Pay Per Click

Pay per click is one of many advertising channels helping businesses grow online. In the affiliate realm, pay per click affiliate programs can also mean a commission each time someone clicks a banner or link. It just so happens that many pay per click networks include PPC products and services. A little confusing, right? Doesn’t have to be. A tech-savvy business will likely spend a significant chunk of their advertising budget on PPC campaigns whether that’s through Google AdWords, Facebook ads, or third-party platforms. Behind these successful campaigns are tools to automate and improve ROI. There are numerous resources and training one finds when optimizing PPC campaigns, too. Simply put: Promoting pay per click affiliate programs has the potential to land “whales” in the advertising space which leads to massive commissions and affiliate payouts.

The PPC Industry: What You Need to Know

Pay per click advertising is part of the overarching Internet Marketing market. PPC ad platforms allow businesses to bid on keywords and terms to display ads shown in search engines and ad networks. The cost is deducted every time an ad is clicked. Relevant, optimized ad campaigns improve conversions each time an ad is clicked. The PPC market contains:
  • Tools and tracking
  • Reporting and optimization
  • Services and automation
Certification is not required to offer PPC services though having them increases understanding and reputation. Many PPC platforms will offer seals, badges, and certs to display on a site. General ad and banner blindness is the real challenge with PPC advertising. Web users avoid advertisements going as far as using ad blockers. This becomes a troubling conundrum for websites monetizing through display and text-based ads. However, those aware and resistant to ads may not have been the intended target, to begin with. There are stages to pay per click marketing:
  1. Keyword research
  2. Ad development
  3. Campaign management
  4. Campaign optimization
Pay per click affiliate programs is typically offered as an all-in-one solution. High paying pay per click offers pay big commissions for suites, tools, and resources. Why? Because many businesses will allocate a significant percentage to their PPC campaigns. PPC remains a worthwhile investment for businesses. Bidding and prices have increased year over year. This makes for a wonderful opportunity as an affiliate promoting PPC programs.

The Pay Per Click Industry: By the Numbers

What if you’re not providing pay per click services? Why should someone go through you when searching for PPC resources and tools versus big name marketing professionals? Well, look no further than the size of the PPC market – a market so massive anyone can find a footing with the right expertise. Here’s what to know about the PPC industry (and why you may want to start promoting PPC programs):
  • Businesses average $2 for ever $1 spent on Google AdWords
  • PPC visitors are 50% more likely to purchase a product or service
  • The average clickthrough rate of display ads across all channels is 0.06%
  • Many ecommerce brands spend around 40-80% of their budget on SEO and PPC
  • The paid search industry is on track to reach $60+ billion globally
What we know is this: Most companies have PPC budgets averaging $300k or more. This is a huge investment require high levels of expertise and quality tools. Even on the low-end, for small businesses, pay per click is a monumental undertaking. This places a pay per click affiliate in an advantageous position to make big bucks promoting PPC programs and offers.

Why Promote Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs on Your Site, Blog, or Campaigns

Pay per click has come a long way since its early days where most campaigns were simply paying pennies for keyword placement. Today, the industry requires a profound knowledge of tools, techniques, and strategy to show a positive return on investment. This is both a challenge and opportunity as a PPC affiliate. What areas could you touch on with the content and PPC offers/promotions?
  • Analytics, scripts, and bidding
  • Landing page and conversion rate optimization
  • Ad copy/creative creation and testing
  • Keyword research and targeting
  • Understanding PPC channels
There’s a reason it’s created an industry with thousands of small and large service-based and tool-based companies occupying the space. Many small (and large) business owners don’t have the time to monitor, test, and optimize their PPC campaigns. This gives you two audiences:
  • DIY types
  • Professionals
The DIY types will give PPC a shot – they’ll get hits and misses – but they understand its value. They’re willing to buy tools and courses to better use and understand the campaigns. The professionals are those with a budget and rather pass the PPC management to an experienced team. It just so happens there are PPC management programs you could include on your site! In all, most people trying or using PPC will use tools (making it easier). These tools aren’t cheap. This notion, combined with helpful guides to ease their entry into PPC ads, become an easy sell meaning good commissions whenever you’re adding pay per click offers to the mix. There are several, other opportunities integrated with PPC campaigns, including:
  • Banner design
  • Landing page optimization
  • Location-based campaigns
  • Conversion tracking
  • Search engine optimization
  • Benchmarking and retargeting
… and anything else going into ads and building a better online presence. PPC, in a lot of ways, shows the shortcomings of the business. Smart businesses will notice their site/campaign faults and invest in improving other facets of their presence (giving you an opportunity to promote other resources).

Getting Paid to Send Traffic to Sites by Promoting Pay Per Click Offers and Promotions

The hardest challenge with promoting pay per click offers and promotions is the monetary investment business owners already have in mind when undertaking the project. They’ve probably read horror stories of ineffective campaigns costing thousands with little or no return. Yes, PPC ads can (and will) burn your budget if you’re going in blind. It’s not as simple as bidding on a keyword, writing something catchy, and money pours in. Unfortunately, the PPC channels don’t normally have programs except for up-and-coming search engines like EntireWeb’s program. This means a lot of your commissions will come through the tools and resources aligned with the PPC industry. Including:
  • SEMRush
  • SEOReseller
  • 7Search
  • Infusionsoft
  • Ajiboye
  • com
  • 180Fusion
It’s a mix of keyword research tools, PPC management tools, and PPC services. The DIY audience will go for keyword and design tools whereas professionals will opt for management and services. How would you promote the pay per click offers? Same as you would any other promotion…
  1. Create stellar resources detailing how to setup and run PPC campaigns
  2. Share case studies explaining campaigns and their return on investment
  3. Interview and create roundups of PPC professionals and influencers
  4. Show your skills with income reports or portfolio pieces of campaigns you’ve done
  5. Keep readers up-to-date with industry news and reports
There’s money on the line so a lot of PPC newcomers want to see it in action. They want to know why and how to bid effectively. Then, they’ll be willing to give it a full try. Those already advertising know this, so they’ll need the extra push to automate and pass it on to a management team. There aren’t too many PPC blogs which means there’s opportunity stand out and build a brand. Look at sites like:
  • Wordstream
  • PPC Hero
  • AdEspresso
These sites are doing great things with educating their audience about the pay per click market. So, get some campaigns running and really put your skills to the test. Get content created helping newcomers and veterans in the PPC market. Make a name for yourself. Add those PPC programs and offers to bank on this need for tools and resources.

Increase Sales for Both Parties by Adding and Promoting Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs

A tech-savvy business will eventually find their way into the pay per click market regardless. They’ll seek online advertising to drive sales, generate leads, and build brand awareness. They likely have a budget already – all they need is guidance and access to resources. This is where you come in. Providing your audience with tutorials and guides about using pay per click benefits both parties. They get to advertise on the Web while you earn commissions whenever they buy or subscribe to the offers found in pay per click affiliate programs.
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