The supplement industry has been on a consistent rise. Stores like GNC may not be as prominent compared to the previous decade but the buying continues. Much of it has gone online. This puts you in an excellent position to monetize a health blog when adding supplements affiliate programs. Supplements are complementary to the health and wellness niche. They pair well with fitness programs and lifestyle design. You have an opportunity to promote high paying supplement offers in the parenting, weight loss, senior, and medical niche, too. If your niche blog has any mention of health than these programs will fit neatly among the other promotions. Many supplements programs offer extensive training and support to improve ROI. Average orders for supplements are often $75+ across the board. High commissions, great brands, and this focus on healthy lifestyles make these promotions some of the best when monetizing a health blog. Here is what you should know about supplements affiliate programs, its industry, and how you’ll make money.

The Supplement Industry: What You Need to Know

The supplement industry is generally unregulated. The Food and Drug Administration handles the regulation but, for the most part, they’re quite hands off unless a company becomes too dubious and sells under false pretense. There are supplements for all types:
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Oils
  • Herbs
  • Concentrates
  • Powders
This industry encompasses many but mostly fits within the health and wellness category. Here, you’ll find supplements for weight loss and nutrition, or muscle building and brain functions. Almost every plant has found its way into a supplement product. The service side is interesting, too:
  • Retail
  • Holistic coaching
  • Whole and organic foods
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Research and development
  • Sports and performance
The consumer market leans heavily on the “healthy living” trend since its departure from dietary supplements. Meaning, products are sold as a health and wellness improvement instead of focusing solely on weight. Many supplements affiliate programs pair their product offers with health and wellness services. An example is bodybuilding routines mixed with protein powder or stamina increasing supplements. Other industries may include sexual health paired with supplements to increase libido or testosterone. The main thing to know is that most Americans take supplements as part of their daily routine.

The Vitamin and Supplement Industry: By the Numbers

How do you compete offline and online promoting supplements affiliate programs when there are already big brands in the industry? How can you overcome the concern and due diligence a visitor has when reading claims? And, what about the “black eye” the vitamins and supplement industry monikered for so long? Here’s what to know about vitamins and supplements:
  • The U.S. supplement market is worth 126 billion dollars
  • The supplement market has seen a consistent 6-8% growth year over year
  • The largest segments of the market include vitamins, specialty, and herbs & botanicals
  • 10% of sales are expected to come through online shopping by 2020
The vitamin and supplement market see new brands and businesses regularly. Hot trends and scientific studies fuel the market. Remember Acai Berry? Even Amazon has moved into producing and providing vitamins and supplements through their Amazon Elements segment. This is an exciting market for affiliates because of the endless choice. There are already thousands of great, branded products regularly taken by consumers. New ones seem to appear every day. It gives the affiliate a constant flow of promotions when they’re working with supplements affiliate programs.

What’s the Low-Down on the Supplement Market?

There are certain segments of the supplement that are real winners. These are the products you’re best promoting throughout your foray into the market. The hot sub-sections of the supplement industry include:
  • Vitamins
  • Specialty
  • Herbs & botanical
  • Sports nutrition
  • Meals
  • Minerals
Each of these further divides into their consumption method whether they’re capsule form, tinctures, balms, and more. Variable mg levels create selling points, too. A celebrity endorsement or breakthrough scientific study can draw new interest in the supplement market. Supplements can further divide (and create opportunity) in:
  • General health
  • Flu/cold
  • Heart health
  • Bone health
  • Joint health
  • Brain health
  • Mood
  • Vision
  • Menopause
  • Testosterone
  • Detox
You can see how this industry provides plenty of new and exciting ways to make money when promoting the high paying supplement offers.

Promoting the Supplements Affiliate Programs and Monetizing with Offers

How does one stand out in a generally saturated vitamin and supplement niche? How can a blog become a money-maker when promoting supplement offers? A lot of those are answered by how involved you are with the industry and its submarkets. For example: You’ll regularly find vitamin and supplement blogs promoting the latest and greatest, but a lot do not have personal accounts of the experience and effects. They’re faceless. The better blogs take people through a personal journey – the blogger because the guinea pig in some sense – where readers can relate and see the real benefit of the product. Vitamins and supplements fit in with most sites:
  • Sports blogs can promote sports health
  • Mommy blogs can promote prenatal or youth vitamins
  • Science blogs could include nootropics and mind supplements
The promotional tactics begin with great content:
  1. Share journals and logs of your experiences when taking the products
  2. Share user stories and accounts of their experiences
  3. Do roundups, lists, and comparison guides
  4. Compile industry news about the development of the items
A big part of it all is building trust with the community. There’s also curation. The community comes to you for recommendations. They’re too overwhelmed by the hundreds (if not thousands) of vitamins and supplement offers they find online and in-store. They’re looking for what works, want to see that it works, and be told where to get it. Promotion could go like this:
  • Challenges – Identify a common problem (let’s say anxiety) and do a month-long challenge seeing how things change when you begin taking the supplement; journal it and product weekly updates culminating in a round-up of the experience.
  • This, Not That – Create lists of natural alternatives to commonly taken prescription medications; share the scientific backing of why they’re effective. This will catch those searching Google for ways to save money on scripts and a healthier choice.
  • Energy – We’re tired and stressed; this is a great sub-niche of the supplement-focused industry. You could compare mind, body, and energy boosting vitamins.
Like we mentioned – it’s a bit like being a public guinea pig. These journals add storytelling elements to the content which is easier to relate. It speaks to the audience with similar problems or setbacks.

Supplement Your Income with Vitamin and Supplements Affiliate Programs

This niche is a win/win. Why? Because you’re committing to healthy living, regardless. Those vitamins and supplements, healthy routines, and positive thinking are improving your life. Blogging about it, and adding some supplement programs and offers, will let you earn a bit of money in the process. Have a look at our supplements affiliate directory and see what you can find. There’s something for everyone and every niche if played right. It may just become your favorite, new promotion!
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