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Program Details

Base Commission 2.5%
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type ACH
Accepted Countries Global

Apple Affiliate Program: Overview

Apple has continued to deliver best-in-class products across several categories. This includes their line of laptops, desktops, music devices, and, of course, their flagship iPhone. Their app store hosts more than 2.2 million apps – its iTunes catalog boasts more than 26 million songs.

Apple is a premium electronics brand redefining the industry with each new product launch and reiteration. Their attention to detail and quality materials lets the brand sell wares for often double the price of its competitors – and trounce them in the process.

The Apple store is the go-to source for enthusiasts and die-hards. There, customers can browse Apple’s catalog, get custom engraving, helpful support, and custom configurations.

About the Apple Affiliate Program

The Apple affiliate program, not to be confused with the iTunes program, is more aligned to the physical hardware sales of their product catalog. This program is free to join though Apple reserves the right to screen and qualify its partners to ensure quality.

Partners in the Apple program can earn 2.5% commissions for products sold in the online store.

Though the commission is small… its produce pricing is large creating ample earnings. That 2.5% on an iMac Pro sale of $4,999 (base) would earn you a $124+ commission! Plus, accessories are commonly bought in tandem with major purchases meaning even more with your promotional efforts.

The program comes with your typical set of affiliate tracking features and support. The real value of partnering with the Apple affiliate program is promoting such a powerful brand in the electronics space.

The Apple Program: Pros and Cons

Everyone remotely interested in tech knows the Apple brand. In fact, it’s likely people know Apple more than half their competitors even if they don’t use their products! Apple has continued to deliver exceptional products and innovative designs.

Its program? Strange that it’s segmented from its iTunes program – but you could easily join both to maximize your promotion and partnership with the brand.

What’s the best part of the Apple affiliate program? What’s lacking with it?


  • Get to promote the hottest brand in tech
  • Premium pricing for products and accessories


  • Very selective with partnerships
  • Mentions a “give Apple prominence on your site”

Apple Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

It’s that last part that has us caught off guard – the whole “prominence” part.

Apple is known to be pushy with its partners. This could mean the brand wouldn’t care much if you’re promoting competitive products. It’s speculation but would align with how picky they are with their partners in the program.

Outside of that… the 2.5% commission payout isn’t too good considering it was cut from nearly 7%.

However, Apple fans are rabid and more than willing to pay a premium for their products. A 2.5% commission on the big-ticket items will pay way more than what you’d find with other retail programs. Plus, you get the brand awareness, backing, and support of one of the most recognized tech brands.

In all, if you can get into the Apple affiliate program you totally should.