Avis Car Rental

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Program Details

Base Commission 3% - 8% or Fixed Lead
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type Varies
Accepted Countries Global

Avis Car Rental Affiliate Program: Overview

The Avis car rental affiliate program is an easy way to make money whenever your followers need a ride. Avis, one of the most recognized car rental brands in the world, offers a range of services and options. Drive traffic through your Avis affiliate offers and you’ll soon drive profitability.

Avis Rent A Car is located across 165 countries in 5,450+ locations.

The Avis Car Rental affiliate program pays a variable commissions determined by the length of car rental time and mileage with baseline earnings starting at 3%. You can earn up to 8% or $15 per fixed lead depending on which affiliate network you choose when joining the Avis rent a car affiliate program. Plus, higher commissions are available for top-performing affiliates.

Avis customers have a wide range of options ranging from car reservations to business rentals. The Avis platform also offers car sales. The Avis Preferred reward program creates great incentives for customers to return through intuitive features, discounts, and service.

An Avis affiliate may promote car rental offers across several sites using a single account. Yet, the Avis affiliate program is only offered to those in the U.S. or Canada. The Avis program features timely promotional materials and resources to improve performance and opportunities.

The Avis Car Rental Program: Pros and Cons

With several car rental programs in the market… what makes Avis a stand-out performer for their affiliates? Let’s examine the pros and cons of becoming an Avis partner.


  • Tiered commissions based on performance
  • Highly recognized brand in the car rental space
  • Great income opportunities with their business rental program


  • Car buying service detracts from the rental service
  • Avis locations are hit-or-miss (troubling for customer service)
  • Singular promotion creating the need for several program accounts

Avis Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

The Avis brand is well-known and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Yet, it’s a single brand versus the growing preference for car rental search. This program is an ideal fit for the higher commission structure if you’re already promoting these offer types, but you can easily miss out when people comparison shop for deals.

Adding the Avis car rental feeds and promotions to your site is highly dependent on your visitors and potential referrals. The U.S. and Canada-only restrictions with the platform makes it a dud for the rest of the World. Yet, it’s a strong contender for those living in those countries due to its brand recognition.

Overall, this is a program implemented best with testing.

We recommend an all-in-one car rental search platform to see which brands do best. Notice Avis coming out on top? Join and swap the promotions after joining the Avis.com partner program.