Halloween Affiliate Programs: Spooky Ways to Make Money

Trick or treat?! How about a Halloween affiliate programs commission instead?

Halloween is a great time to spike those online earnings.

It’s the one day out of the year where people truly go wild and splurge. This means people are laying down top dollar for costumes, party supplies, candy, and much more.

As an affiliate, Halloween shouldn’t spook you away from everyday business so we’re here to give you a few suggestions as to what you could be promoting this Halloween, take a look … if you dare …

Look for these Products in the Halloween Affiliate Programs

Here is but a cross-section of the types of products you could promote during the Halloween holiday.


The staple of Halloween, people drop big money for elaborate Halloween costumes. Pay particular attention to what’s “hot” this year such as celebrity costumes, movie-themed costumes, or animated characters that the kids love.

Halloween Decorations

Decorations around the house (and outside) are just one part of the Halloween experience. These items go hand-in-hand with parties, props, and the whole experience which makes them an easy sell alongside other products you’re promoting.

Spooky Soundtracks and Effects

Those that go “all out” for Halloween will generally seek spooky soundtracks, effects, and music. These products may not earn you a great deal of money but can improve the volume during your sales promotions.

Halloween Props

For those that embrace the holiday to its full extent – props are where it’s at. Items such as caskets, skeletons, bats, witches, and other ghastly products are readily snagged to create a better experience (and fun) during Halloween – and many of these products cost a good amount of money which means respectable commissions.

Party Supplies

There are a ton of Halloween parties going on during the holiday that’s not limited to handing out candy to trick or treaters. Seek out opportunities in the different types of parties whether it’s costume-themed, kid-friendly, or something a bit kinkier for those odd types.

Use your imagination, get wild, and make the most of the one-day event by getting people on board with making this Halloween the biggest yet.

Halloween Affiliate Programs

Halloween Affiliate Programs with Scarily Good Payouts

There are hundreds of Halloween related business (online and offline).

Here we have a cross-section of three along with their performance (for your consideration):


  • Networks: AvantLink, AffiliateWindow, Google Affiliate Network, CJ.com, and more
  • Payouts: 13% CPS, Avg. sale: $52.52, Conversion rate: 1.62%
  • 3 Month EPC: $3.45, 7 Day EPC: $10.45 (as of 9/11/12)


  • Networks: CJ.com
  • Payouts: 8% commissions (most items), 120 day cookie, Conversion: 1 – 15%
  • 3 Month EPC: $3.73, 7 Day EPC: $10.30 (as of 9/11/12)


  • Networks: CJ.com
  • Payouts: 12% (up to $5,000/mo), 15% (over $5,000/mo), Incentives
  • 3 Month EPC: $12.06, 7 Day EPC: $15.16

Don’t Be Scared of Halloween Commissions

Halloween may be just one day out of the year. But, it doesn’t mean you should pass up this great opportunity for the quick and easy sale especially with costumes since there are always in “season” for costume-themed parties.

There are dozens of reputable retailers and Halloween affiliate programs that will make the best of the holiday. So, put your affiliate marketer mask, build a Halloween niche site, and create some scarily awesome commissions!