All Things Real Estate

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Program Details

Base Commission 20%
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type PayPal, Wire
Accepted Countries Global (U.S. Primary)

All Things Real Estate Affiliate Program: Overview

All Things Real Estate is about real estate but in a different way… It’s an online store offering custom branded products to help real estate agents grow their business. Products on the site include a mix of phone accessories, hats, signs, decals, and other swag for showings and pride.

All Things Real Estate provides contemporary designs for real estate needs. The brand has expanded to a physical retail space and continues to expand despite this oddly-specific, niche market.

The All Things Real Estate affiliate program pays a base 20% commission for all orders. This includes a 30-day tracking cookie leaving a large, open window for hesitant buyers. Upon approval of the All Things Real Estate program, you’ll find ad banners and a media kit to help launch the promotions.

The program includes an affiliate tracking dashboard to measure and report performance.

The All Things Real Estate Program: Pros and Cons

The All Things Real Estate website and affiliate program adds a unique money-making opportunity for real estate and home blogs. You probably have real estate offers, you probably have real estate resources, but do you have swag?


  • Respectable 20% commissions for all online orders
  • Instant affiliate approval upon sign up


  • Highly niche market within a market
  • Inexpensive products creating lower profit margins

All Things Real Estate Offers and Promotions: What We Think

The All Things Real Estate offers and promotions aren’t your usual grab bag of money making opportunities. These products go below your real estate niche to the agent’s level.

However, this creates a new income stream, especially when targeting those in your community with no need for real estate advice and tools.