Pay Per Lead

PPL (pay per lead) affiliate programs pay whenever a successful campaign sends leads. This affiliate venture is wild and highly lucrative. Why? Because you’re not convincing someone to buy a product or service. Instead, all you need to do is send qualified individuals to an offer. If they click, like, submit a zip code/email, etc., then you’re paid! You become the traffic source for these businesses. They must do the heavy lifting when it comes to making the sale. You’ll find pay per lead affiliate programs in nearly every niche. You’ll also find PPL offers for just about any type of action. Paired right and your website or blog could make big bucks sending people through the affiliate links. How’s that sound compared to other programs? Great, right?

What You Need to Know about Being a Pay Per Lead Affiliate

The pay per lead market has a very “if you build it, they will come” opportunity. There are PPL programs for just about all types of offers and industries. You’ll find campaigns wanting leads to an insurance service or website sign up. You’ll find programs like zip code submission for realty companies or phone submits for dating websites. What does this mean? This niche and affiliate opportunity are heavily dictated by the niche website. Pay per lead programs can fit into most established sites but they’re often better paired with smaller, niche sites focusing on a handful of services. An example of this could be a small apartment finder site for your town linking to a pay per lead program paying out for local referrals. A couple of examples of pay per lead affiliate programs include:
  • Shareasale
  • Peerfly
  • Rakuten
These programs tend to have two referral opportunities. The front-end aimed at affiliates provides offers and promotions tailored for niche sites and marketing campaigns. A back-end offers commissions when advertisers and publishers sign up for the programs. What’s needed to be a pay per lead affiliate? Since promotions are niche specific – it’s important to have a solid understanding of Internet Marketing as a whole. This creates the best scenario with the promotions because you have the expertise and resources to promote anything. The routine is common:
  1. Find a good program and offer
  2. Create a site with great content
  3. Get active on social media
  4. Start advertising campaigns
  5. Test, track, and optimize
It’s the usual sales funnel you’ve come to know with online marketing. You can mix and match the promotions depending on trends and interest. You’ll see many competitors in markets pushing niche sites fueled by content creation services. Basically: Cast a wide net on several niche topics and offers to create sustainable income when promoting pay per lead affiliate programs.

The Pay Per Lead Market: By the Numbers

The pay per lead market is constantly growing and evolving. At its core is the affiliate marketplace which isn’t a new concept. Yet, there are subtle differences between PPL and affiliates. PPL, in comparison, is usually a single offer run by a company not wanting to add an entire backend for its management. This means you’re likely working with a pay per lead network instead of a single brand. Here’s what the pay per lead market looks like:
  • Industries like IT, Healthcare, and Financial services often pay of $250+ per lead
  • 61% of B2B marketers cite lead generation as their biggest challenges
  • 83% of B2B marketers use content marketing to drive quality online leads
The market is massive for these programs because it’s so easy listing offers. There’s no real downside for a company to add a pay per lead program to their promotional efforts since they’re only paying out whenever qualified leads are delivered.

Why You Should Promote Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs and Offers

The biggest reason, if you ask us, is the fun factor. You’re not investing a lot of time trying to create an authority site when promoting specific pay per lead offers. Small, niche sites do fantastic for these promotions – often a single landing page is enough! This lets you continually work on new projects so you are never bored. This is the same when you’re running paid ad campaigns. You can quickly make a landing page for the pay per lead program. Then, get a few ads running. You don’t have a lot of overhead and the simplicity of the campaigns let you optimize them like crazy. Or… You could include pay per lead offers into an authority site since it’s very likely you’ll find a dozen matching your topics and direction. It takes a little tweaking but it’s quite easy adding targeted promotions to content whether that’s through text links or page-specific banner ads. Examples:
  • A post about the best places to eat having a PPL ad for restaurant gift card email submit
  • A post on the Top X gifts for Y and including a PPL offer for a giveaway from a major brand
  • A post about credit reporting with a PPL promotion to a sign up submit for services
You get the idea. The hardest part of promoting pay per lead affiliate programs are how quickly campaigns begin and end. You have many offers appearing for a few days – others may run for months. It all depends on the business budget of the company presenting the offers. This does mean you’ll need to constantly refine and swap pay per lead offers. But: There are new ones constantly added to networks – sometimes this is beneficial because it goes along with market trends – making the promotion oh-so-much easier than stuck promoting programs for brands long since forgotten.

How to Promote the Highest Paying Pay Per Lead Offers and Promotions

There are several avenues one can take in the PPL niche:
  • General blog with PPL offers
  • Recommendation/referral portals
  • Review and aggregate sites
Often, the best way to promote an offer isn’t by your review but through others. Many visitors will feel reviews have a bias to encourage referrals. User-generated content, on the other hand, is authentic because there’s no incentive for the feedback. User stories also aid with:
  • Injecting pages with long-tail keywords
  • Presenting personal stories to create an emotional angle
A good way to encourage user content is by opening the niche site. This includes submission forms for others to leave reviews or comments. It also includes interviewing users or allowing them to post guest blogs through your site. Your second-best option is to become a user. Why? Because you’ll have the experience of using a product or service. This will provide the fine details others won’t know if they’re creating generic reviews. You’re able to create in-depth content answering the deepest concerns with those researching the pay per lead offer. Then add the usual:
  • Social
  • Video
  • Email
… and you’ve got yourself a great combination to make money with pay per lead affiliate programs. Though a bit of fair warning – don’t go overboard with the promotions. The options are near endless (which is quite tempting) but overloading your audience with a constant refresh of offers could prevent your ability to build authority around a core set of offers.

If You Lead Them, Money Will Come

Consider a B2C or B2B business spending thousands of dollars (daily) on advertising and marketing campaigns to drive leads to their products or services. Wouldn’t it make sense to employ third-parties to drive qualified leads vs the generic/shotgun approach? Of course! Pay per lead affiliate programs is a win/win for both parties. The business has the potential to gain a customer with a high lifetime value. The pay per lead affiliate earns a handsome commission with each person acting on an offer. You’ll absolutely love promoting PPL promotions – it gives you high flexibility and a constant stream of challenging (but fun) opportunities. This is, by far, the niche to explore if you love building niche sites.
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