The Best Affiliate Offers to Promote on Mother’s Day

Why promote Mother’s Day affiliate promotions?

Well… consider the market spends tens of billions of dollars on this special day.

People will spend nearly $200 for their mother.

This makes for a very healthy profit for your affiliate marketing if you take the time to run promotions.

Let’s jump into the why and what to promote for Mother’s Day affiliate offers.

Mother’s Day Affiliate Promotions Your Mom Would Love

Some individuals will really go out of the way to find a completely unique gift for mum but the vast majority will fall back to the “timeless” classics because they’re in a pinch (lots of people forget the holiday, uh-oh!). The following are some of those “classics” you could promote for the holiday.

Spa Packages

Spa packages are big money (in cost and in earnings); they’re one of the ideal gifts for Mother’s Day because everyone wants to ensure their mum has an enjoyable day off where they can be pampered. Promotions of this type of gift can be found on most affiliate networks or in-house programs (just do a Google search and you’ll find what you need). As a bonus, you can promote related items such as household spa items which will greatly improve your profits during the campaign.


Flowers, enough said. Arrangements can be very intricate and fetch a hefty price; many online flower providers have affiliate programs with great commission rates. 1800Flowers is one of the programs you should consider since it’s one of the most known and trusted. There is an additional opportunity with flowers, as well, if you choose to cross promote items such as greeting cards, chocolates, or even balloons.

Gift Cards

Mum wants to shop and eat; gift cards are always welcome because it gives her a choice in the gift. There are many websites solely dedicated to providing gift cards or it may be possible to promote a business, in general, that offers cards through their website. Gift cards are one of the easiest to promote because of the brand recognition so all you really need to do is put the offer out there and you’re good to go.

Vacation Packages

Vacations are big ticket items you may want to consider especially ones such as cruises, flights, or day-trips. A lot of these vacation packages can be purchased and reserved for a later date which makes it an excellent last-minute option for certain individuals. Vacation promotions can also fetch additional earnings through hotel booking or travel items.

The easiest way to take a blanket approach to Mother’s Day affiliate promotions is to work with Amazon Associates since many people will turn to the site for those last minute gifts due to fast shipping (and great pricing). The added benefit is that you may earn extra income if the individual decides to purchase other items on their list while shopping for a gift; get them to the site, let Amazon do the work, and you’ll be good to go without having to wrack your brain over what to promote.

Mother’s Day Affiliate Promotional Strategies Your Visitors Will Love

Google will provide you with all the ideas you need to run the gamut of Mother’s Day affiliate promotions. Head over to the search engine and type in “Mother’s Day …” and allow the auto-complete to fill in the sentence – – instant ideas.

Niche it down, you can create specific promotions/ads/content around:

  • Gifts for grandmothers
  • Gifts for mother’s that a child may purchase
  • Gift ideas for a friend’s mother

Get creative with your social media promotion; head over to Pinterest and begin sourcing great looking pictures and use the site for gift ideas. Pepper your social feed with gift ideas and links to those products (Amazon or your preferred affiliate network). Also, take the time to allow your community to chime in by asking open-ended questions like “what gift will you get for your mother?” and follow-up these questions with your affiliate links (or compile the responses into a new blog post!).

Paid advertising is going to be stiff because of how much can be made on the holiday but you can certainly take advantage of the long-tail keywords (as mentioned above). Consider creating a handful of landing pages with gift ideas (with affiliate links) and run a paid advertising campaign sending individuals to the page; tweak as you go. Keep in mind that you can create an evergreen page which could find its way into next year’s promotions during the holiday.

Will You Try Mother’s Day Affiliate Promotions?

People are going to spend a whole lot of money this Mother’s Day.

You still have time to put together a few campaigns and capitalize as an affiliate.

Go with the timeless gifts and you’ll do quite well.