The pet niche is at an all-time high with limitless options for product and service promotions. It’s very likely you own a pet – in fact, 44% of Americans own a dog, 29% own a cat – giving you the perfect experience and knowledge to create an interesting affiliate website and social presence. The pet industry takes in a whopping $70-billion as of 2018. Pet affiliate programs provide affiliate marketers, and pet owners, an exciting opportunity to make money talking about their love and affection for furry loved ones. Pets are now becoming a staple of American life with many millennials opting for pet ownership over raising children. This fact, combined with an expansive pet marketplace, have many spend thousands of dollars – every year – on pet food, medications, outfits, and more. Below, we’ve collected and curated a pet affiliate program directory to help you find the best pet referral offers and promotions. Browse the directory, find a brand, join the program, and begin making money in the pet niche!

The Pet Niche: What You Need to Know

Do you have a pet? If so, then you already understand how far a pet owner will go to make their furry loved one happy and healthy. It’s very likely you’re already sharing pet photos and videos on your social channels. Some of you may have Instagram’s and Facebook pages dedicated to your pets! You’re not alone:
  • The annual cost of owning a dog is about $1000 - $1400
  • Tenants will spend $300 - $400 for pet rents in apartments
  • The average growth of the pet industry is rising by 5.4%
  • 80-million homes have at least one pet
A quick search for “pets”, and you’ll reveal more than 2-trillion Google searches. You’ll find countless local businesses, dedicated pet websites, pet fan pages, articles, tutorials, and more. It’s safe to say our love for pets isn’t going anywhere soon making the pet niche evergreen in all regards.

The Pet Niche: An Untapped Niche Market?

There’s a lot of room for growth in the pet niche especially when paired with pet affiliate programs. These two items create an incredible money-making opportunity as it continually expands into sub-niches with new product and services introduced annually. You could choose a generic approach:
  • Pet food
  • Pet apparel
  • Pet medications
  • Pet help
Or, decide to niche down:
  • Dog or cat treat recipes
  • Natural pet food
  • Pet holiday clothing
  • Pet shelters near me
This could further expand with the different pet’s people love owning:
  • Fish
  • Birds
  • Ferrets
  • Hamsters
  • Rabbits
  • Snakes
  • Lizards
  • Turtles
...and so many more! Do a search for pets and you’ll find countless influencers sharing their pet photos. You’ll find dedicated fan pages for popular pets. There’s entire media, shows, and movies dedicated to them. You’ve got apps, games, podcasts, and music about pets. There’s so much! Of course, you’ll find your share of niche pet products to promote, too, with generic pet affiliate programs offering a wide selection of goods. Or, specialty items from smaller brands offering unique items and goodies pet owners are bound to love.

How to Make Money in the Pet Niche

There are several avenues for building a money-making presence in the pet niche – including:
  • Pet affiliate sites: Creating a portal/hub sharing reviews, tutorials, guides, and helpful tips for pet owners. Or, providing a platform where users can share photos, discussions, and talk about their pets. There’s plenty of room for growth in this generally untapped niche.
  • Pet social influencer: Love taking pictures of your pet(s) and posting them to social? It’s not farfetched to dedicate a Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube to them. Here, you can solicit brands for products to review, promote pet products, and generally have fun with the daily life of your pet.
  • Pet forums/newsletters: Pet owners are a peculiar bunch willing to treat their furry loved ones like children. This includes social gatherings online (and offline). Pet owners flock together sharing their tips and stories. A forum or newsletter is perfect for regular discussion and affiliate product promotions.
You could promote a variety of items – most being essential to the pet’s wellbeing making them an obvious choice for would be buyers! Try creating:
  • Pet food reviews
  • Pet medication reviews
  • Pet toy reviews
Include helpful tutorials like “how to take care of …” and “X tips for a healthy (pet)” and you’ll begin driving traffic to the pet affiliate site. Match the right mix of pet affiliate programs with great, reputable offers and soon enough you’ll generate sales.

What are You Waiting For? Monetize Your Pet Blog and Social Today

The pet niche is, hands down, incredibly fun and enjoyable. Who wouldn’t love talking about their pets, sharing interesting stories, product recommendations, and earning money in the process? Every niche site and social following is set for personal branding because every pet is different. You shouldn’t have trouble creating a site and its content because there’s something new to talk about your pet every day! Your obsession with taking photos is fuel for the social, too! Check out the pet affiliate programs below and partner with reputable brands of products and services you love and use. What are you waiting for? Fetch!
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