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Program Details

Base Commission $5 - $8
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type Check, Direct Deposit, EFT
Accepted Countries Global (U.S. Primary)

Allstate Affiliate Program: Overview

Allstate is one of several major insurance providers in the United States. Their extensive insurance products cover car, house, rental, life, and motorcycle insurance. Allstate insurance and comparable to other major providers like Liberty Mutual, Progressive, and Geico.

The Allstate affiliate program uses a pay per lead payment structure. Affiliate pairing with the Allstate program will earn $8 per auto insurance lead, $6 for motorcycle leads, and $5 for rental leads.

The Allstate offers and promotion are found through the ImpactRadius affiliate network. This provides affiliates with high-converting banners, text links, and other forms of affiliate resources. Promotion is a breeze by implementing affiliate links and creative within your finance or lifestyle website.

The Allstate Program: Pros and Cons

Insurance is a necessity in most situations and quite helpful to secure your financial future. Promoting the Allstate affiliate program is an easy choice because of this necessity. The program offers respectable incentives and plenty of creative assets to roll out campaigns with little resistance.

What makes Allstate offers a good match for you? What’s less than stellar with the promotions?


  • 3-way pay per leads ranging from $5-$8 each
  • Owns Esurance (also has an affiliate program)


  • Not the cheapest insurance in the market
  • Slow affiliate application turnaround time (2-5 days)

Allstate Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

We like the Allstate affiliate program because of the necessity of having insurance. This makes your promotions less a desired purchase and more of a needed one. Meaning, those looking for insurance will likely click through and request a quote.

The Allstate program pays well and has a lot of affiliate support to increase your return on investment. Their operation with Esurance provides a good alternative, too, when cross promoting offers.

In all, the Allstate offers and promotions are your usual grab-bag of insurance promotions. They’re not exciting but they’re stable affiliate income earners. Check out the affiliate terms and FAQs to learn more else sign up and see what’s possible with Allstate.