Does your site cover topics relate to finance, already active in the finance niche on social, or wanting to start an online business catering the financial markets? Our curated selection of high paying financial affiliate programs will delight your community and bank account. The finance niche is comprised of many sub-niche opportunities whether you’re exploring credit card offers like those of Capital One or bank promotions like the HSBC affiliate program. Affiliates may explore debt consolidation and relief, investments, and retirement. Taxes and insurance provide a lucrative opportunity for the financial affiliate, too. Opportunity is there for the taking: Tap into trillion-dollar markets! Finance is an evergreen niche welcoming to those having any semblance of financial responsibility and authority.  Finance bloggers have several, incredible sales funnels to monetize sites and online efforts when promoting financial affiliate offers. Topics like insurance and tax products are easy sells due to their requirements. Average households carry $15k+ credit card debt making your content valuable for those seeking debt relief. Investment and retirement are high ticket items paired with recurring, affiliate revenues. Case in point: Finances are an everyday priority – position yourself the authority, offer valuable tips, and promote helpful products, and you’ll succeed in the financial niche. How would you like to create the next ManVsDebt or Grow Rich Slowly? Perhaps, you see yourself as a competitor to The Penny Hoarder or Money Under 30? Our directory of finance affiliate programs will turn your online efforts into an incredible, profitable venture.

What to Know about the Finance Niche and Being an Affiliate

People are placing a huge trust in you when they follow your financial guidance. Don’t let them down! Most will turn to established financial institutions and blogs for advice. They know there are financial experts behind the content. Likewise, they also know they’re in good hands and not being swindled. The finance niche had a rough past. Personal finance was a particularly easy market for affiliates because most detailed rounding up tips about saving and investing anyone could pull from mainstream financial hubs. Back then, those hubs covered topics very dry and hard to understand. Finance bloggers delivered it in layman’s terms. This ease made it so there was a lot of misinformation going around. Today, protections are in place to help Web users whenever they’re reading financial content. FTC regulations, declarations, and disclaimers are present to show transparency and compliance. If this is anything it’s this: You must provide value and authenticity. The good financial bloggers will roundup strategies and call it a day. The best financial bloggers will go through the process – they tell stories – and they use the same services they promote. You wouldn’t follow a financial expert that’s broke, would you? These blogs pair finance affiliate programs to promote products and services. The offers are what ultimately help the person take control of their money (or make more of it). That’s not to say the content isn’t thorough… but you don’t see financial blogs offering it “all” like tools, financial services, and the like. And that’s okay. Everyone has experienced financial hardships – this gives you plenty to work off when exploring this exciting and lifestyle growing niche. You could touch on:
  • Debt
  • Credit Cards
  • Insurance
  • Loans
  • Employment
  • Investments
  • Retirement
And these go further into their topics whether it’s divided into age groups, demographics, income, location, and other audience qualities. Your financial struggles become their struggle and vice versa. A reader following your journey to get out of debt or increase their bank account gets a real-life account of the strategies and financial stoicism. Readers trust the person because it’s a journal. They create an emotional attachment and feel compelled to do the same. The outcome of this transparency and experience? The ability to promote high paying finance offers.

The Financial Industry and Market: At a Glance

Why promote finance affiliate programs and offers in the finance niche?
  • 43% of Americans will file their taxes from home and online
  • The average retirement fund of 55-64-year old’s is just over $100k
  • S. citizens will spend 12% of their annual income on insurance programs
  • Mortgage debt is the most common form of debt, followed by credit and auto
  • Americans hold an average 3.7 credit cards
A study found most individuals do not focus on personal finances until middle age. The “hump” found during mid-life creates a sudden shock to the system. Workable years dwindle, debt continues looming, and prospects of raising a family weigh heavily. Financial topics and their appropriate resources become a hot topic for hundreds of millions. The right selection of financial affiliate programs, networks, and offers will turn the expert, authoritative information you share, on the finance blog, into a captivating money maker.

