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Web hosting affiliate programs are one of the most popular among any blog promoting website setup, blogging, and online business. Partnership to these programs can deliver upwards of $200+ per referral leading to an incredible online money-making opportunity. The web hosting platforms provide an essential service for bringing businesses and projects online – they’re a no-brainer promotion!

The Web Hosting Niche: What You Need to Know

Are there niche opportunities in hosting? Yes! There are several reasons why someone would need web hosting:
  • Business sites
  • Personal blogs
  • Portfolio sites
  • Web applications
  • File servers
There’s also the end-user aspect for those providing reseller or freelance services. This lets others promote and earn with hosting through their clients. The variable web hosting plans tailored to the users’ needs and desires – offering a combination of speed, flexibility, and support. Ultimately, the only thing you really need to know about the web hosting niche is this: People want to created websites – they need web hosting to get their ideas online. Joining a hosting program creates the partnership to list these services. And, earn commissions for each person you refer to the services. Doesn’t that sound awesome?

The Web Hosting Industry Stats: By the Numbers

Web hosting provides the backbone of the Internet. But, if you’re not convinced to promote these offers – consider the following:
  • Approximately 1 million websites are created every year
  • 50000+ new WordPress blogs start every day
  • New domain extensions are added regularly (creating even more need for site hosting)
  • The number of Web users will reach 3.82 billion users just by the end of this year
Now, many of these websites are created with free hosting services. But, the shared hosting marketplace is set to expand in $22 BILLION by 2020… that’s a lot of demand. Let’s also consider the tiered services and pricing. Lower-end hosting packages are easily affordable (often under $10 a month). The average life of a website is three years meaning you’ll earn a pretty commission for almost anyone willing to create their site or host a blog. Now, consider enterprise… now you’re looking at $thousands a month (meaning even bigger commissions when you land these “whales”).

Why Promote Web Hosting Partner Programs

The highest paying web hosting affiliate program will show nearly double the opportunity vs most other web technologies and services included in your promotions. This high earnings potential combined with its essential service is equivalent to a “razors and razor blades” model – you can’t fully build an online site without needing some form of web hosting! There are a couple different reasons why you’d want to promote hosting partner programs besides the income opportunity – like:
  • Helping businesses get found online
  • Helping people create sites to share their passion
  • Helping non-profits grow their outreach and charity work
…or however you think you could help your audience. We enjoy promoting hosting because we believe everyone has something unique to offer. And, the Web is the perfect platform to share it. Sure, there’s social media but a site you call your own is more than a free account… it gives people a central hub to be creative and explore neat, new things. You could also promote these web hosting affiliate programs based on your political standing, surprisingly enough. There are many green hosting services. Or, web hosts supporting privacy laws and free speech. You’ll find hosting companies helping to close societal gaps and more. Your promotions could aim at emerging markets – helping them build their online infrastructure and presence! In the end, promoting hosting services creates a money-making opportunity with added benefits knowing you’re helping people achieve their online goals.

How Others Promote Website Hosting Affiliate Programs

How do people make money with website hosting affiliate programs? A lot of ways. The most common avenue includes sharing:
  • Hosting tutorials and reviews
  • Guides like starting a site or blog
  • Helping people switch providers
If you’ve spent any time in the ‘blogging’ or ‘business’ sphere, then you’ll have noticed a combination of these avenues for promoting their hosting affiliate offers:
  • A “Start Here” page
  • A “Resources & Tools” page
… and of course, the all-too-common “How to Start a Blog” post usually in the menu or sidebar. But, what other ways do site owners and bloggers promote these offers? Consider:
  • Income Reports – Where you’ll see hosting earnings accompanied with a review link
  • Contextual promotions – Always finding ways to link to a review or starter page in the content
  • Email courses – Tends to be a 7-day “how to get started” type guide
  • Deals – A section on their site usually listing a mix of tools & resource deals
These hosting companies heavily rely on their affiliates to get the word out there. This means they’re putting a good amount of money and effort in partner creative assets, contests, and support. What would we recommend? All of it. No, really. You’re seeing these common promotional tactics because they work. Web hosting affiliate programs provide some of the easiest promotions you can do because there’s always someone in your audience wanting to replicate your success. Or, feel inspired to start a site/blog, too. This gives you an easy “in” with adding it to your set of promotions and talking the operational side of your niche.

Should You Join Web Hosting Affiliate Programs? Is It Right for You?

