American Debt Enders

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Program Details

Base Commission Variable ($10 - $150)
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type ACH
Accepted Countries Global (U.S. Primary)

American Debt Enders Affiliate Program: Overview

American Debt Enders is a for-profit company offering a one-stop for debt relief. The ADE service provides personal debt management, a debt dispute program, payday loan relief, and free bankruptcy consultation through its online and personal services.

Steven Ciantro, a certified credit counselor, heads the ADE along with a team of financial experts helping clients enjoy debt freedom. The company has formed with Infinity Consumer Services to offer expanded services to help customers invalidate claims and reach a consultation with their secured or unsecured credit and debt troubles.

The American Debt Enders affiliate program uses the ShareASale platform giving partners a variety of creatives and blog enhancing tools to improve campaign effectiveness.

The ADE program’s affiliate payout structure is as follows:

  • $10 – Every qualified, contactable lead
  • $50 – Debt consolidation program enrollment
  • $125 – Debt settlement program enrollment
  • $150 – Federal student loan consolidation
  • $100 – Chapter 7 bankruptcy enrollment

The settlement programs require potential clients to hold $10000 or more in debt. Or, $5000 or more for debt consolidation.

The American Debt Enders Program: Pros and Cons

American Debt Enders is a consumer credit counseling referral company meaning you’re essentially a tier-two partner. With that said, ADE does have a strong, industry position and good standing with NETCHECK. Their services are comparable to others in this industry as most have standardized.


  • Incentive-based commissions rewarding active affiliates
  • Easy tracking through the ShareASale platform


  • Operates in 46 states (leaving some affiliates out)
  • Leads must fill-out long info form and have $10k+ in debt for consolidation services

American Debt Enders Offers and Promotions: What We Think

We think the American Debt Enders offers and promotions are a 50/50.

ADE is a referral company meaning they’re sending your leads to other companies. Technically, you’d make more if you knew those companies and did lead generation directly. The plus side of partnering with ADE is not having to vet these independent companies… you do your affiliate work and reap the rewards with less hassle and time sinks.

In all, the American Debt Enders affiliate program pays well enough for the efforts. The long application form is the biggest barrier to conversions. Strong, modern competition from other well-known brands being the other part.