Colmex Pro

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Program Details

Base Commission 25% & $0.01 Per Share (Buy/Sell)
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type ACH, Check, Direct Deposit
Accepted Countries Global

Colmex Pro Affiliate Program: Overview

What is Colmex Pro? It’s an EU regulated trading firm offering instant execution, up to 1:20 margins on stocks, 1:200 margins on forex, through six different platforms. Clients of Colmex pro tap into regulated specialists to capitalize their time when making investments and market plays.

The Colmex Pro platform and services let investors explore and profit from US markets, FX & commodities, and worldwide exchanges. The platform grants a restriction-free environment to trade how and when clients want.

The Colmex Pro affiliate program pays its partners up to 25% commissions if traders buy and sells 10,000 shares of any live equity. The program pays $.01 per share for both buying and selling activity meaning an average $50 earnings on these volume trades.

Partners of the Colmex Pro program will also receive 3% of the deposits from their referrals. The program lists a CPA opportunity, too, with a potential earning of up to $1000.

The Colmex Pro Program: Pros and Cons

The services and platform provided through the Colmex Pro affiliate program is quite a lucrative gamble. Here, you’re promoting a platform where investors can hedge their bets outside the normal restrictions found through popular trading platforms.

This thrill and excitement to trade whenever and wherever clients want will surely attract great interest – all through your referral links.


  • High earnings potential when referring big traders
  • 24/6 affiliate support


  • High deposit and trade volume to initiate commissions

Colmex Pro Offers and Promotions: What We Think

The Colmex Pro offers and promotions are quite a tantalizing opportunity for traders seeking new income-generating channels. The platform attracts big traders by default making the baseline requirements to earn commissions not as nearly off-putting as they sound.

Overall, the Colmex Pro affiliate program is one of the highest paying in the industry. If you’ve got the audience, then you’ve got a game-changing income stream by joining.