No Shave November Affiliate Programs and Movember Opportunities

Movember has made the slow shift to what a lot are now referring to as “No Shave November”.

It’s that time of the year where men allow their mustaches to grow out to show solidarity and encourage fundraising for men’s issues. It got its start back in 2003 and has been steadily rising since.

It’s the male equivalent of breast cancer awareness month.

Today, it’s facial hair in general hence the “No Shave November”.

This means men are allowing their scruff to grow out to epic proportions. It also means there’s a good chance you can make a few bucks promoting affiliate offers during Movember.

Movember Affiliate Marketing – at a glance:

  1. The target demographic is usually young to middle-aged men
  2. Promotions could include beard oils, beard accessories, razors, shaving creams and gels
  3. There are many knick-knack promotions worth including if it includes beards and manliness
  4. Amazon associates, eBay, and Beard King offer no shave November affiliate programs

Okay, let’s get into this and see if it’s a niche that could grow (get it?) those affiliate profits.


The Movember Target Demographic

Think hipster.

Well, really just any male between the age of 16-40’s that are somewhat socially conscious and active on social media. We say hipsters because they’re usually the face of the advertising.

You can find a lot of demographic information through No Shave November Facebook pages and groups.

No Shave November Facebook Groups

Else, do like we’ve covered with validating ideas.

Use the advertising platform to look at some of the keywords, interests, and demographics. You could do a small-scale test and still have a couple weeks in November to get those promotions out there.

But, if you want to get a little specific:

  • 43% of men shave daily
  • 80% are spending time with skin care products

Reddit, too, has an active community for No Shave November which will provide some interesting insights about the participants and general demographic.

Reddit No Shave November

The movement has an ebb and flow where some will participate one year but not the next. A lot will grow their facial hair and shave it once it’s Dec 1st. Many will keep their beards (which gives you an interesting opportunity to continue promoting beard oils and other beard affiliate programs).


No Shave November Affiliate Programs and Promotions

The awesome thing about affiliate products found in this “No Shave November niche” is that it’s a mixture of lifestyle and necessities.

These are products that are essential for personal care meaning they’re going to be buying.

Also, they have a coolness factor which lets them sell at higher costs because of the branding (and that means better affiliate commissions).

Here are some of the categories of affiliate products you can promote during No Shave November:

Beard Products and Services

We’re talking the specific products for facial hair maintenance.

Mainly: beard oils.

Beard oils are a thing and they’re wildly popular. They’re oils meant to moisturize the facial hair and skin below the hair. They’re also used to help with styling (which can get quite elaborate).

Here are a couple beard affiliate programs to work with:

Beard King

Beard King has a couple of in-demand products such as a beard care kit and several options for beard oils. They offer beard accessories such as combs, bibs, and apparel. They have a strong brand that’s been featured on the hit show Shark Tank.

Program Info: Up to 15% commissions and 30-day cookie

Lumberjack Beard Oil

Lumberjack Beard Oil offers all-natural beard oil to give their bearded users a great appearance. It’s a nice, natural alternative to many mainstream oils. The neat branding of the oils carried in what looks like a pint of whiskey has a nice, personal touch.

Program Info: 30% commissions


Male Lifestyle Products and Services

Look no further than the site – – for good ideas about what products to promote during Movember. This site defines the male lifestyle niche and has plenty of products of their own worth promoting.

Art of Manliness Store

Art of Manliness frequently links to the Huckberry INC affiliate program (8% commission, 15-day cookie) which promotes hundreds of outdoor brands. Otherwise, look at what they’re promoting and integrate those into your efforts by using Amazon Associates or the eBay Partner Network.

Dating and Relationship Services

Beards help men gain a lot of attention on dating and relationship apps. Maybe it’s the look or perhaps it’s the confidence. Or, it’s that winter is settling in and people want to snuggle up. Either way, the dating and relationship niche should see a spike in activity around this time.

Consider promoting:

Just make sure that facial hair doesn’t turn into a goatee, though!

Shaving Products and Services

Many growing their beards during Movember won’t keep it past the 30th.

Now’s a good time to align affiliate promotions for razors and other shaving offers to catch those that were doing it for the solidarity. It’s likely the old razors have dulled, and the creams got gunky. They’re probably using December 1st as a good time to stock up.

You know where this is going: Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club offers $6 commission per Executive Subscription. Then, goes to $4 and $1 for the basic packages they offer.

Here’s an interesting one – get people into straight razors.

This whole bearded lifestyle thing that kicks up around this time will get many men interested in doing it old school which means learning and using a straight razor.

Amazon has a lot of good products for this:

Amazon Straight Razors


Growing Affiliate Profits while They’re Growing Beards

Movember (aka No Shave November) is an all-around great movement and cause. It’s good that there’s public awareness of men’s health issues. It’s also awesome seeing so many beards to really set the tone for the Fall weather!

There’s good money to be made promoting beard and beard-related products.

These are those items that’ll either be a quick pop in commissions or something that will continue to generate revenue. Many will shave at the beginning of December. But, many others will keep their beards growing (and buying those products).

And to those out there participating in No Shave November… power to ya!

I did it once and let’s just say…

Movember Results

Will you promote beard and No Shave November affiliate products this Movember?