The Best Movie Affiliate Programs for Film Fanatics

Partnering with movie affiliate programs lets you earn commissions sharing your favorite films and novelties.

Who wouldn’t love talking about their favorite films and making a few bucks by promoting it, right?

This gives you a great chance to monetize your cinema-centric website

…or make money sharing your movie reviews on a YouTube channel, Facebook, and other social networks.

The movie & entertainment industry is what we call “evergreen”:

  • Everything going great in the world? People are out seeing movies
  • Everything going bad in the world? People are out escaping through movies

Movies will always be popular.

People will watch ’em on the big screen or streaming services.

Even if the medium changes the overall interest will remain the same.

What we’re sharing in this post is our curated selection of the best movie affiliate programs.

This will give you a good mix of film promotions (DVDs, Bluray, Streaming) to entertainment items (posters, memorabilia, apparel) and more.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Our Screening of the Top Movie Affiliate Programs

Whether you’re trying to build the next Rotten Tomatoes or IMBD. Or, trying to create an awesome movie-centric YouTube channel like Screen Junkies, Red Letter Media, or Cinema Sins. The set of movie affiliate programs you can choose from are astounding and full of opportunities.

This taps you into a $286.17-billion USD market, worldwide.

Movies, streaming, television, and their reviews are on a steady path to growth.

The movie niche divides into several smaller categories.

You’ve got everything from covering the domestic box offices to international and indie films.

You’ve got opportunities to earn money through:

  • New and old releases
  • Ticket sales
  • Apparel
  • Collectibles
  • Toys
  • Autographics
  • Events

…and a whole lot more.

You’ve got people looking for obscure titles and schlock films to those wanting to be in the industry.

Americans spend around $650 on movies and entertainment each year — and this is growing!

Plus, being a movie affiliate is a lot of fun considering you likely watch and talk movies regularly with friends!

What are our picks for the movie affiliate programs worth promoting?

Fandango | Movie Tickets & Showtimes

Fandango Affiliate Program

The Fandango affiliate program lets movie buffs promote ticket sales and a VIP club.

Fandango, servicing more than 30-million moviegoers, is one of the most popular online destinations for ordering movie tickets.

Users can sort movies by those currently playing, upcoming films, and go deeper through selections via movie genres and box office. The site also shares which movies are available to home viewers. Their VIP program gives Fandango fans bonus points for ticket purchases and free gifts (like posters) for certain movie promotions.

Details of the Fandango program:

  • Commission: $0.10/per ticket, $2/per gift card
  • Servicing 23,000+ screens nationwide
  • Average gift card orders are often $40+

The Fandango program includes an extensive library of tools & resources. This includes search widgets, banners, data feeds, and deep linking. The program gives partners access to promote exclusive content, special offers, embed box office feeds, and more. Their program is offered through the CJ Affiliate platform.


Dealflicks Affiliate Program

Dealflicks is an awesome way to save money on movie tickets without any extra effort.

The process is simple:

  1. Find the movie you want to see
  2. Choose your location and time
  3. Pick a deal and check out

You’re sent a voucher including info to redeem tickets when you arrive. Sometimes these deals can include tickets, popcorn, and soda. We’re pretty sure these are fed through local listing deal sites like Groupon which would make sense as to why the deals are different types. But, this does make the process super easy.

Dealflicks affiliate details:

  • Commission: $2.50 CPA for new customers, $0.25 CPA for repeat customers
  • The average transaction includes 2 tickets

The Dealflicks program is offered through ShareASale. There, partners will find affiliate links, banners, and creatives to get campaigns going quickly.


RiffTrax Affiliate Program

Remember that old show MST3K?

How fun was it watching and listening to the comedy commentary to old, schlock films?

Well, RiffTrax is by that crew!

They’ve got the RiffTrax affiliate program which is perfect for anyone running a site or got a following of movie lovers, geeks, comic fans, gamers, and techies. This program gives you something to share along with the original movie. It gives people a great reason to watch it again — this time with goofy and funny jabs and jokes.

About the program:

  • Commissions: 20% of all products
  • High conversion rate
  • 150+ RiffTrax for popular movies, 160+ for classic movies

They also sell DVDs and Blu-rays, offer site-exclusive content, and got a neat app.

If you haven’t seen an old ep of MST3K… do yourself a favor and check it out, now.

Then, dig into the awesomeness that is RiffTrax and consider adding their stuff to your movie website!

Groupon (Movies and Film Items)

Groupon Affiliate Program for Movies

There aren’t many movie affiliate programs since the last time we created this post. And, ever since MovieGoods and Redbox closed their offers.

So, Groupon it is!

The Groupon affiliate program is pretty good for what it is — paying 10% commissions on Groupon purchases.

You’ll have access to tons of daily deals, local promotions, and ample support. This includes stuff like movie tickets, events (film conferences, etc), and promos for cinema-related items like posters and apparel.

What works well with Groupon are the offers your referrals may buy alongside the original promotion. This will raise the earnings without doing extra work.

Honorable Nominations for Entertainment and Film Affiliates

We’d like to mention a couple other programs we think would fit neatly with your movie affiliate promotions.

The following are complimentary programs — the type offering items where visitors can find and buy cinema-related goods.

CD Universe

CDUniverse Affiliate Program

We’re adding the affiliate program on our list for its inclusion of movie soundtracks. They have an entire section dedicated to soundtracks and include movie sales (though pricing is a little higher than other retailers). The site definitely shows some age but their product catalog is extensive.

Promoting CD Universe will give you a great upsell alongside your cinema-centric content. Affiliate can expect to earn 10% commissions on all sales.

123Posters Affiliate Program

As the name implies, is a site with thousands of posts for just about every band, movie, event, and so on. This would pair nicely alongside your movie reviews. holds regular promotions and has one of the biggest selection of movie posts on the Web. Their site is a little clunky but this gives a great alternative to the once-popular affiliate program. The affiliate program is offered through ShareASale paying 10% commissions.

Amazon Affiliate Program

The Amazon Associates program is a great, complimentary affiliate program alongside your movie affiliate offers for obvious reasons.

Amazon doesn’t pay a lot for television and movie sales. But, you can earn commissions if someone buys anything else while shopping on Amazon. They may go over for a movie and end up buying tons of extras! Affiliates can expect to earn 1% to about 3% for their movie-related promotions.

Make Your Site and Campaigns a Star with Movie Affiliate Programs

There are countless movies released each year.

You and your audience probably have a fine movie taste wanting to explore the classics and keep up with the latest releases. The movie affiliate programs in our post would go perfectly for any site sharing their reviews. Or, for those wanting to create a YouTube channel dedicated to movie vlogging!

How’s that for monetizing your love for film?