Loan affiliate programs connect individuals to investors. This includes those seeking business loans to expand operations to microloans for personal projects. The market has drastically grown due in part to the Internet and peer-to-peer lending. Before, a person would approach a bank for a loan. Banks were predominantly local, so they were open to issuing loans to qualified individuals. However, soon banks became behemoths. Your typical person found it troublesome getting a loan from their local financial institution. Online banking soon became the norm and with it came online loans. Smart AI, underwriters, and technical analysis allowed people instant qualification or denial of loan offers. This removed the middle-man and introduced a new market for smaller (micro) loans. Today, loans continue to play an important role in personal and business. Their accessibility is easier than ever. This creates an incredible opportunity for those affiliates in the finance. Adding loan programs and high paying offers generates handsome commissions when promoting these essential items for operations.

An Overview of Loan Affiliate Programs and Offers

Loan programs introduce affiliate offers for the finance categories of sites and blogs. Though, these loan offers may find their place in any suitable content topic depending on the audience. Loan offers are typically for:
  • Car
  • Home
  • Business
  • Personal
The services use in-house checks and underwriters to determine if loans are viable to the applicant. A person often receives a yes/no within a few minutes after submitting their information. Those with a “yes” can read their terms and receive money in less than a day (or sooner). The loan affiliate programs offer high commission rates and extensive reporting. An affiliate will find plenty of supporting information and creative for their marketing campaigns. Some loan programs operate as a one-to-one service (those directly providing finances) while others have a pay per lead structure where they refer your referral to loan services. Many loan offers and promotions pay in two ways:
  • Leads
  • Sales
Many loan affiliate programs will pay $1+ per qualified lead. And, also pay if the person accepts the loan – paying the affiliate between $50-$200! These programs are sometimes multi-tiered, too, offering higher commissions depending on the loan amount and number of referrals.

The Loan Marketplace: By the Numbers

Why bother with the loan market when most people will go to their bank first?
  • The FDIC reported a $99.7 billion increase in loans in the first three months of 2016
  • An estimated 24 million Americans are expected to take out a loan in the next 12 months
  • An almost equal split (36%/33%) of male and females will take out a personal loan
  • Gen X are those most likely to take out loans followed by boomers and millennials
  • Those taking out loans are typically married or have a domestic partner
This market is ripe for an opportunity because it’s so equally split between demographics. Credit card debt and student loans are incredibly common for most Americans. Loans have become an essential way of life in the States – making for an easy sell for the affiliate.

Why Promote High Paying Loan Offers and Promotions

The audience for loans isn’t nearly as massive as consumer products like most affiliates explore. But, loans – even micro – are hundreds if not thousands of dollars. A single commission on a loan offer referral can often double your daily income compared to other markets. You also benefit from the buyer persona. Those seeking loans have already made their intention. They’re adamant about getting a loan – the only thing stopping them is which provider they’ll choose. Compare this to a consumer market where there are dozens of providers for the same or similar product/service. The opportunity: Many loan officers continue to push the competitiveness of loans and terms. Yet, there are dozens of offline and online loan providers – competition is pretty much on-par. This creates a schism for the would-be client since they know they can take business elsewhere. The smarter (profitable) method is to push benefits. This means sharing how you may have taken a loan and how you put it to use. Or, creating a detailed guide on how to best spend the loan vs seeing it as a lump of money. Example: Helping people understand the benefits of paying off debt which reinforces the decision to take on a loan. Here are some reasons people borrow money:
  • Fix or get a car
  • Buy a house
  • Start a business
  • Help their family
  • Have funds for holidays
  • Handle monthly bills
  • Pay for tuition fees
  • Consolidating debt
… and to avoid having to approach friends and family. This creates an interesting opportunity for loan affiliate programs offers because it’s no longer about the terms and conditions. It’s about financial freedom and lifestyle design. These two topics have a strong emotional attachment – making it easier to further someone in the sales/conversion funnel. The other benefits of a loan program?
  • High conversion rates
  • Competitive, tiered payouts
Programs like Quicken Loans, Avant, First Financial, and LightStream pay top dollar for referrals. It’s not uncommon to earn hundreds with each referral depending on the loan terms. There are many options to introduce loan offers and promotions when your topics could include car, home, business, and personal finances.

How to Begin Promoting Loan Affiliate Programs and the Loan Offers

Most people will turn to their banks when seeking a loan. Else, they’ll ask friends or family for a quick injection of capital if it’s manageable. This creates a challenge when promoting loan offers especially if your site is new and you lack branding & authority. Information is the “foot in the door”. Now big finance blogs like The Penny Hoarder, Mr. Money Mustache, The Simple Dollar, and Wise Bread all started somewhere small. But, they grew because the owners were transparent with their intentions and told great stories. This brings us back to the benefits vs features. A common theme for the best finance blogs seems to be:
  1. Sharing a personal account of overcoming debt and growing wealth
  2. Focusing on the big sections like credit cards, loans, insurance, and investing
  3. Using guides and content “hubs” to detail the step-by-step of getting good with finances
  4. Sharing user stories to help others see how it’s possible to overcome financial problems
These blogs may touch on other, small finance topics but the core selling point is the big ones like getting out of debt and expanding opportunities by having capital. How would we promote loan offers?
  • Loan reviews and case studies
  • Budgeting and best practices for spending
  • Investment ideas and opportunities
  • Negotiation tactics and outcomes
Remember, most people are taking out loans for personal projects whether that’s paying down credit card debt or getting a car. The loan is but one step of the process. You could, essentially, make it “boring” and focus more on the exciting part of reaching that goal. This “boring” approach to promoting loan offers gets them in and on their way. They’re not held up by the loan process – instead, they’re already one step ahead of getting that car or paying off their student loan debt. If you’re:
  1. Upfront and transparent with your intentions
  2. Share personal accounts of your financial journey
  3. Offer incredibly valuable action steps with content
  4. Build a strong community through advice and relatability
… then you have an “in” with adding loan affiliate programs and their offers to your site.

Becoming the Intermediary for Loan Offers and Making Money on Commissions

Banks have money to lend. People need money to explore projects and business opportunities. The value of the loan affiliate is how their placement as the intermediary – but without the high fees of facilitating the exchange. The loan affiliate creates an easy-to-follow guide and review of the loan terms and process; the potential client learns and decides to act. The loan offers generate a handsome commission for the referral. Both client and bank are satisfied with the exchange. It’s a win/win/win for all parties involved. Is it a tough sell? Of course. But: There are a place and value for blogs and sites explaining loan offers and promotions. Remember, people used to connect with banks directly. Now, they’re using the Web to facilitate the exchange. There’s still a layer of a doubt with any online transaction. A quality mix of great content and professionalism can overcome this doubt. Pairing the highest paying loan affiliate programs, offers and promotions – to reputable brands and institutions – becomes a great opportunity for all.
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