Crazy Domains

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Program Details

Base Commission Up To 10%
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type PayPal
Accepted Countries Global (Some Restrictions)

Crazy Domains Affiliate Program: Overview

The Crazy Domains affiliate program is quite crazy topping the incredible domain name offers provided through their registrar. This U.S.-based domain name provider offers .com names starting at $9.00.

Haven’t heard of Crazy Domains? They’ve been active and doing quite well:

  • 94$ customer satisfaction
  • 5 million+ registrations
  • Price matching

Their solutions include a variety of much-needed Web services from the obvious domain names and hosting. To web/logo design, application hosting, analytics, and more. They’re constantly adding new TLD options at great, affordable prices. And, offer eco-friendly hosting options!

Crazy Domains

The Crazy Domains platform has a simple-to-use domain checker tool. The TLD option and experience divides into various categories like popular, international, Europe, and Asia Pacific. This lets customers from around the world pick and chooses the perfect domain for their online project.

Crazy Domain’s web hosting pricing isn’t too bad, either, starting with $2.50/mo for a barebones setup. Or, an unlimited plan at just $7.50 a month when on discount. This puts their hosting packages cheaper than most other Web hosting providers! A perfect combination for would-be affiliates to the program.

About the Crazy Domains Affiliate Program

The Crazy Domains affiliate program gets right to the point.

Crazy Domains Affiliate

Here are the Crazy Domain program details:

  • 10% commissions on all products sold
  • 60-day tracking cookie
  • PapPal payout once earnings reach $100

From the look of things, the Crazy Domains program covers the bare necessities to operate. This isn’t a bad thing because it lets you quickly join, grab your affiliate links, and start promoting within minutes.

The program includes your usual mix of tracking and reporting tools. And, offers support through their team of experienced affiliate managers. Affiliates will also find 100s of banners and creative. The program also pays if a customer returns within a 60-day period!

The Crazy Domains Affiliate Pros and Cons

Crazy Domains isn’t a widely recognized domain and hosting provider. But, they have an interesting partnership opportunity you may want to explore. Let’s look at some of the positives and negatives you’ll discover when promoting their offers.

Crazy Domains Affiliate Pros

  • Cheap domains and price matching
  • A full suite of products and services for up-sells
  • Repeat commissions for repeat customers within 60-days

Crazy Domains Affiliate Cons

  • Showing negativity from its reseller community after doing a search
  • High $100 threshold for a potentially hard sell + PayPal-only payments
  • Cheaper options via better-known brands

Overall, the issue is the higher threshold ($100) to reach payout. This is common for a lot of affiliate programs. But, this could get tough since it’s not a popular domain name registrar. The extra payouts from returning customers is nice, though.

Crazy Domains Affiliate Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict and Review

You’ve got two questions:

  1. Is the Crazy Domains affiliate program worth joining?
  2. Can I make money with Crazy Domains?

The answer is… maybe.

Everything is there to make money considering their decent pricing, backend support, and affiliate resources. But, you may have some trouble making those sales because most people will turn to major providers like GoDaddy, NameCheap, and others as their first thought.

Of course, you could try to get people on board by promoting benefits like the incredibly cheap hosting packages, price matching, and added services. Customers could get set up with a domain and hosting for less than a domain through most registrars (so there’s that). They’ve got great service, too.

Crazy Domains Domain Affiliate Program

Overall, we wouldn’t say put them as your primary domain affiliate promotion.

If they raised their commissions to about 20% then they’d become a major contender in the mix of domain promotions. Until then, list the Crazy Domains offers as a second or third choice in your resource list. Track its performance, then decide if you’ll push it harder.