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Program Details

Base Commission Performance-Based
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type Variable
Accepted Countries Global

Airbnb Affiliate Program Overview

Airbnb has transformed the travel industry through the sharing economy. The Airbnb affiliate program gives your travel or business blog access to millions of properties throughout 191 countries. Qualified affiliates will earn $100+ commission each time a customer books through the service.

The Airbnb affiliate program also offers a commission-based incentive for helping and referring hosts. This gives you an incredible opportunity to make money when generating leads for bookings and listings with the right candidates.

The Airbnb partner program is a tough one to enter because of their high (1 million+ visitors or app opening per month) requirements. They are highly selective, but those able to join gain access to the fastest growing travel service with more than 100k daily bookings.

The Airbnb program is one-of-a-kind with deep features for customization where affiliates can push content, rates, and availability for an unparalleled experience. The $31 billion venture-backed business will continue to surpass all expectation – will you go along for the ride?

The Airbnb Program: Pros and Cons

You’ve heard of Airbnb and so has your audience. Promoting this booking service is an easy-in for affiliate earnings. That is if you’re able to make the cut. Let’s look at the Airbnb pros and cons.


  • High conversion, high paying affiliate offers
  • Globally recognized brand disrupting the booking industry
  • Extensive program and promotion customization


  • The strict requirement of 1mil+ monthly visitors
  • Public relations have been hit or miss in recent years
  • Built-in referral program competes with affiliates

Airbnb Offers and Promotions: A Disrupting Opportunity?

First, who doesn’t know Airbnb at this point? Second, the service has taken over the travel industry to the point cities and towns are fighting back at its incredible expansion. The brand awareness, great deals, and ease-of-use make this an instant win for an affiliate.

However, joining the Airbnb affiliate program is the tough part. Its high requirements of 1mil+ monthly visitors place these offers and promotions well out of the league of most affiliates. The opportunities lay elsewhere for those affiliates. Those that do join? They’re in for incredible earnings!

In all, it makes sense why Airbnb has walled their affiliate program – the quality. Having quality affiliates is key to sustaining a quality brand. If you can join? Do it! Else, look for alternatives elsewhere because — either way… people will need a place to stay.