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Program Details

Base Commission 3.25% - 10%
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type Check, Direct Deposit, Wire
Accepted Countries Global

Avon Affiliate Program: Overview

Avon is a health and beauty brand in operation for more than 130 years. It’s one of the leading beauty product companies in North America set across several brands including ANEW, Avon Color, and more.

Avon has its reputation as an MLM but its entry into consumer markets has shed most of the negative connotations associated with the industry. It’s one of the earlier adopters of the direct sales industry giving it a solid reputation backed by well-received products.

Joining the Avon affiliate program allows you to make money promoting all Avon products. Affiliates can expect 10% commission on 240,000 products. Average orders for Avon are typical of $40 or more.

The Avon program is free to join through the Commission Junction, VigLink, FlexOffers, and the Rakuten platform. Entry into this program through VigLink and Rakuten has considerably lower commission rates of 3.25%-6%. Regular doubling bonuses for commissions are present on Rakuten, though.

Your foray into the health and beauty niche will have you promoting offers for anti-aging skincare, hair care, fashion, jewelry, apparel, fragrance, and more. Get all Avon has to offer (and more) by joining the affiliate program, today.

The Avon Program: Pros and Cons

The MLM industry has hit it big with mommy, fashion, and beauty bloggers. The brand awareness through these channels and long-standing placement in the health and beauty niche has Avon as a major player in its industry. What does Avon offer others can’t? Where do they lack?


  • Nearly quarter million products across the health and beauty market
  • No need to become a traditional Avon rep to promote products
  • Legendary placement in the industry that’s known the world over


  • The stigma of MLM schemes and pushy sales tactics from its reps
  • Variable commissions and incentives per platform fracture its potential
  • The brand often associated with “old” and could find resistance from a trendier audience

Avon Offers and Promotions: What We Think

Anyone in the West recognizes the Avon brand; they’re as American as apple pie. For 130 years they’ve provided health, beauty, and wellness products. Their business model has made some shifts but at its core is direct sales and marketing.

The longevity in the market, brand image, and quality products make Avon a perfect match for those in the health and wellness niche. Beauty, makeup, and fashion bloggers can expect a great response with content including Avon products and services.

Avon promotions are constantly cycled and tested. Commission rates aren’t exactly thrilling, and average orders aren’t too high, but Avon products neatly fit with several opportunities to create a multi-tiered set of promotions for your audience.

In all, if you want a brand you can trust then join the Avon affiliate program.