going on cruises with others meaning you could land an affiliated sale on big parties spending tens of thousands!

The website could use an overhaul but there aren’t too many cruise booking sites on Cruise Direct’s level so it’s not too much a setback. Their deals, customer service, and longevity in the industry more than make up their clunky site.

Should you join the Cruise Direct affiliate program? We think so.

If anything, it presents something new for your travel audience. This added content scope is great for bolstering your content strategy and content marketing efforts. Give them a try.