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Program Details

Base Commission Up To $0.40
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type Check, Direct Deposit, PayPal
Accepted Countries U.S.A.

CouponSurfer Affiliate Program: Overview

CouponSurfer is quite an interesting website… it’s a coupon membership site providing shoppers with a massive catalog of free printable coupons. This includes offers for wildly popular brands including Kraft, Campbell’s, Kellogg’s, and retail like Gap, JCPenney, and more. CouponSurfer includes their own set of coupon tools to help users find the best deals, quickly cut & apply discounts, and print.

CouponSurfer members can join the Cash Back Rewards program to earn an additional 10% cash back from thousands of local restaurants and shops. Membership and the cash back program is free to join driving thousands of new members to the site daily.

The CouponSurfer affiliate program pays partners for each new sign-up to the site or rewards program.

The CouponSurfer program pays $0.20 for every new member referral and an extra $0.20 for any member linking a credit/debit card to the rewards program. Meaning $0.40 for every new member sent through your referral link.

The average conversion rate of the CouponSurfer site/app is 16% — making it quite a profitable program if you command an engage community and high traffic stats. The program also includes a data feed and 30-day tracking cookie for your referrals. Payments are processed after earning $50.

The CouponSurfer Program: Pros and Cons

The CouponSurfer site and app have quite an attractive value for its users… who doesn’t enjoy saving money on everyday expenses, right? It’s a lot like the now popular Ibotta or Checkout51 app making it an easy offering to your frugal-like community.


  • Up to $0.40 per referral with a high 16% conversion rate
  • All coupons are free for members creating a huge incentive to sign up


  • The older look and feel of the site could use a timely update to ease wariness
  • Affiliate program doesn’t include a lot of creatives and copy to jump-start promotions

CouponSurfer Offers and Promotions: What We Think

CouponSurfer is a neat addition to your website or coupon blog. It brings the best deals and offers you’d likely share with your community but lets you earn a little income in the process. The CouponSurfer offers and promotions are the same you’ll find through competitors but a little easier to use. Technically, the program is offered globally since anyone could include its offers — its offers, though, are intended for U.S. audiences (heads up!).

In all, the CouponSurfer affiliate program is a catch-all provider for partners exploring the coupon and deals niche. You can find these offers elsewhere but why go through the trouble when CouponSurfer offers everything (and more) in one location.