Core Health Products

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Program Details

Base Commission 10% - 30%
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type PayPal, EFT
Accepted Countries Global

Core Health Products Affiliate Program: Overview

Core Health Products provides an extensive health and nutrient product line helping users digest better and experience the power of detoxing. The online store lists a dozen health supplements to help its users improve all areas of their lifestyle whether it’s digestive health and bone health to burning fat or receiving the daily, necessary vitamins and nutrients.

Core Health Products is lead by Shan Stratton, internationally known for training sessions and corporate speaking events. Stratton’s foray into the industry (and the products found through the Core Health Products brands) have given him roles from consultant and one-on-one trailer to business association.

The Core Health Products line of health and digestive supplements, along with extensive learning resources, have solidified this brand as a leading provider and online portal in its industry. The business sells directly to consumers and offers incentives to its brand advocates.

Join the Core Health Products affiliate program and start earning 10-30% commissions on all qualifying orders to the website for the lifetime of that customer. Or, earn 5% commissions for each sale generated by referred affiliates!

The Core Health Products program includes an extensive set of affiliate resources and tools. Partners gain access to a complete setup and dedicated staff including: a free affiliate website, video training, real-time reporting, performance bonuses, and lifetime commissions.

The Core Health Products Program: Pros and Cons

Core Health Products’ range of products, ordered individually or by the case, gives affiliates a new opportunity in the health and supplement niche. The certified, organic ingredients, 30-day money-back guarantee, and affordable pricing makes this one brand you’ll want to explore.


  • Scalable sales commissions with some lifetime, recurring payouts
  • Two-tiered affiliate promotions – earn by referring other affiliates


  • Higher commission levels require $1500-$3000+ in referral sales
  • Affiliates must subscribe to an auto-ship or Success Starter Package

Core Health Products Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

The Core Health Products offers and promotions look good on the screen. The branding and set of products are extensive, no doubt. But, having to subscribe to an auto shipment of products or a Success Starter Package is throwing up red flags.

The Core Health Products affiliate program is incredibly rewarding considering all you’re given and commission models. Being able to recruit other affiliates and earn a portion of their sale is great, too. But, you’ll want to factor paying for the product to have permission to promote their products.

In all, this is a program good for existing customers. All others should weigh if the startup costs are worth the potential income. Do your due diligence!