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Program Details

Base Commission 5% - 15%
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type Direct Deposit, Wire, EFT
Accepted Countries Global (Most U.S. States) Affiliate Program: Overview is a combination e-commerce shop, training resource, and community hub for all things bodybuilding and fitness. The store ranks well for nearly all offerings, creating a strong brand association with their customers. All access training and individual training routines are respected as some of the best in its topic and scope. greatly benefits from its keyword selection as a domain. Do a search for “bodybuilding” and you’ll find yourself on this site. It’ll be the same for your community so why not promote the main competitor in the niche?

The affiliate program presents offers and promotions for almost everything you’ll find on the platform. The two mains to earn affiliate commissions are through the store and all access program. Joining is free though there is a 72-hour wait time to receive a response.

The commission rate for offers is 15% for completed orders through the shop for new visitors and 5% on orders by existing customers. Cookies are a one-time use for purchases. Earnings are also generated by referring individuals to the fitness plans.

The program does offer coupon affiliates though they earn just 2% flat commissions through their promotions. Payments are sent monthly with a minimum $25 threshold. Affiliates are welcome globally though there are restrictions on certain states in the U.S.

The Program: Pros and Cons

What site would you search for when seeking bodybuilding advice?, of course. This brand has an extensive selection of products and fitness plans for all types of fitness types whether they’re just started or full-on fanatics.

What are the good parts of the affiliate program? What’s not so good?


  • 15% commissions and 5% for repeat customers
  • Two avenues of promotions (products and plans) to offer a variety
  • Strong promotional support through the Pepperjam platform


  • Plans are often freely available through free websites and video channels
  • Several states throughout the U.S. are non-eligible
  • A general market shift away from bodybuilding into cardio and CrossFit Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

The website is a defacto resource for all things weight training. The shop touts an impressive selection of bodybuilding supplements. Regular customers buy in bulk while bulking – creating a great opportunity when considering the 5% commissions for returning visitors. offers and promotions have a double whammy for the affiliate. On one side, you earn whenever someone subscribes to the All Access which gets them involved with bodybuilding. On the other, you earn as these individuals explore supplements.

In all, the affiliate program is an absolute must for those going the strength side of the fitness niche. Bodybuilding may not have the flash like CrossFit and other fitness programs as it once did… but it’s evergreen and you can’t beat the high conversion rates.