How to Make Money with Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

Web Hosting affiliate programs are one of the easiest ways to monetize a website or blog.

Every person wanting to start a site or store will need a web host if they’re building from scratch. Or, installing WordPress and other CMS, eCommerce carts/suites on their own.

Promoting web host affiliate offers can earn you hundreds of dollars.

You earn a commission when they purchase through your referral link. This is a promotion fit for every niche – you’re bound to have some followers wanting to know how they, too, can get started online.

This guide shares how to make money online with Web Hosting affiliate programs. And, details what you need to do, step-by-step, to earn consistent profits with your hosting referrals.

What are Web Hosting Affiliate Programs?

Web Hosting affiliate programs are available through most hosting providers.

These give affiliates an opportunity to make money whenever someone buys services through a referral link.

Web Hosting Affiliate Payout Structure

As you can see, you’ll earn a commission if someone remains a customer past the threshold. The bigger the first sale, the bigger the commission. Upon joining, you’ll receive an affiliate link and banners to place on your website and in its content.

Your task is to help blog readers and social followers navigate the hosting packages and services.

Which Web Hosting Affiliate Program Should I Join?

There are dozens – there’s no “best”, though.

We say no “best” because it depends on your audience:

  • How engaged and motivated they are
  • How much they’re willing to spend

That said…

Most hosting providers offer affiliate programs because it’s a great way to drive sales and build brand awareness. It’s very likely the hosting provider you use offers an affiliate program so check with them as it’s easier to promote what you know than what you don’t.

Here’s a cross-sample of a few hosting providers pulled from our Web Hosting affiliate directory.

iPage ($105 – $150+ Per Sale)

iPage includes free domain registration and affordable hosting packages. They’re a common name in the hosting market and industry giving you stellar brand recognition to quickly jumpstart campaigns. iPage is better suited for business and enterprise-class hosting.

See the full iPage program details

Bluehost ($65 – $100+ Per Sale)

Bluehost is an affiliate’s and blogger’s favorite because of its brand recognition. It’s very likely you’ve seen your favorite bloggers promote Bluehost so why not join in on the action? Bluehost services are very affordable, featuring everything one needs to get online and build a great website.

See the full Bluehost program details

InMotion ($50 – $120+ Per Sale)

InMotion Hosting offers great affiliate payouts through its large product catalog. InMotion is a consistent, hosting top-performer featuring incredible speeds, free SSLs, 99.9% uptime, and more. This web hosting affiliate offer is perfect for serious entrepreneurs/bloggers wanting optimal speeds.

See the full InMotion program details

In the directory, you can compare affiliate payment models, commission amounts, and more. We recommend choosing one most likely to resonate with your audience.

Successful Web Hosting Affiliate Websites and Examples

Can you make money with Web Hosting offers? Of course.

There are lots of websites doing it well — here’s how they present reviews:

Cheap Web Hosting Review

Another example…

More Hosting Reviews

And another…

Hosting Geeks Reviews Dropdown

Then, you’ve got plenty of bloggers sharing income reports.

As you’d expect, hosting is a primary monetization method – some are banking thousands with their hosting promotions.

Income Report Example

Income Report Example 2

Income Report Example 3

Making Money Promoting Web Hosting: Step-by-Step

Now we’re into the fun stuff… what you’d do to make money by hosting affiliate programs.

This requires some effort in crafting great product reviews and tutorials. Plus, I a willing to create supporting content and do social media marketing & outreach. Treat the hosting promotions like your usual set of offers and blog promotions, basically.

Here’s what we’d recommend:

Step 1: Write a Top-Notch Hosting Review

The Web Hosting affiliate review is the money-maker.

This review/guide details the benefits, features, and step-by-step giving readers everything they need to set up web hosting. This will become one of your cornerstone pieces.

What should you talk about?

  • What it is
  • Features/benefits
  • How to use it
  • Where to join

Media plays an integral part in the reviewing process.

Media gives readers easy-to-consume information without bogging them down with blocks of text.

See example:

Review Media

Bonus points if you include a video version of your review in the post. This video could include the complete review/overview, then take users through how to set it up.

