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Program Details

Base Commission Up to 50%
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type International Wire Transfer
Accepted Countries Global

AliExpress Affiliate Program: Overview

AliExpress is the leading online shopping hub for off-brand products at incredible discounts. We say “off-brand” only because these aren’t well known in the West. Yet, the product lines are on-par, if not better, than most of what you’d find in the main markets.

AliExpress leverages the Alibaba platform without the tedious navigation. Or, having to do dealings with company representatives. AliExpress vets its vendors. The site itself does list some major brands. Though, the real draw is its flash and $5 deals for neat and interesting products.

AliExpress also has a LIVE deal much like QVC where people can tune in and snag awesome buys in real-time. You may not know the names of the brands… but you get tons of great features and selection.

About the AliExpress Affiliate Program

The AliExpress program is straight-forward and super-simple. Anyone can join and start promoting moments after signing up.

The only real challenge with the site is figuring which neat item to add to your list of offers and promotions.

The AliExpress affiliate program commission rate goes upward of 50% depending on its vendor. This is variable, but you can expect high earnings with curated selections.

The payment method is through international wire transfer with a low threshold of just $15. Though there’s a $15 processing fee for withdrawals otherwise commissions are rolled over or when you need.

The program has brought along a lot of strong support from the development community. It’s easy finding an AliExpress affiliate store builder plugin to make niche sites. Or, easy-to-use plugins to quickly add its massive product feed to a site and earn a slice of the total commissions.

The official backend of the program is managed in-house. You’ll gain access to all the appropriate creative assets, tools, and resources. It’s nothing too fancy – but it certainly gets the job done.

The AliExpress Program: Pros and Cons

AliExpress is one of those cool sites you mention to friends and followers because there are so many awesome, comparable deals to expensive items on main ecommerce stores. They’ll check it out, maybe order a few things, but generally forget about it because it hasn’t quite caught on (yet).


Alibaba is growing and with it comes AliExpress. We could see AliExpress becoming a major player in the Western retail space in the coming years if they set up distribution centers. Until then, this brand is a bit of a novelty to many – but with prices so low? You’re bound to see some action in your promotions.

If anything, consider the pros and cons of partnering the with AliExpress program. See if it’s a good fit to fill in gaps with your retail product promotions. Consider…


  • Millions of dirt-cheap products in all categories
  • High (some 50%) commissions for orders
  • Daily promotions and huge, yearly sales events


  • $15 US processing fee for withdrawals
  • Slow shipping (off-putting for many)
  • Relatively new to the West

AliExpress Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

AliExpress has yet to catch on widespread in the West but it’s prime to dominate. AliExpress taps into the massive collection of reputable sellers from through the main Alibaba platform. Because of this, partners gain access to millions of products at literally unbeatable prices.

The only main drawback of AliExpress is its long shipping times – items coming from China, after all. But if your community can put this aside, then they’ll get on-part (if not better) than mainstream brands at nearly half the price.

AliExpress is the perfect partnership for those promoting retail offers and promotions. Promoting it would attract quite the community. For starters, you’ll draw in the discount hunters. But, you’ll also gain those looking for off-beat products, biz ops from its bulk pricing, drop shippers, and more.

The withdrawal fee is probably the worst part of the program.

In all, the AliExpress affiliate program has a unique offering not found through other retailers. They pay well, their catalog is huge, and it gives partners all the support they need. Watch your AliExpress earnings grow with each new deal and promotion – you’re going to love this opportunity!