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The video game industry is one of the fastest growing entertainment markets. With more than 2,800+ game companies, 500+ publisher companies, and an $11.7+ billion U.S. market, the opportunities are boundless for those promoting video game affiliate programs. The game industry benefits from being on the bleeding edge of technology. Game systems continue to bring in billions of dollars each generational cycle. Games-as-a-service is shaping up to be an industry game-changer. Virtual reality and E-sports are two markets primed to become some of the biggest in the world of sports and tech. Gaming hobbyists and those building computers are at an all-time high. Companies like Nvidia, AMD, Intel, EA, and Activision-Blizzard have nearly doubled in value from previous years. Video games are here to stay. Adding gaming affiliate programs and promotions to your gaming-related site or channel is the perfect way to make money doing what you love.

The Gaming Niche: What You Need to Know

The 80's saw an incredible boom for the video game industry. Arcades and Atari dominated the industry. Everyone had Pac-Man fever. But, in a flash… it was over. Then comes Nintendo. The release of the NES/Famicom ushered in the revival of the video game industry. Today, we have major players like EA, Square Enix, Sony, Capcom, Microsoft, and (of course) Nintendo pushing out amazing games from thousands of big and small developers. People identify themselves as gamers. This isn’t an industry niched to the freaks and geeks anymore. Even your grandma is spending hours upon hours playing Facebook games. The industry is a bit like their gamers:
  • Hardcore
  • Casual
The hardcore crowd is much like hobbyists. They keep up to date with industry news, going to forums to talk about gameplay, and watching e-sports. They buy collector’s editions and boxed sets. They’re buying loot boxes and doing some modding. Niche video game affiliate programs are there for those wanting to build gaming computers, hard to find titles, or in-game currency. The casual crowd is bigger than that. Games have permeated the social sphere. Just look at the app stores or Facebook to see – Candy Crush Saga, for example, has 93 million players. The gaming app market is pulling in over $8 billion each year with most being free to download. There’s a huge market for those wanting a quick escape from the everyday routine.

The Gaming Industry: By the Numbers

The video game industry is quickly becoming one of the largest entertainment markets. Its impact is widespread well-beyond what many realize. Video games are one part of a bigger fandom with interests in movies, music, tv shows, collectibles, comics, and more. It’s not uncommon finding a gamer also buying gadgets, peripherals, media, and tools to accompany their love for gaming. Here’s what it looks like in the U.S.:
  • $18.4 billion – The video game market
  • $1.27 billion – The video game hardware market
  • 26% of gaming enthusiasts spend $250+ each year on hardware
… and that’s not all. Two billion people around the globe play video games, 63% of U.S. households have at least one person playing video games regularly, and its global market is close to $90 billion.

Why Promote Video Game Affiliate Programs

There are profitable segments throughout the video game niche:
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Fandom
  • E-Sports
  • In-game currency
  • Strategy guides
Hardware is a necessity for video games whether that’s a console like the Switch, PS4, or XBoxOne, or a gaming computer or smartphone. Virtual reality is making big moves with Oculus, HTC Vive, and Sony Playstation VR. The number of Twitch affiliates have skyrocketed since Amazon bought the company. E-sports, for example, is one of the fastest markets. Can you believe eSports were viewed by more than 126 million individuals? It’s set to surpass 286 million by 2020. These competitive matches aren’t only watched by gaming enthusiasts but by your average crowds, too. Video game affiliate programs allow you to earn many ways whether that’s through the Gamefly program promoting rentals or Gamestop program buying and selling hardware and games. Strategy and lifestyle guides have become popular with so many wanting to take their love of gaming full-time. Many gaming programs offer $15 - $25 per sale – some game programs up to 40-60% commissions!

Who’s Making Bank with Video Games?

It’s crazy to believe we’re in the era where people are paid big bucks for playing video games. A hobby and activity almost always synonymous with wasting time and “rotting brains”. Today, gaming is earning many affiliates thousands of dollars through sponsorships, video game offers, and donations. How are they doing it? A mix of everything – video game content creators are half techie, half thrilling personalities – so you’ll find them monetizing blogs, YouTube channels, and Twitch streams. Many have branded and begun offering merchandise. Those on eSports teams make big bucks at tournaments. Patreon is a huge money-maker for video gamers – like:
  • Kinda Funny Games
  • Easy Allies
  • Extra Credits
These channels tout thousands of Patreons earning them tens of thousands each month. The combined earnings of YouTube gamers topped $127 million between June 1st, 2016 – 2017 according to Forbes. This market is open to all no matter how big or small your channel is. Small channels with a hundred, passionate subscribers, making great content, can earn quite a hefty amount when affiliated with the right gaming programs and offers. Big channels can quadruple their potential.

How to Promote the Highest Paying Video Game Offers and Promotions

Here’s the beauty of it:
  1. Talk about games
  2. Create great videos
  3. Stream gameplay
  4. Be active in the community
That’s it, really. That’s not to say it’s going to be easy but the market for people watching and consuming video game-related content is so large that anyone putting together an entertaining video or stream can get in on the action. The promotion happens whenever you’re sharing or streaming a game. Example:
  • Adding links to videos uploaded to YouTube
  • Adding links to Twitch profile pages
These highest paying video game offers find their way into regular discussions. A hot, new game hit the market? Start playing it and point people to hardware or game sales. Or, do a giveaway. Partner with other content creators to showcase collections, do coop gameplay, host a podcast, and more.

How to Promote Your Gaming Channel and Increase Earnings with Game Offers and Promotions

This is the tricky part because of how easy it is to be a video game content creator. The promotional tactics are aligned to your typical methods with an added dash of passion and cross promotion. A gaming site/blog gives you a central hub (few gamers are doing this); YouTube and Twitch will be your base of operations. It’s all about the entertainment factor:
  • Put your face and voice on it vs only showing the game
  • Have high-quality video and a great microphone
  • Play multiplayer games or be part of a game group
  • Choose a less popular game with a tighter community
  • Theme your gameplay or personality
  • Partner with a charity
Landing front page on Twitch is a huge deal – same with getting a mention by another top gaming personality – as it will send tons of viewers to your stream or videos. It’s hard keeping all the newcomers, but many will stick. Twitch emotes, giveaways, and shout-outs are a big part of streaming, too. People love the banter (and drama). Remember, video games are heavily graphics based so work on using fantastic thumbnails for what you've uploaded. Then… get active on gaming forums and communities. Reddit, Steam, and game-specific forums are a great place to get your name out there. Want to earn more?
  • Create strategy guides or offer game tutoring
  • List specs and point to game programs featuring hardware
  • Find hardware and game sponsors to list exciting offers and promotions
At the end of the day, you’re having fun playing games. It’s something you’d do anyway. Adding a few of the highest paying gaming offers and promotions will pay the bills.

Game the System by Adding Video Game Affiliate Programs

How’d of thought you could make a job out of playing video games? The right personality and passion, with a lot of free time, makes it possible. Truth be told, it’ll be a lot of work to make money playing video games. There are some days it’ll feel like a chore. Other times? You’ll have a blast. But, it’s cool that it’s possible especially since it’s been one of those hobbies people say are “wasting your time”. So, game the system by promoting video game affiliate programs and make some money while having a blast. Our directory has a ton of great game offers and promotions to get you started. These will fill out what you’ll earn by partnering with brands and earning through videos and streaming. Press start and start making money with gaming.
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