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Program Details

Base Commission 5%
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type PayPal, ACH (USA accounts), Check (USA accounts), Wire Transfer (non-USA accounts)
Accepted Countries Global

Affliction Affiliate Program: Overview

Say what you want about the design, but there’s no denying the Affliction Clothing brand knows what they’re doing and who they’re targeting.

The Affliction Clothing brand offers patrons access to the gritty and popular fashion sold at, the online storefront of the famed American manufacturer with roots in the worlds of mixed martial arts and hard rock.

Stocking apparel for both men and women, their gear is as prominent ringside as it is on the beach and everywhere else outgoing individuals gather for a good time.

The Affliction affiliate program can effectively be marketed to young, energetic fans of action sports and the lifestyle that many of its signature clothing lines are inspired by.

Affliction makes it easy for consumers to emulate the look of their favorite stars.

The bold designs and in-your-face aesthetics that are commonly associated with this label grants instant recognition that other collections could only hope to achieve.

The Affliction affiliate program is offered through VigLink. Affiliates can expect 5% commissions on all goods.

The program includes your usual bells and whistles like tracking and reporting. Affiliate sign up is offered globally. The clothing line isn’t for everyone, but it certainly hits the mark for their intended audience.

The Affliction Clothing Program: Pros and Cons

Affliction is a newcomer to the world of apparel if one stops and thinks about it. When else has this type of “hardcore” apparel became so mainstream? Affliction knows their place and owns it well. But, is the brand a good fit for your audience? Are there drawbacks?


  • Mid to high tier pricing creating decent earnings for each sale
  • Targeted customer-types offering a sub-niche opportunity
  • A full embrace of content marketing and branding to stand out


  • Often seen as a “douche” brand among your many social media users
  • Designs aren’t compatible with many, potential cross-promoted items
  • The commission is fairly lackluster considering niche potential

Affliction Offers and Promotions: Our Verdict

Is Affliction for your average fashion or apparel shopper? Certainly not. But, there’s incredible opportunity with the right market.

The apparel found through the Affliction affiliate program is perfect for those in extreme sports, MMA, and markets considered “hardcore”.

Affliction hasn’t been quite the same ever since social media users trouncing the brand, though. Yet, the brand thrives and continually releases new product lines.

Their foray into custom clothing, exclusive lines, and specialty offers does a fantastic job of retaining customers.

In all, we believe Affliction offer and promotions are an ideal fit for those affiliates with a “rougher” type of community.

It’s a lifestyle brand in a lot of ways. Find a way to integrate Affliction products and you’ll see some hefty commissions if customers purchase the higher end lines.