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Program Details

Base Commission 75%, $5 (Leads), or Up To $130 Rev-Share
Payment Frequency Weekly
Payment Type Direct Deposit
Accepted Countries Global

AdultFriendFinder Affiliate Program: Overview

AdultFriendFinder is the worlds largest adult hookup, sex, and meet & greet websites. The site boasts hundreds of live broadcasts, millions of sexy photos, and has seen 5+ million connections. The draw of the site is the promise of hooking up, plain and simple.

AFF© also offers an adult community where members can share articles/blogs, photos, and start/join topics about sex, dating, fetishes, and more. The site is offered through desktop, mobile, and tablet. AFF partners with other adult properties like,, and

The AdultFriendFinder affiliate program, despite your moral stance on the site and its operations, is certainly worth the consideration. The AFF program has several opportunities for those wanting to monetize their adult or dating blog.

The AdultFriendFinder program offers 75% commissions on initial orders and 55% commissions on recurring orders within their network including,,,, and a dozen other properties. Gold memberships can go up to $149.95 essentially creating $100+ referrals!

AdultFriendFinder offers also pay $130 through its hybrid order program and $130 per payout by country with top-tier countries earning the most. AFF also has a cost-per-lead program paying $5 per lead to the network of sites.

The AdultFriendFinder Program: Pros and Cons

AdultFriendFinder fulfills a niche few other companies are willing to explore. This brand has been present well before Tinder and will likely to be around long after. What makes the AdultFriendFinder affiliate program worth pursuing? How does it lack?


  • A dozen+ high-profile adult hookup, dating, and communities in its network
  • Massive commissions with recurring revenue (plus lead-based incentives)
  • Performance-based incentives offering higher commissions with larger orders


  • Doesn’t have the greatest reputation among “fling” sites
  • Sites like these have been known to use fake profiles
  • General trust problem and competition from Tinder

AdultFriendFinder Offers and Promotions: What We Think

AdultFriendFinder one of a few sites offering adult hookups which automatically makes it worth investigating as an affiliate in the adult and dating niche. We think AFF is the perfect candidate for those wanting to promote the adult side of adult dating.

The AdultFriendFinder offers and promotions are incredibly rewarding and respectable. 75% commissions and earnings upward of $130 per referral isn’t something to scoff at! This is an absolute goldmine of a program to join in the adult space.

In all, the AdultFriendFinder affiliate program pays well, has plenty of options for leads, and offers extensive support to see their affiliates find success. Join this program or miss out!