The fitness niche is quite a fulfilling one, to say the least. The content you’re creating benefits both you and the community. Following through a diet and lifestyle choice, showing the progress, is a stellar content series also benefiting your health. It’s a great way to prove your commitment and expertise when you’re showing real results – this gets others excited and on board! How would you like to monetize your fitness blog? Adding fitness affiliate programs for items like gym memberships, workout programs, meal kits, exercise equipment, and apparel, creates this opportunity. Promoting the highest paying fitness offers can earn hundreds every month when converting just one person with fitness promotions. Extrapolate this to hundreds or thousands coming through the site… and you’ve got yourself a business!

The Fitness Niche: What You Need to Know

Fitness is a wholesome niche because it promotes healthy living. Physical activity improves brain power, offers stress relief, preventing disease, and more. It’s a niche that gives back. A fitness niche website compiles tactics and resources for the 25% of individuals attempting regular exercise at any moment. There are many outlets for the different fitness niches:
  • Personal training
  • Weightlifting
  • Cardio and yoga
  • Bodybuilding
  • Resistance training
… and many others aimed at improving health and wellness. The trends of the fitness niche change as rapidly as the diet industry. For example, the interest in low-carb and plant-based diets have increased an interest in ‘vegetarian bodybuilding’. There’s a lot of crossovers, too. You’ll find fitness affiliate programs cross promoting offers since every person’s approach is tweaked to their lifestyle and choices.

The Fitness Industry: By the Numbers

You don’t have to look too deep into the fitness industry. You already know fitness is a hot topic just based on New Year’s resolutions and late-night infomercials. There are countless magazines, websites, and routines shared across social media. You’ve likely attempted a fitness routine several times, too. But, here are some juicy numbers to get an idea of why you’d want to promote fitness niche products:
  • The global market size of the health and fitness industry is $83.15 billion
  • There are over 201k health and fitness clubs worldwide
  • Some 162.1 million people, worldwide, belong to a health and fitness club
Look at social and you’ll find hashtags like #cardio, #getoutisde, #fitness, #fitlife, and #fitnessaddict getting thousands of posts and shares at any given moment. People hooked on fitness absolutely love it.

Why Promote Fitness Affiliate Programs

We noted how the fitness niche encompasses many outlets. Each creates a new opportunity to promote new products and services. It’s also an all-around great challenge for the blogger. People want to see progress and believe what you preach – dishing out fitness advice but being out of shape won’t do it. You benefit from the variable levels of fitness, too. A fitness blog can touch on many subjects whether you’re helping people get off the couch and doing their first 5K. Or, explaining a bodybuilding routine to up those “gains”. There are visitors looking for low impact fitness routines (perhaps they’re older or disabled), or those that enjoy yoga. Here’s where it gets interesting:
  • Option A: Body weight routines
  • Option B: Fitness equipment and resources
There’s a big fitness niche dedicated to bodyweight workout. This doesn’t require the expensive equipment. But, it does allow you to promote fitness programs offering supplements, meal kits, and all the other stuff used to increase a user’s health. There’s the other side where people want to use equipment, gym, or personal trainer to reach their goals. This lets you promote a range of home fitness equipment programs while also adding in those valuable resources and everything else mentioned above.

Making Money as a Fitness Affiliate

What do blogs like Lift Like a Girl, Workout Mommy, The Life Fitness Blog, RossTraining, and Roman Fitness Systems have in common? They all touch on the fitness niche… they’re all making money. It’s not easy making it big in the fitness niche unless you have:
  • Passion
  • Dedication
  • Progress
Like we said: no one will believe your recommendations if you’re looking like a slob. Do what you preach. Sharing expert fitness advice while showing how well it’s working for you is how you’ll build authority. Add some great recommendations, a fun and passionate personality, and community support, and you’ve got yourself a great fitness blog! The money will come from the many affiliate fitness offers found throughout the site. Have a look at your competition and see how they’re adding the promotions. Most do so by embedding links in tutorial posts, offering reviews, sharing free exercise ebooks, using an email list, and sponsorship. Need some motivation? Try:
  • Pointing people to an all-in-one online training program to make money on each sale
  • Promote the equipment, routines, and resources aligned with your lifestyle and vision
  • Cut the clutter and make the routine easy to do and even easier to maintain
  • Work with fitness brands to provide real case studies (and get a few freebies)
There are many fitness bloggers making thousands a month promoting fitness affiliate programs. It’s an evergreen niche meaning their income will grow and grow as they remain authentic to their lifestyle.

