The 12 Best Indian Affiliate Programs with High Paying Commissions

This one goes out to all our affiliate marketers in India!

The affiliate programs in India aren’t too different from those you’d find elsewhere. Most programs offer global acceptance minus a few restricted areas. Those you find in our program directory are open to join if you’re living in India. But… what if you want something specific?

Affiliate marketing is huge in India so of course, you have locals wanting something local to promote!

We wanted to share a few programs finely tuned to the country. The programs you’re not finding elsewhere around the World. These could prove beneficial if you’re operating from India, or if you’re targeting a global audience with your affiliate marketing efforts.

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Our Pick of the Top Affiliate Programs in India

Promoting local products and services is always a smart decision as you leverage known brands, cheap shipping, and social reach. You have an intimate connection with these brands because they’re ones you use or at least have heard about.

There are other benefits of promoting locally:

  • Get paid in your country’s currency
  • No hassle with accepting and reporting income
  • You know where to promote it within local channels

This works well when you’re living in the country, but it’s possible to extend that reach if you’re not through translations and country-specific keyword targeting. E-commerce in India reached 16.07-billion USD back in 2016 – and it’s growing faster than ever.

Here are some programs you should promote in India:

Amazon. in’s Associate Program Home Page

You had to expect Amazon on the top of our list as it’s a behemoth of an eCommerce platform. Amazon is one of the fastest-growing eCommerce sites in India right on-part with Flipkart. It’s very likely Amazon will overtake its competitor despite Walmart’s buy-out.

Amazon. in’s affiliate payout: Affiliate Rates

Amazon. in an affiliate program is very easy to use by pointing people to the site (in general). Or, deep linking to product pages, reviews, and related products. Amazon does a wonderful job converting visitors – get them there and you’ll likely earn a commission.

The Flipkart Affiliate Program

FlipKart Home Page

Flipkart provides some of the highest payouts for your general pick of an eCommerce program.  Flipkart is India’s most popular eCommerce destination with millions of products. Countless vendors have set up shop through the Flipkart platform offering a wide variety of affordable deals and hot, in-demand items.

Flipkart’s affiliate payouts:

FlipKart Affiliate Payout

Flipkart also pays commissions for Android app installs! The program pays very well whether they’re new or existing customers. Or, if they’re buying using the mobile app. Flipkart provides an extensive set of tools, too, including product links and banners, APIs, and deep search tools.

CueLinks 2-Tier Referral System


CueLinks is quite a remarkable affiliate platform. Upon approval, you can begin earning money through its curated ad system – it places affiliate offers on sites automatically. This platform offers an affiliate program, too, in which you get paid when new publishers join the network.

Their referral program pays 25% of what a publisher makes within the first 3 months.

CueLinks Referral System

This is a great opportunity to explore your website and social feeds. But, also promote to your visitors if they, too, want to monetize their efforts.

eBay Partner Network

eBay is steadily building its presence in India making it a strong contender for your affiliate marketing promotions. This platform gives you a good variety of products you won’t find elsewhere on the other major shopping channels. We always recommend adding eBay into the mix of promotions for this reason since your visitors will likely do comparison shopping.


GoDaddy is available to Indian affiliate marketers through their dedicated portal. This offers the same setup and opportunity as you find through the main portal. We think this could go well if you’re promoting website creation (personal or business).


A favorite among the blogging and business crowd, Bluehost has operations set up to help those in India promote its services. Rates are comparable to its N.A. operations paying Rs. 4000 per referral. Check our guide on promoting Web hosting to get a good jump start as a hosting affiliate.


Coursera is one of the better-known online learning platforms. Coursera reported more than 26 million people have enrolled in courses globally. India happens to be one of its fastest-growing sectors! More than 50,000+ users from India join each month.


We had originally intended to have Yatra in our flight directory but held off to mention it in this list. Yatra is one of the more popular travel booking websites. It offers an affiliate program paying around 1% or Rs. 150 – 1000 depending on flight & hotel booking.


vCommission is India’s largest affiliate network with more than 17,500 partners. The platform houses a combination of eCommerce, performance, lead generation, and app install campaigns. Clients include big names like eBay, Amazon, Flipkart, VistaPrint, and many others. This is a perfect choice if you want a bit of everything without needing to join individual programs.


Grammarly is a writing tool everyone should use regardless of whether they’re promoting it. But, if you do want to affiliate with the brand: it pays $0.20 per free signup and $20 if they upgrade to premium. This promo could fit in nearly any niche, to be honest – check it out.


InstaMojo is a payment gateway service used by more than 5 million businesses in India. They also happen to have a referral program! You’ll earn Rs. 500 for every new user you refer to the program. Plus, they receive Rs. 500, too, creating an even bigger incentive for them to join.


Payoneer is one of the best payment options for Indian freelancers, developers, and small businesses. It’s quite a popular alternative to its competitors like PayPal. As you can expect, Payoneer offers an affiliate program paying a commission for each new person you refer to the service. The program is offered in-house and provides all the necessary tools and tracking to start promoting quickly.

Jumpstart Your Affiliate Marketing in India

Excited about promoting these Indian affiliate programs but don’t know where to start? Or, need a quick boost to build more traffic and commissions? Check out our free affiliate marketing guide for an extensive deep dive into everything needed to be a successful affiliate marketer.

Good luck!