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Program Details

Base Commission 90% (On First Sale)
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type Wire Transfer, Direct Deposit
Accepted Countries Global

ClickMeter Affiliate Program: Overview

ClickMeter offers an all-in-one solution for link tracking, affiliate tracking, and conversion tracking. Their platform allows its users to monitor, compare, and optimize all marketing links in one location to increase campaign effectiveness and conversion rates.

The tool, starting at $29/mo can record over 25,000+ events, 2,500+ data points, includes 1-year of storage, and more.

Optional upgrades are available for those with larger campaigns, agencies, and enterprise-level businesses.

The ClickMeter affiliate program is one of the highest paying in the advertising & marketing niche. It’s an ideal fit for affiliates, webmasters, agencies, publishers, and web lovers.

Partners in the program can earn up to 90% commissions – nearly $891 per sale – with their referrals based on performance.

Getting started with the ClickMeter program is easy with its quick sign-up process, access to creative assets, and intuitive tracking & reporting tools.

Applications are reviewed within 24 hours and the program is open to all.

The ClickMeter Program: Pros and Cons

The ClickMeter affiliate program, managed via ShareASale, lets you earn massive commissions for a tool providing 100+ features from link cloaking & conversion tracking to URL management and more.

The program houses a dedicated support team with fast monthly payments.


  • Earn up to 90% commissions on first, one-time sale
  • Extensive affiliate support with tons of tools & resources
  • 90-day tracking cookie


  • Does not pay commissions when users upgrade from free/lower-tier to premium

ClickMeter Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

The extensive offers and promotions ClickMeter does to bring in users are mind-boggling. Their service & tool has one of the most extensive sets of features – thousands are enticed through its free and low-tiers, with many more opting for premium.

The huge, 90% commission rates can lead to $891 sales! How many other programs do you know offer this big of a payout? Plus, you get all the great backend tools and support.

Our only qualm with the affiliate program is how you don’t earn commissions if users upgrade from free/low tiers to premium. Their great job at onboarding new users through free and lower-tiers means you’ll likely miss out on a bunch of referrals.


They also do a tremendous job at promoting its ‘Large’ package ($99/mo). This nets you $89.1 per referral which is leagues ahead of many, other promotions you’ll have running. Score a couple big, premium sign-ups and it’ll quickly make up for the work!

All-in-all, Clickmeter has a truly unique and valuable product for online marketers. If that’s your audience, then you’ll have no problem touting its benefits and referring sign-ups.