Create a Kindle Ebook by Repurposing Blog Content

Right now, you’re sitting on a mountain of great content that could become a kindle ebook.

Having it only on your website or in your email list is truly stifling your ability to make the most of your assets.

The idea of “flipping” is quite common to hear when talking about websites but what about content?

After all, it’s your content and you can do with it as you please.

The content you’ve produced can go into a wealth of new opportunities for your business whether it’s populating a membership area or, better yet, tapping into the Kindle ebook marketplace.

The following sections will guide you through what I’d call the “content flipper” approach to generating a money-making kindle ebook with your existing work.

Part 1: Discover Your Best Content for the Kindle Ebook

It doesn’t matter if you’ve published 100 or 1,000 posts onto your website – there is generally a handful that truly defines you as an authority within your niche.

It’s these pieces that can be used to find your way onto the Kindle platform.

Your best content may come packaged in various ways:

  • A blog post series
  • In-depth reviews
  • Product/service specific tutorials
  • Personal musings and opinion pieces

More-often-than-not, these “best of” pieces can be noticed through your website analytics – they’re the ones gaining the highest amount of traffic, feedback, and attention. However, don’t forget that you most likely have a wealth of support material that paints a bigger picture for your topic selection.

You don’t really need to dig too deep into this process.

You could probably pull a lot of these items off the top of your head.

The only real difficult part of this part of the “flipping” process is determining what pieces need to be included and what’s best to omit.

Part 2: Condense and Re-Purpose for the Kindle Ebook

Editing may not be your foray but that’s perfectly okay; people understand that self-published books, on Kindle, may not have the keen eye of a paid editor – they’re just looking for great content. But, if you really want to ensure your work is top notch, you could always hire an editor, after all.

But let’s get back to the point.

The Kindle ebook platform allows you to upload many different media formats for your work and will automatically style much of the work to cater to the Kindle readers.

The big task on your end is to condense your information into a complete work.

Kindle Ebook

For example, you may have a series of posts related to learning a particular subject (like Affiliate Marketing). The tone of your posts may not necessarily jump from each part of the series following the same format that you’d find in printed work. The work just needs transitions and minor editing to turn the entire series into one complete piece.

Your book doesn’t need to follow any particular set of guidelines but the very basic format is more than enough to get everything together; these items include:

  • The cover
  • Copyright
  • Index
  • About the author and foreword
  • The subject divided into chapters
  • Closing (and maybe a glossary)

A technical piece (the one you’re most likely to develop) will have the same structure as web content.

Replace the introduction and conclusion of each piece with a tie-in to the previous and up-coming section and you’ll have created the core content.

Add in an introduction, index, glossary, and a blurb about yourself somewhere along the way and now the work actually feels like a real publication.


Go check out some of the top selling ebooks within your industry and look at how things are structured. It’s all very simple and, since you’re repurposing your work, you’ll piece together something for the Kindle ebook within a few hours if you get down to the heavy stuff.

It’s advised that, before final publication, you strip out your direct affiliate links. You can still point people to your website (which is great for reviews and bonus content for the work).

Part 3: Publication! Your Kindle Ebook is Live!

  1. Sign up for the Kindle Direct Publishing platform (free) and input your basic information.
  2. Save and export your work into a compatible format, upload it, and allow the Kindle service to format and stylize your work.
  3. Wait for the work to be approved.

Once it’s live, do what you do best: marketing.

You could list your Kindle work in many different areas of your work:

  • A premium guides page
  • On your sidebar
  • On ebook directories
  • An email update to your list

Reach to your network and give review copies to your followers. Ask for feedback and reviews on your Amazon listing. You may get a few of these individuals writing about your work (and linking to it) within their own sites which means good backlink juice for you!

The low price of the work is enough to earn you a decent side income but it’s also low enough that people don’t feel buyer’s remorse (even if they don’t like it). You can also repurpose this Kindle book of yours in other campaigns – you could give it away to your followers, print and hand it out during local meetups, and more!

It’s your work, remember? So get it out there!

The Kindle Ebook Platform

The Kindle marketplace continues to mature.

We’ve discovered a few important items to consider when using the platform for your ebooks:

  • Set the pricing at free and use your work for lead generation
  • Set the pricing at about $2.99 to earn 70% of your royalties

The temptation to do $0.99 for your ebook pricing will loom over your decision but you’ll only receive 35% of the royalties which makes the work very low on the bottom of your income-generating list.

The Kindle Direct Publishing platform gives you access to participate in the KDP Select program nets earnings based on a monthly “pool” whenever someone checks out your book; subscription to this program also allows you to do regular, free giveaways for your book which does wonders for drawing attention to your brand.

There are some limitations to the platform, at this time. Mainly, your ebook cannot be as multi-media rich as if you published through the PDF format but it’s a given that the ebook readers will continue to upgrade and we’ll most likely see rich content in the near future.

In conclusion, identify your best content, re-purpose it into a Kindle ebook, get it published, and start your venture into an exciting marketplace. Not only will you grow your brand through the use of these premium publications but you can earn quite a deal of money to boot!