Why You Should Get into Finance Affiliate Programs and Promote Offers

Like we mentioned: Everyone has gone through financial hardships. A lot of financial blog content sounds like a broken record. One must wonder how many times can you tell people to spend less and save more? Or, put money toward their 401k or start an emergency fund. You’ll touch on those topics, no doubt, but it’s the journey that keeps it interest. Your financial hardships tell a different tale than many coming to the site. Perhaps it’s a troubling set of years where you were scraping by? Or, building something successful and having it all come crashing down? These types of stories are inspirational and that’s what a lot of readers need. We mentioned the subcategories – this gives every finance blog something new to cover:
  • Using credit card hacks to build airline miles
  • Starting side hustles to get out of debt
  • Investing in cryptocurrencies and p2p lending
  • Crowdsourcing and bootstrapping
Just a few examples. Here’s the big thing: You get to talk about improving finances while improving finances. It’s a win/win. Your experiments and personal responsibility in getting out of debt and/or investing lets you learn as you go. You benefit from every successful action. The reader gets an insight scoop of what you did and why it worked (for you, at least). The more you take control the more you build authority. It’s a slow and steady process of becoming a financial expert. This eventually lets you begin adding promotions for the same services and products you were using to overcome financial struggles. There’s a good chance those resources have a finance program. And, it’s at this point you make money with the referrals you’re sending with confidence.

How to Promote the Highest Paying Finance Offers and Promotions

The finance niche is difficult to crack because of this notion it’s easy to get into. Yes, everyone has some experience in dealing with their finances. But, that doesn’t mean they should listen to you especially with so many, established blogs and institutions. There are three traits that’ll make things possible:
  • A good story that’ll get them hooked
  • Strong understanding of the industry
  • Transparency with what you’re sharing
Sharing a personal story how debt was eliminated because you were gifted a huge inheritance doesn’t hook as hard as someone coming from nothing. Same with investments – most reading finance blogs have a problem and that’s almost always a lack of capital. Of course, there is a market for high-end finance… but let’s stay on track for the 99% of us. Those other two (understanding and transparency) falls in line with the story. It’s that you either A) have existing knowledge of the industry, or B) learning and sharing everything as you go. Either works. But, that information needs to be open and honest if people are to believe your advice. How do you promote the finance offers and promotions?
  • Stories – Both yours and user stories sharing a financial experience and the resources that made success happen; this content is easier to identify with because there’s an emotional angle.
  • Resources – Time is money and resources make things happen faster; this could include tools, professional services, courses, and more – anything to get them to their goal faster.
  • Silos – The big topics like debt management, investing, retirement, and legal; these are your monster pages with tons of actionable content and supporting resources which you’ll link back to frequently whenever referencing the topic.
This sets the baseline for your financial blog – giving your readers plenty to explore. Many will read/watch, feel inspired, and begin right then and there. Others? It takes a while (sometimes a financial hit) to get them acting. Either way, it’s there for when they’re ready. Each of these main draws to the blog will include links to the affiliated finance offers.
  • Talk about getting out of debt? Share a link to a debt settlement program
  • Talk about buying a car? Point out an auto finance program
  • Talk about banking and loans? Link a few offers from banks and institutions
This is a niche where every piece of content is a vehicle for a financial resource. You can explain the DIY while adding high paying finance offers for those wanting faster outcomes. Network with influencers, push hard on the SEO and stay active on social (the usual mix of blog promotion) and your finance blog will get found. A great story will keep them hooked.

Financial Wins for All Parties Involved

The finance niche attracts many affiliates because the finance affiliate programs and offers pay top dollar. It’s a niche everyone can share personal stories and triumphs. It’s a niche where action creates lifelong wins. We think you’ll enjoy this niche… especially when you’re monetizing it through financial programs. Browse our directory and find the finance promotions best suited for your site and audience. Then, leave a review to help others. Keep up with the grind!
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