Marketing has its place in nearly every niche blog or website. You will use marketing strategies to promote the site, gain visitors, and (hopefully) earn sales. Over time, and with experience, you may feel compelled to teach what you’ve learned or share resources you’ve used to find success. This is where marketing affiliate programs come into play. We say nearly any niche because your decision to add marketing programs is wholly on you. There are those coming to your site for its content. There’s another side coming to the site to learn and replicate your success – they, too, want to start a blog in your niche. Sharing valuable resources paired with the highest paying marketing offers lets you earn for each referral.

The Marketing Niche: What You Need to Know

Look no further than terms like:
  • Make Money Online
  • Business Opportunities
  • How to Start a Blog
If you’re on a personal blog (and many larger ones), you’ll likely come across a resource page listing the tools and services used to get traffic and make sales. You’ll also find these marketing offers peppered throughout the blog content. The content becomes a funnel where it educates or entertains but sells the affiliated product or service. Here’s what you need to know… The competition is dependent on your niche selection. You may find few fellow site owners promoting marketing products because they’re focused on advertising, sponsorship, ecommerce, or freelancing as their monetization method. Adding marketing affiliate programs is a safe bet to monetize your blog or website. Why? Because these are tools you’re familiar with. You use them to attract visitors. Or, paid for them when building the site. Or, use them to create more content, handle social, and more. It’s this: If you’re online (with a site or without) you can promote marketing programs.

The Marketing Industry: By the Numbers

It’s mindboggling how much money is spent on advertising and marketing. It’s estimated we see nearly 5,000 ads every day. That’s just ads… marketing messages are likely double. Marketing is everywhere whether it’s sharing something neat from a brand or outright liking content from a popular talking head. How big is the marketing industry? How deep does it go?
  • 80% of global Internet users are exposed to Google ads
  • $120 billion, the U.S. digital marketing spend by 2021
  • 7% of revenue is attributed to B2B content marketing
  • $31 billion, the U.S. social media ad and marketing spend
… and this is just what’s going into paid campaigns. There are tens of thousands of small businesses doing organic online marketing. Behind these small and massive campaigns are hundreds of marketing tools and resources – some free, some paid – and this is your opportunity with marketing programs.

Why Promote Marketing Affiliate Programs

We already touched on the fact most (if not all) site owners and bloggers need and use tools to promote their efforts. The ROI of these marketing resources is so valuable that they’ve become virtually required to compete within most industries. These marketing affiliate programs house tools and resources for:
  • Advertising
  • Content creation
  • Email
  • Local SEO
  • PPC
  • Print
  • SEO
  • SMM
Some of you may not know what all these are but use techniques and tools unknowing of how big an impact they have on efforts. Some have them going in full-force and see incredible traffic and sales. All that’s needed is a small shift. You can continue to create content centered on core topics and passions. But, you can also create an off-shoot educating certain members of your community how to do what you do. Suppose this: You’re showing good numbers with site visitors, community participation, and social following. There’s a vocal group that keeps asking how they, too, can create a site like yours. You decide to create a post or series covering the step-by-step. Within the tutorial are links to marketing affiliate programs. You begin earning commissions for everything from the email service to them making business cards.

Promoting Marketing is Big Money

What good is a business without marketing? Not much. A great product or service no one knows doesn’t have the same impact as a mediocre offer everyone is into. That’s not to say to aim for mediocrity – it’s saying every persona and business needs to do marketing if they want to compete and grow online (and offline). Marketing tools are, therefore, essential. … this makes them an easy sell. The actual marketing offers you promote will matter (some are better than others). But, your audience knows they need these tools and resources. They see how you’re successful because of them – they’ve seen plenty of others (and competitors) see similar success – now they’re ready to get on board. A little bit of education and proper marketing promotions equals big commissions and earnings. And like we said… it fits nearly every blog or site:
  • Problogger promotes tons of marketing offers and promotions
  • SmartPassiveIncome makes millions each year promoting marketing tools
  • NerdWallet dabbles in business development and marketing offers
The first two fall into the whole “blog about blogging/business” sub-niche. But, look at other examples like any travel site, mommy blog, crafting site, personal development, and more. You’re bound to find a section where they promote marketing offers. When you’re promoting a marketing program, paying 20-50% commissions on a $1000+ product or service, yeah, you start making some big bucks. Plus, you’ve got a lot of recurring marketing offers to keep that money rolling in.

How to Promote the Highest Paying Marketing Offers and Promotions

You pretty much already have what you’re looking for with how to go about promoting. It’s simply identifying if you have a subset of the community wanting to do what you do. Here’s the big thing: Don’t go too crazy with the promotions. … as in, focus on the tools and resources you’re using so your recommendations are authentic, and you can create awesome content around the concepts and usage. Here’s how you could get started:
  1. Compile a list of the top 10-20 blogs in your niche
  2. Scan their sites to find common promotional offers and efforts
  3. Explore those tools and resources if you haven’t
  4. Make a list of tools and resources you use for marketing
Now you have a workable list of what you’ll promote. Next, dig through our marketing affiliate programs directory to learn about those tools/resources. Sign up. Then:
  • Create a detailed guide on how to get started in your niche
  • Start blogging more about the tools and resources you use
  • Share income or traffic reports for getting on the radar of others
  • Network and cross-promote others in your niche (they’ll reciprocate)
  • Tighten the community and capture them through an email list
  • Consider creating a paid product and promote the hell out of it
There are a lot of ways you can integrate the highest paying marketing offers and promotions throughout the site/blog. What needs to happen is great content and great marketing. In time, you’ll get people coming through, buying, and earning those commissions.

How to Grow Your Site and Increase Marketing Program Commissions

Okay… so you’ve got the marketing offers and promotions on the site. They’re getting some nice traction and you’re earning commissions. Now what?
  • Talk with your program manager (ask about opportunities)
  • See if you can increase your payout percentage for each referral
  • Joint venture with peers on a big marketing push or launch
You could choose to spin-off the business side of things as a new site or blog. Many have done this – keeping their core blog up and running while starting a biz opp site. The authority site earns commissions while you’re building a secondary stream of income with the other. What more can you do?
  • Do more video content
  • Do live streaming
  • Do conferences and meetups
A lot of success comes from who you know in the niche and industry. Getting a shout out from an influencer or mentioned by a major brand can make you a success overnight. The sudden flood of interest will bump up those numbers quick.

Embrace the Marketing… Start Promoting Marketing Offers Today

A lot of bloggers and site owners shy from promoting marketing offers and promotions. They feel they’re “selling out”. But, these are tools you’re using. It’s no different asking a recommendation from a chef of what knives they use – it just so happens you get a commission with that mention. Plus, you don’t have to go overly promotional with the marketing affiliate programs. You could always make a resource page and have it to the side, making a bit of money passively. You can continue with the core topics without making the site too sales-y. You’d be surprised how many followers want to do what you do… so why not give them the tools and resources to make it happen? At the end of the day: Make great content and be passionate. Add in a few marketing programs you find here in the directory to earn enough to continue doing what you love. Sounds like a plan? Great! Start today.
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