The health niche is one of several evergreen niches. This topic resonates with every person visiting the site because, after all, we’re living. Improving one’s health improves quality of life. We’re all willing to act on advice for a longer, healthier, and happier existence. Health affiliate programs present products and services to improve living. The health offers include anything from relieving pain to overcoming anxiety. It can touch on sexual health to weight loss. This is a catch-all niche market… one worth trillion of dollars. There have been countless health blogs since the beginning of the Internet. Why? Because we all have a story and experience to tell. All advice has merit in one way or another. Yes, many blogs have sullied the niche with false claims and offers. But, the majority have positive intentions. These blogs are rewarded. How? By adding the highest paying health programs offers. By presenting quality items and resources to improve one’s life.

An Overview of Health Affiliate Programs and Offers

The health niche is a catch-all topic (as noted) meaning you can go broad and attempt to touch any all related topics. This would put you in competition with sites like,, and Or: You could go niche and focus on specific areas of life. This would have you in the realm of blogs including Hello Healthy, Precision Nutrition, and JillFit. Either is viable. Either is profitable. You will likely touch on several topics with the content creation and discussion – including:
  • Acne
  • Addiction
  • Wellness
  • Body image
  • Exercise
  • Stability
  • Relationships
  • Pain management
  • Weight loss
… and others both physical and mental. The health offers you promote will include a mix of physical products, online resources, books, courses, training, and more. Each build on another -- creating multiple opportunities to make money in the health niche with the affiliate commissions. The best health affiliate programs include a combination of effective products, great tracking software, stellar affiliate support, and high conversions. There are many to choose from because of the market size. This is, perhaps, the hardest part of being a health affiliate… selecting a few that matter. Success in the market heavily relies on personal experiences. People want to see, hear, and watch the progress. They don’t want to follow someone unable to heed their own advice. Live by what you say, blog it, and you’ll find a viable business opportunity in this niche.

The Health Industry: By the Numbers

The health industry is incredibly massive – this is the business of living and when there are more than 7 billion people on this Earth… business is good. Want some eye-opening stats about health?
  • The annual revenue of the U.S. healthcare industry is $1.6+ trillion
  • Annual spending for prescription medications is expected to surpass $400 billion by 2020
  • Alternative health care systems are practice by nearly ½ the U.S. population
  • 11% of Americans suffer from some form of pain every day
This is just the harder side of the health industry. Then you must factor the combine trillions spent in the weight loss, supplement, psychological, and lifestyle categories. Every person you reach through a health blog will connect because we all have problems.

Why Promote High Paying Health Offers and Promotions

There are two elements to why the health niche is so viable:
  1. Everyone has problems
  2. These problems cause emotions
Marketing is heavily reliant on creating an emotional connection to create sales. Health affiliate programs and its offers and promotions are no different. Yes, it’s logical we fix our problems. But: We’re more concerned with how we feel after getting better or improving. Consider pain management – the pain is the trouble, but a major underlying issue is how the pain is affecting the daily life of the person. They’re unable to enjoy their day and time with others. Is this person emotionally attached to the pain? Of course. Helping people overcome their troubles is ½ the reward for running a health blog. It’s knowing your advice created a positive impact on the person. The other ½ is connecting people to the valuable resources to lead a healthier life (and earning a commission with the referral). It’s a win/win. What are some of the profitable subcategories of the health niche?
  • Addiction
  • Dental
  • Medical equipment
  • Pharmacies
  • Self-help
  • Vitamins and supplements
  • Wellness
Each has overlapping topics, too, such as the need for exercise or stress management. This presents an easy “in” for cross promotions with health offers. It also means you can expand into new topics so you’re never out of content ideas for your health blog. Almost every problem or desire to improve has an affiliate offer. You should have no troubles monetizing your health blog.

How to Start Promoting Health Affiliate Programs Offers on Your Blog

We recommend two avenues:
  1. Tell your story
  2. Tell their story
Your story of how you overcame a life obstacle is thrilling and engaging. It immediately creates a connection with those currently experiencing it (or those having overcome it). It creates this connection between the reader and you. Every story is different because every life is different. This creates the perfect mixture of content:
  1. Personal stories
  2. Reviews
  3. Case studies
  4. Lists
  5. Guides
Each of these will have a personal twist – something that’ll make them unique – which happens to qualify the visitors. Over time, this creates a tight-knit community. The closeness of the community will improve social sharing, repeat visits, and health offer referrals. The other worth noting is user stories. You can build the blog using your personal accounts of getting healthier and the resources you used. A lot of people will follow that advice and buy those products based on that. But, sometimes it takes several stories for the idea of getting healthy to stick. Think about it:
  • Most will follow the advice of professionals
  • A lot will follow the advice of their peers
It’s all about the personal struggle and triumph. We feel a connection with someone going through the troubles we experienced. We identify with the physical and emotional pain. We see them overcome the barriers. And, we too feel we can do the same. This leads to two actions:
  1. Follow the advice
  2. Follow the advice and buy the product
The advice becomes the DIY where the product creates the shortcut. You don’t have to think about it too long why people prefer the later: We want fast results. This desire to see fast results funnels people to the health offers. This is when the health blog begins to make serious money through its inclusion of offers and promotions. All that’s needed is a good mix of SEO, social, email marketing, and networking to hit its stride.

Getting Healthy while Creating a Healthy Bank Account

Here’s what we like most about the health niche: You’re creating a better lifestyle while you’re building a business. Your activities improving your health and wellness creates the experience and authority to share advice and product/service recommendations. If these health affiliate programs don’t pan out... at least you’re still on the path to become a healthier, happier individual. There’s no downside. Yet, we don’t think you’ll have too much difficulty promoting health and wellness offers. We all have life goals – we all want to stick around to experience what life has to offer. Getting healthy is a priority for every human being on this planet. That makes every visitor a potential referral!
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