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Program Details

Base Commission Variable
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type PayPal, Check, Western Union, Wire
Accepted Countries Global

Bidvertiser Affiliate Program: Overview

Bidvertiser is a direct advertising company and platform helping publishers and advertisers meet half way. The self-serving platform screen traffic sources leading to higher-quality leads. Traffic delivered through the Bidvertiser platform are segmented by geolocation, user agent, device, and more.

Tracking, reporting, and automatic (or manual) optimization are in place to help guarantee success when implementing a pay per click marketing campaign. The platform uses in-house technology to track, analyze, defend against fraud, and deliver a great experience for both parties.

Bidvertiser is like the Google AdSense and Yahoo Publisher Network.

The Bidvertiser affiliate program is an ideal match for those affiliates promoting pay-per-click offers and promotions in the business, advertising, or marketing niche.

As a Bidvertiser referral partner, one can expect $5 commissions with new advertiser signup when they spend $10. You’ll earn an additional $20 if the advertiser spends $50. Publisher leads (after $10 spend) will earn you $10 and a $40 bonus once they earn $50.

The Bidvertiser Program: Pros and Cons

Bidvertiser offers an alternative to the wildly popular AdSense. This allows site and blog owners a method to monetize their site by displaying ads. Publishers purchase ads through the network. An affiliate earns money through either of these types.

What makes the Bidvertiser affiliate program a good fit for your PPC blog? What’s lacking with the platform and program – making you want to shy away?


  • An easy way to monetize by helping others monetize
  • Cheaper ad prices enough to entice publishers trying new things
  • Provides an alternative to those unable to use AdSense


  • Ad layouts are obvious (and we all know how people hate ads)
  • $50 minimum payout for those needing checks
  • Limited data on the backend when tracking campaigns

Bidvertiser Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

Bidvertiser is a great alternative to those not wanting to use Google AdSense (or those banned from the network). The Bidvertiser platform has a relaxed policy with how many ads are shown vs often strict restrictions found through AdSense.

The ad quality can be a hit or miss for advertisers and publishers. But, it fulfills a need. The Bidvertiser affiliate program pays relatively well considering there are few platforms offering this opportunity.

In all, we think Bidvertiser offers and promotions are quite fair for affiliates. It provides a great alternative and method to monetize a site for you and your community. This, alone, makes it a great fit if you’re in the blogging, marketing, or online business space.