Lead out with a call-to-action (your affiliate link) and a disclaimer (if you didn’t have it at the top).


Step 2: Create Evergreen and Supporting Hosting Content

There are a few, evergreen ways to promote the review and hosting affiliate link:

  1. A how-to guide for starting a website or blog
  2. A how-to guide for creating an online store
  3. A how-to guide for building sites for others

How-to posts reiterate the hosting offer and give them a step-by-step.

Then, you have the supporting content like:

  1. X Ways to Make Money with a [Niche] Website
  2. The X Best [Niche] Website Themes and Plugins
  3. How to [Site/Niche-Related Topic] with a Website

Basically, anything lets you link back to the main, how-to posts and reviews.

See it like this: Support -> Evergreen -> Review

Each post is interlinked using the appropriate keywords giving readers a content “ecosystem”. Your readers keep seeing helpful guides, supporting content, and strong reviews. If they’re excited to start, then they’ll use these and you’ll earn the hosting affiliate commission.

Step 3: Promote the Review and Content, Constantly

Promotional efforts typically include:

  • Social Media: Get it shared on your Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube channel.
  • Messaging: DM people talking about starting a site to your helpful resource via forums/Reddit.
  • Guest Posting: Write content on relevant sites and link back to the review/supporting pieces.

A favorite method used by bloggers is income reports.

Income reports help in two ways:

  1. Builds credibility and authority
  2. Offers an extra opportunity to promote hosting offers

A person reading an income report feels charged to start a blog or website. They see the success of their favorite blogger and personality – then get hyped to dive right in. Wouldn’t you know… a link to a “get started” or “build a blog” is almost always next to the hosting earnings.

You’ll also see reviews, evergreen, and supporting hosting content mentioned throughout the income report. These are subtle call-to-actions building off the hype and excitement. It works amazingly.

More Ways to Promote Web Hosting Affiliate Offers

We recommend beginning with the basics as it sets the foundation for all, other promotional efforts. Try the following methods once you have the foundation set:

Include Banners on Your Website

You could include one supplied through the hosting affiliate program. Or, make one yourself using free graphic design tools and a bit of creativity. Be sure to embed this banner with your affiliate link. Or, send visitors to your hosting review.

Hosting Ad Sidebar

Offer Comparison Shopping

Can’t settle on one hosting program? Join a bunch and share the main differences and features between the ones you’ve partnered with in a table. Each could pull the main bullet points but also a link to the individual reviews. Include a call-to-action button sending people to the sales page, too.

Hosting Comparison

Encourage User Reviews

User reviews can verify or conflict with your personal opinions and experience. They’re great with reinforcing your recommendation even if they’re conflicting because it shows you’re willing to show both sides. Plus, it gives you an easy way to build out long-tail keywords and extra affiliate links.

You could include them via review plugins. Or, let people share opinions in the comments.

Hosting User Reviews

Get and Share a Coupon

Most hosting programs provide coupon codes to its affiliates. Else, keep working on driving sales until you’re showing consistent returns. Talk with the affiliate manager seeing if you could get a unique coupon code for promotions. Then, place it in your review and other areas of the site.

Hosting Coupon

Keep It Updated

Hosting changes rapidly with new hardware features and services. Make sure to update old reviews with these new updates, pushing them back into the spotlight. Plus, you don’t want to create friction by telling readers the wrong information.

Review Updated

Final Suggestions and Wrapping Up

Web hosting affiliate programs are, hands down, some of the easiest promotions you’ll include on a website. The fact people need hosting to start a site is grounds to include it in some way or another. It’s a promotional perfect for any niche – because you’re bound to have people asking how you do it.

To recap:

  1. Hosting programs let you earn money promoting hosting services
  2. Promote the host you use or sign up for a program offering better payouts/features
  3. Create reviews and supporting content to increase traffic and conversions
  4. Share your review and hosting offer through secondary traffic strategies

You can earn thousands of dollars each month if you can earn just one hosting affiliate sale a day.

Get some feedback from your readers and see if they’d appreciate a “getting started” guide. These promotions may be your ticket to regular site monetization and online income!

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