Auto Credit Express

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Program Details

Base Commission Variable
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type Check
Accepted Countries U.S.A. & Some Canada

Auto Credit Express Affiliate Program: Overview

Auto Credit Express is a leading provider of car financing for those with bad, low or no credit (and good credit, of course).

The company works closely with dealers and lenders to help interested parties find vehicle financing no matter their financial history. Auto Credit Express uses a straight-forward process to gather information and qualify participants.

The site includes free credit tools and extensive guides and blogs to help users understand finances and the car buying process.

The Auto Credit Express affiliate program accepts 100% of all U.S. applications.

Upon approval, affiliates can earn a sliding commission depending on the lead quality, location, and client services. Payments are processed and sent if $100 or more was earned in a given month.

The Auto Credit express program features real-time reporting, a customized application form for site embedding, and support for bilingual consumers. Banner ads and other creative assets are available upon request after joining the program.

The Auto Credit Express Program: Pros and Cons

The Auto Credit Express affiliate program is a great fit for those in the car & truck niche.

This service (and its partnership) would expand opportunity to those outside the range of typical offers.

What are the big benefits of using the program? What are drawbacks as a potential partner?


  • Comprehensive service with several sales channels and verticals
  • Stellar customer service reflected in glowing reviews


  • Indirect with their affiliate commission amount
  • Must use specially designed banners and links provided

Auto Credit Express: Our Verdict

Auto Credit Express fills a gap most affiliates will find in the car & truck marketplace. That being a huge segment of customers with bad credit. These are lost opportunities if you were to only promote the mainstream vehicle offers through your site and campaigns.

We think Auto Credit Express offers and promotions have fair benefits for all parties. Consumers win because options expand, financial institutions find new leads, and you get to monetize. The program does lack a bit from their protectiveness of the creative and copy, though, especially with those affiliates regular with A/B testing and conversion optimization.

In all, Auto Credit Express creates a unique opportunity to monetize a neglected market segment. This program would make for a good mix among other, popular offers. So, take a gander at the program details, see if it’s a good match for you and your audience, and start earning!