Envato Market Review: The Best Place to Buy Digital Marketing Assets?

The Envato Market offers an array of digital marketing assets at affordable prices.

We’ve used many products from the marketplace throughout the years. This includes banner and ebook templates to stock photography and website themes. These items have proved incredible for realizing ideas without the hefty costs and delayed launch found when developing from scratch.

On the Envato Marketplace, you’ll find:

  • Website Themes
  • Landing Pages
  • Site Plugins & Scripts
  • Video Graphics & Templates
  • Audio Soundbites & Music
  • Banner, Blog, and Business Graphics
  • Stock Photography
  • 3D Print Models and Textures

There, you’ll find many alternatives to popular business and marketing assets often half the price without subscription fees. We’ve found popup alternatives to OptinMonster. Amazing themes compared to popular choices used by pro bloggers and marketers. And so much more. We love it. We think you’ll love it, too.

The Marketing Assets (and Opportunity) of the Envato Market

Envato got its start through a variety of valuable blogs and websites but the tipping point came when they rolled out their marketplaces. The blogs taught tons of individuals skills in web and media development. Naturally, this attracted creators and developers — all wanting great resources and wanting a platform to sell assets and services.

At this time, Envato operates the following marketplaces:


ThemeForest is one the largest marketplaces to browse and buy WordPress Themes and website templates.

The platform boasts 42,759+ themes & templates starting at $2. This platform also offers site-building tools, email templates, eCommerce themes, and PSD templates. It’s a fantastic resource if you’re using WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce, Muse, Unbounce, and other business and marketing tools.


CodeCanyone is where you’ll find 26,705+ scripts and plugins for WordPress, eCommerce, Javascript, mobile, and more. We’ve found plenty of helpful alternatives on Codecanyon. And, tons of plugins sparked interesting ideas and opportunities from calculators and mapping, to barebone apps and news scripts.


This is the marketplace you’ll visit daily after finding a great theme on ThemeForest. There’s always something new and helpful to grow your website and business.


VideoHive features 709,156+ video effects and stock footage making it one of the largest independent marketplaces for these marketing assets of its kind. The features include royalty-free options ideal for businesses crafting video advertising, training videos, and more. You can also find video templates, motion graphics, and add-ons to up your video production.


We think VideoHive would be a perfect match for those wanting to explore video marketing without being on camera. Or, simply just to grab up titles, graphics, and stock footage for current and existing projects. All the video is top-notch and generously discounted versus most media services and subscription accounts.


AudioJungle is an incredible match for those creating podcasts, and music, and adding sound effects to videos. There are more than 734k+ tracks available on AudioJungle. Each track, sound, and effect is produced by audio professionals — royalty-free. You’ll even find jingles for brands and logos!


We think this would become a great resource for those creating business/marketing videos and podcasts. Audio plays a very important role in keeping users engaged. The tracks you find on AudioJungle give a better selection than what’s defaulted in most editors and production packs.


GraphicRiver hosts 663k+ fonts, logos, icons, and other media assets. You’ve got background graphics, mock-ups, tool add-ons, web elements, and icons. You can find fonts, game assets, t-shirt designs, and so much more. Most items cost just a few dollars and are available to use for professional projects.


GraphicRiver is one of our favorite marketplaces to find media and graphic assets. This marketplace has been immensely helpful in creating marketing materials, banners, and websites. You can quick-snap a logo, put together a business card using, and use presentation templates to launch a business for half the cost. It’s also fantastic for infographic creation!


On PhotoDune, you’ll find thousands of high-quality photos for all types of projects. This includes animals, business-themed, health, food, travel, and more. It’s the perfect place to grab blog post images and graphics for your marketing items.


There are a lot of amazing photos to be had on PhotoDune. We’ve used them in the past for marketing campaigns and Facebook advertising. The price-per-piece is way lower than other providers, and gives greater flexibility with usage rights.


3DOcean is the perfect companion for those creating 3D designs. This includes game assets and media graphics for popular tools — plus add-ons, scripts, and plugins to streamline production.


We haven’t personally used items from 3DOcean but we see their value. It inspires ideas for 3D graphics in marketing campaigns and presentations. These 3D files could add extra value, authority, and visual pop to your business brand and marketing efforts.

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Extra Envato Features and Valuable Business Assets

Envato goes well beyond its marketplaces with a dozen+ popular design, business, and marketing blogs.

The Envato network of blogs are an invaluable resource to the community with extensive:

  • Guides
  • Tutorials
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Resources
  • Downloadables
  • Discussions

All there helping creators build amazing websites, apps, campaigns, and more.

We’ve found these infinitely resourceful for keeping up-to-date with the industry and providing resources for campaigns. We check the blogs daily because there’s always something interesting to learn from a design perspective — if you follow design and development, you know how the rest of marketing will change.

Envato Tuts+

I mention these because it shows that Envato is a real player in the industry.

Their attraction to the design & development crowd draws those users into the marketplace. This gets thousands of professionals contributing amazing work at affordable prices. The product catalog updates daily with digital marketing assets adapting to the latest trends and best practices.

Envato has Strict Quality Control

Envato Marketplace Quality

Envato offers incredibly fair terms to its authors.

But, also expects them to uphold best practices and policies. This includes whether they’ll continue ongoing support, customer services, and proper licensing.

The community makes a strong impression on Envato authors inspiring them to release incredible works every day.

The Envato Market: In Review

Should you buy digital marketing assets on the Envato Marketplace?

Let’s break it down.

The Good

  • Thousands of incredible products covering every type of web-related industry
  • Respectable rates and top-notch developer support
  • Great alternatives to popular items at half cost and no subscription fees

The Bad

  • The volume of choice creates information overload — spending hours searching and searching
  • Some authors do not update/fix older items (which means you’ll need to do regular revisions)

The Bottom Line

The Envato network is a marketing game-changer.

We can’t imagine how some of our projects would have launched without digital marketing assets we’ve bought from the marketplace.

We think the openness and attraction of the platform to designers and developers make it one of the best places to buy items for your website, business, and campaigns. There are always new additions, ongoing support, and great alternatives to expensive “mainstream” products and services.

Envato is constantly improving its platform to inspire the community. The only drawback comes from the authors who may come and go without doing revisions to their work. But, this is a matter of personal research and preferences — check reviews before you buy.

Our rating: 5 out of 5

There is no better alternative if you’re seeking marketing assets.

The sheer choice of what you’re able to promote is mind-boggling, and the pricing is unbeatable.

Yes, you should source your assets from the Envato Marketplace.

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