How to Make Money with Domain Affiliate Programs

Domain affiliate programs are a popular monetization choice by most bloggers.

Think about it.

Any interested person wanting to create a website will need a domain name.

You’re running a blog or social channel giving you the authority to talk about getting online. People follow you for expertise and guidance – which happens to include this topic of domains and starting a blog.

This guide will share how to promote and make money with domain affiliate programs.

Step 1: Champion a Domain Name Service

There are several domain name providers offering affiliate programs:

  • GoDaddy
  • Domain
  • NameCheap

…and several others included in our Domains directory.

You’re welcome to promote a couple at a time through comparison shopping. But, you’re often better off sticking to a single domain provider to prevent information overload. This gives your reader a clear, recommended choice versus worrying they chose the wrong provider.

Your choice will likely include the domain provider you use.

However, we encourage you to look through the different domain programs seeing which offer the highest payouts, best prices, and services.

Step 2: Create a Domain Registration Review

The domain review is the cornerstone content for its promotion.

The review:

  • Shares the benefits and features
  • Creates a funnel for your affiliate link

The review also acts as a common interlink whenever you’re covering similar topics. You’ll have a resource to link whenever discussing website development and online business.

Do this:

  1. Learn the ins and outs of the domain registrar
  2. Condense and write an SEO-friendly, detail product review
  3. Include graphics, call-to-actions, and coupons to increase clickthrough

We recommend aiming for 1,000 – 1,500+ words as a minimum as this gives you ample coverage and opportunity to support your recommendation.

Plus, longer content does quite well in Google.

Post Length

Via Orbit Media

Here is an outline for the domain review:

  1. Introduction (Claim, Hook, Promise)
  2. Overview (Story, Case Study, Usage)
  3. Details (Features & Benefits)
  4. Sale (CTA, Media, Coupon)

Consider creating a video to support the piece and give it interactive features.

Step 3: Create Evergreen and Supporting Content

Let’s explain:

  • Evergreen Content: Leverages the review, using it as supporting content for a bigger topic. Think of the evergreen as the over-arching topic.
  • Supporting Content: Props the review by expanding the review topics where you could link back to the cornerstone, domain review.

We like to think of topics like a hub where several supporting pieces link to the evergreen. Then, evergreen linking to other evergreen pieces. It’s the general idea behind pillar content, too.

What evergreen content could you create? How-to guides.

These could include:

  • How to Start a Blog
  • How to Launch an Online Store
  • How to Build a Portfolio Website
  • How to Flip Domain Names / Websites

You see nearly ever established blog including a ‘Start Here’ or ‘Build a Blog’ guide regardless of their niche’s topic. The money is too good to pass up especially when you’re receiving requests from readers asking how they, too, could create a blog.

What kind of supporting content could you create? Tips & tricks.

These could include:

  • How to Setup Your Domain Name Email
  • X Ways to Get the Perfect Domain Name
  • The Best Domain Names We’ve Ever Found
  • X Strategies to Make Money with Domain Parking

Those type of topics generated from related Google searches.

Related Searches for Domains

They’re still great topics but they’re not exactly flagship – they’re more for picking up long-tail keyword traffic and eventually funneling visitors to the main, evergreen pieces.

The supporting pieces then link back to the domain review when the brand is mentioned. Or, if you find a good spot to include a link to the registration tutorial or build guide.

Step 4: Promote It to Your List and Social Followers

Don’t have an email list? Get to it.

There are several ways to promote the domain name affiliate link to your email list:

  • A “getting started” guide like a 5-day course sharing how to start a site
  • Adding the review as a regular product promotion on rotation
  • Sharing user stories how others got online, using the domain service

A truly smart way to promote a domain affiliate offer is through a follow-up email sequence. This is creating a secondary list of those who opened/clicked a ‘getting started’-related blog post. You send the review to those engaged individuals as they’ve shown buyer’s intent.

Next is the rounds of social media promotion:

  1. Link the review on your Facebook page and other channels
  2. Respond to discussions and offer the review as a helpful resource
  3. Offer incentives (like free site setup) if they follow your review

Of course, do the normal rounds of social media traffic generation like sharing images, helpful/supportive content, inspiring quotes, and Q&A with the community. It’s not all about sales.

Making Money as a Domain Affiliate. It’s That Easy

Well… “easy” in the sense you need to:

  1. Create a detailed review
  2. Support it with great content
  3. Share it with your followers

Domain names are the building block to launching an online project – it’s a requirement. This gives you plenty of leverage when promoting domain affiliate programs. Provide a great review and tutorial, and you’ve got an on-going money maker for your website.

It works for any niche. Give it a try.