Ashley Madison

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Program Details

Base Commission 70% or $2.50 (Per Valid Female Registration)
Payment Frequency Bi-Weekly
Payment Type Direct Deposit or ACH
Accepted Countries Global

Ashley Madison Affiliate Program: Overview

Ashely Madison, yes, that website, is the premier leader of an online platform for bored men & lonely housewives. The platform helps users connect for affairs and discreet married dating. The site touts thousands of daily visitors offering complete independence to other social networks, discreet photos, inbox control, and travel perks when doing meetups with possible partners.

Ashely Madison teeters the moral line but does offer a demanded service. The site has slowly grown as a top destination for those seeking polyamory relationships. Or, for those wanting discreet same-sex relationships outside of their personal or professional networks. Through the site, members can find open marriages, sugar daddies, affair apps, and more.

The Ashley Madison affiliate program operates through 50 countries, supporting 5 languages. The globally-recognized brand reaches more than 40 million members.

The Ashley Madison program’s referral funnel is straight-forward: Send users to a sign-up form, visitor creates a free profile, and clicks submit. If that member upgrades to a paid membership (or any package) you earn a commission.

Affiliate commissions for the Ashley Madison program is a mixed bag. The official page doesn’t immediate list payouts. Though, other platforms mention $28-$56 CPS offers, 70% per first-time purchase, and the like. A minimum $200 must be met in commission fees before payout.

The Ashley Madison affiliate program provides a treasure trove of banners, text links, support, and resources including a style and brand guide for best practices and optimization.

The Ashley Madison Program: Pros and Cons

Say what you want about Ashely Madison, the site does fulfill a niche market. Ashley Madison has a PR conflict – the brand represents sex positive living but media paints it hardcore. No doubt, Ashley Madison does have a strong brand and platform. 40 million users for such a niche site is impressive!


  • Pays up to 70% commissions for first 45-days of service
  • Taboo as it may be… it’s the #1 destination in this niche
  • Attracts “whales” in the market, sugar daddies and sugar mommas (big spend)


  • Major fallout after the website leak some years ago
  • Not too much else you could realistically promote alongside it

Ashley Madison Offers and Promotions: What We Think

We think the Ashley Madison offers and promotions are a hard compromise. The brand has certainly carved a niche for itself and pays well for its products and services. But, society and media aren’t on the side of what Ashely Madison facilitates.

Let’s look at it without the contrasting, moral views… the Ashely Madison program is highly targeted and one of the only brands in its niche. This creates a streamline offer. You’ll notice a trade-off if you’re matching this brand with other, normal dating offers, no doubt.

In all, this one is up to you. Ashely Madison certain provides a great, affiliate opportunity. Whether you wish to associate with the brand is another thing. But… perhaps that’s the ultimate benefit – knowing others aren’t willing to go that route, and creating an open playing field for high performing partners.