How to Promote the Highest Paying Fitness Offers and Promotions

So, maybe you have a fitness blog already or maybe you’re thinking about starting one. You have a few ideas of which fitness programs you want to join. But, you’re not too sure how to begin adding them throughout the site – let alone getting people to click through and buy what you’re referring. First off, look at the type of content shared on the fitness resources, like:
  • Alpha Fitness
  • Dolphin Fitness
  • LA Fitness
  • Horizon Fitness
  • Rogue Fitness
  • Wahoo Fitness
Each of these industry leaders has fitness affiliate programs worth looking into. Their information is directly aligned with the products they offer. See how you can integrate that type of content. Else, read the comments and social interaction to build a customer avatar to help keep promotions targeted. Next, niche down and decide who you’re targeting – will it be?
  • Men’s fitness?
  • Women’s fitness?
  • Fitness for singles or couples?
  • Gym affiliation or at-home?
  • Senior or disabled?
The easiest way to select is to base it off what you’re doing. Embrace the lifestyle and find others like you. It’s easier to convey the message when they’ve been through your same predicaments. Then, comes the fitness marketing and promotions:
  • A YouTube channel showing off your fitness routines and tips
  • A value-heavy fitness blog collecting all your excellent information and resources
  • Following fitness trends and using that with your social media participation
  • Getting a job in the fitness industry to share industry knowledge and data
  • Promoting group fitness and challenges to keep people motivated and sharing progress
Think of your fitness blog as the gym. Get people to congregate and visit regularly. But, in this case, they’re not working out… they’re visiting to learn about fitness and health. Adding the highest paying fitness offers and promotions will come naturally once you understand your audience.

What Fitness Offers and Promotions to Add to Your Fitness Site

We recommend having a look through our fitness program directory to find which align with your goals and intention with the fitness blog. This way, you can tailor the experience to the community instead of trying a one-size-fits-all approach. Yet, with that said… here are a few to get things rolling:
  1. Ace Fitness
  2. LifeSpan Fitness
  3. Vitamin Shoppe
  4. Body Dynamix
  5. Nordic Track
  6. Fitness Superstore
You can decide to promote exercise equipment from select retailers. Or, go big and point people to a huge online store offering it all. You could niche down and promote training for a specific fitness routine or offer supplements specific to that fitness lifestyle. The options are endless. Here’s how we would do it:
  1. Create incredible content sharing user stories, case studies, reviews, and tutorials
  2. Include a ‘resource’ section on the site collecting the best fitness program offers
  3. Add call-outs to specific equipment and resources to your best posts
  4. Use a freebie to build an email list then do a regular newsletter (with occasional promo)
  5. Get social super active having them share progress pics or taking on a 30-day challenge
If you want to become a fitness affiliate you have to play the part. Lead by example. Be passionate about what you’re doing and what you’re promoting. Look beyond the monetization… see that you’re changing lives through healthy activity.

Get Those (Monetary) Gains as a Fitness Affiliate

Whether you’re focusing on women’s fitness affiliate programs or niching down and linking out to fitness clothing programs… there are big, monetary gains to be made in this niche and industry. It’s really a win/win because you’re getting healthy from doing what you preach either way. Yes, it’ll be tough competing with the mainstream programs and big-name bloggers. But, there’s opportunity all around especially with the millions already active with fitness and healthy living. Go on and get active. Fill in your blog or social with a few offers from these fitness affiliate programs. You’re already using a lot of what you’re promoting… may as well make some money with each referral, right?
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