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Program Details

Base Commission 25%
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Type ACH, Direct Deposit
Accepted Countries Global

10DollarSoloAds.com Affiliate Program: Overview

10DollarSoloAds.com, as the name implies, offers professionally-designed display ads for advertising and marketing campaigns.

The service delivers your ads to a targeted ad system driving thousands of opt-ins leads.

10DollarSoloAds.com will help identify the target audience, create the ads with their team of professional ad writers, and deliver the ad through an optimized email delivery.

The 10DollarSoloAds.com affiliate program is a great opportunity to earn commissions referring your audience to a traffic generation service. Affiliates earn 25% commissions on all sales ordered through your referral link. These commissions are recurring if the client continues to purchase solo ads.

The 10DollarSoloAds program includes a wide range of banners, text links, and a virtual storefront to optimize offer delivery.

The program is freely available through its in-house platform or to existing customers built into their account.

The 10DollarSoloAds.com Program: Pros and Cons

10DollarSoloAds provides a desirable service for small business owners and content creators.

The program includes your necessities to get offers and promotions rolling. Though, each client and partner’s mileage may vary…

Is 10DollarSoloAds.com a good choice for your promotions? Should you avoid the program?


  • Cheap price with deliverable results
  • Targeted traffic channels vs generic traffic blasts


  • Traffic quality is a complete flip of a coin for each user
  • Could detract from higher paying traffic offers and services

10DollarSoloAds.com Offers and Promotions: What We Think

The 10DollarSoloAds.com service seems too good to be true – in a lot of ways, it is because you can’t guarantee the traffic quality. However, traffic depends wholeheartedly on client intentions. A client looking to boost short-term traffic stats and view counts to grease social traction would probably find the service helpful for their campaigns.

We think the 10DollarSoloAds.com offers and promotions can play well with the right audience. The service is cheap enough that many will likely do a test run. Whether they repeat business depends on your referrals experience – so… don’t hold your breath… it is bought traffic.

In all, the 10DollarSoloAds.com affiliate program creates a unique opportunity when monetizing a business and/or marketing website. Very few services offer traffic – this creates an interesting promotion to add to the several, other offers you likely have running.