Whether you choose to partner with big names like Bluehost or HostGator. Or, decide that being a Siteground affiliate better suits your audience. Any web hosting affiliate programs create a lucrative opportunity to make money online. These services are essential – and super easy to promote. No matter your niche & industry – there are ways to include some form of “start a blog” type post in there. This could be your leading earner or a great passive income opportunity. Otherwise, simply referring fellow business owners and entrepreneurs to the hosting services will land commissions! So, should you become a web host affiliate? Definitely! Check out the programs we’ve reviewed in the listings below to help get your start as a hosting partner.
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Nexcess Affiliate Program: Overview The Nexcess affiliate program is free to join and ideal for web hosting and online business webmasters. The referral structure and program details include: $10 USD for signing up 75% commissions for the 1st month’s service (new clients) 90-day tracking cookie Hosting services are priced at...


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Dreamhost Affiliate Program: Overview The Dreamhost affiliate program is available to everyone at no charge or customer requirement. Affiliates can earn up to $250 each referral to the web hosting packages within a 30-day cookie window. Payments are calculated by hosting package and customers staying onboard past 97-days. The Dreamhost...


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1and1 Affiliate Program: Overview The 1and1 affiliate program is a wildly popular partnership opportunity for those promoting web hosting packages, domains, and online solutions. The program is available through: CJ Affiliate AWIN Once registered through either of the affiliate platforms, affiliates gain access to a wealth of creative tools and...


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iPage Affiliate Program: Overview The iPage affiliate program pays through three hosting tiers: Share/VPS: $105 commissions WordPress: $120 commissions Dedicated: $150 commissions This places iPage’s affiliate offers on the high-side of web hosting opportunities. A low $50 threshold is in place before payout making it even easier to get paid...


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A2 Affiliate Program: Overview The a2 affiliate program pays very well throughout its payment tiers – structured as: 1-10 sales: $85/sale 11-20 sales: $100/sale 21-30 sales: $120/sale 31+ sales: $140/sale This affiliate payout can increase for high-performers upon request. The program uses a 90-day cookie life giving your prospects plenty...


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InMotion Affiliate Program: Overview An InMotion affiliate has one of the best promotions for hosting referral offers with world-class features, customer service, and name-recognition. The company has consistently topped CNET’s certified award for service and holds an A+ BBB rating. Their product catalog includes a variety of business-ready services, like:...

Liquid Web

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Liquid Web Affiliate Program: Overview What makes the Liquid Web affiliate program unique? For starters, Liquid Web delivers some of the best web hosting services in its industry. They're trusted by brands including Motorola, FedEx, Bic, and many others. Liquid Web isn’t probably the brand you’d promote to newcomers wanting...


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Domain.com Affiliate Program: Overview The Domain.com affiliate program is attached to one of the easiest-to-remember domain name registrars on the market. This gives a nice edge in your mix of promotions since it’s often one of the first sites people will use to get online or launch new campaigns. The...


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GreenGeeks Affiliate Program: Overview The GreenGeeks affiliate program is the perfect compliment to one of the fasted rising stars of web hosting: GreenGeeks. GreenGeeks is a web hosting company providing environmentally-friendly solutions. Their commitment to eco-friendly web hosting helps them place 3 times their power consumption back into the grid....


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Wix Affiliate Program: Overview The Wix affiliate program is a wonderful way to begin making money promoting the powerful site building platform, Wix. Wix is one of several leading contenders for simplistic site creation for non-technical users. Though, it does have plenty of features to attract veterans of site building!...


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SiteGround Affiliate Program: Overview SiteGround web hosting is one of the best in the industry with its extensive web hosting packages, top-notch support, and scaling technology. New users can begin hosting their sites, blogs, and online projects for as little as $3.95/mo. Or can upgrade to cloud hosting ($80/mo) and/or...


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HostGator Affiliate Program: Overview HostGator Web hosting services provide an easy and affordable option for individuals, small businesses, resellers, and enterprise. HostGator became one of the top paying hosting affiliate programs from their generous payouts and partner support. The HostGator options include: Web hosting Cloud hosting WordPress hosting Reseller hosting...


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Bluehost Affiliate Program: Overview Bluehost is one of the most recognized Web hosting providers for their incredible pricing, quality customer service, and robust hosting packages. Customers choosing Bluehost can begin hosting their sites for as little as $3.95/month. Bluehost includes: A free domain name for new users Free site builders...


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GoDaddy Affiliate Program: Overview The GoDaddy affiliate program is a wonderful bonus underlying the domain name registrar. Despite its media fumbles, GoDaddy is a widely used domain name provider for millions of customers every year. Buying a domain name on GoDaddy is streamlined and simplified with its basic input and...