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Program Details

Base Commission 50%
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type Check, Direct Deposit, PayPal
Accepted Countries Global

Blast4Traffic Affiliate Program: Overview

Blast4Traffic is a bulk email and advertising service where businesses can submit and get their ads in front of 2.3 million targeted users in Blast4Traffic’s solo ads platform.

The service includes a wealth of email and online advertising educational resources and a member’s area to set up, schedule, and roll-out campaigns without monthly fees.

The Blast4Traffic affiliate program, offered through Clickbank, offers 50% commissions on every sale.

The Blast4Traffic program includes a bonus payment program offering cash incentives when referring more clients. There are no monthly quotas, and registration is free.

The program includes banner and sample ads to get promotions going quickly. And, sample AdWords and email newsletters.

The program includes your usual set of report tracking and affiliate link. Existing Clickbank users can create their link directly from the affiliate page.

Blast4Traffic also includes a reseller program outside of the United States.

The Blast4Traffic Program: Pros and Cons

Blast4Traffic is one of several high-profile paid traffic generation services. These programs are a blast from the past (no pun intended).

Today, their operations are frowned upon – many from the low-quality traffic and the potential ramification one receive by deceiving traffic stats.


  • Inexpensive traffic blasts with freebies upon sign-up
  • Members area and deep discounts on resources


  • #2 result when searching for the service pops up scam alert
  • Google warns visitors prior to passing through to the page

Blast4Traffic Offers and Promotions: What We Think

Blast4Traffic has all the hallmarks of being problematic but we wanted to include it in our affiliate programs list to warn affiliates of its dangers.

Truth be told, paid traffic through these services are low-quality. Sure, they can provide some targeting… but c’mon.

We think Blast4Traffic offers and promotions looks good on screen. But, it’s a risk referring followers to the program since your reputation is on the line.

In all, it’s entirely on you. You can partner with the Blast4Traffic affiliate program – and we’re sure you’ll create a few sales – but paid blasts aren’t exactly your best effort.