Domain Registration

Joining domain registration affiliate programs gives you offers everyone needs to create an online presence. Domain names are the starting point for building a website, blog, or one of the other online platforms & assets. It doesn’t matter if they’re launching a business or making an online hub for their creative work. If someone wants a URL to call their own… they go through a domain name registrar. Do you see the opportunity in this affiliate promotion?

The Domain Registration Niche: What You Need to Know

The best domain affiliates earn thousands of dollars every month partnering with registrars like GoDaddy, NameCheap,, and others. Once on board, you’ll get a link to share to site visitors, followers, and leads. If they click and buy a domain, then you’ll earn a commission. Why are people buying domains?
  • To set up personal portfolios or blogs
  • To launch their business or online project
  • To hold a domain so no one else takes it
You’ve got a lot of people buying domains any time they think of a neat idea. They’ll rush over to a registrar, check the domain name, and grab it up quick before anyone else jumps on the idea! You also have the option of promoting domain registration affiliate programs through a business. Perhaps you offer web development or marketing services – getting a domain is somewhere mixed in there letting you earn a little extra on top of the work you’re providing. The competition inside the domain register market is super tough but do-able. There are almost 140,000 websites launched daily… and each one of them is needing a domain name. If you’re the one they trust and follow, then that’s money if they buy through your partner link.

The Domain Name Industry Stats: By the Numbers

So, we see there are a ton of sites launched every day. What else should you know that’ll have you hyped up to join domain name affiliate programs?
  • 50% of users will visit a store after finding a business in local search
  • 53% of marketers find blogging to be their most effective inbound strategy
  • 110,000+ is the approximate number of ecommerce stores online
  • The Net grew by more than 330 million domain names by Q1 2017
  • More than 143 million .com and .net domain names are registered every year
  • Domain name registration is increasing by 6.7% each year
Imagine getting even a fraction of that action. The Web is growing exponentially, and more and more people want to create something to call their own. This commitment to getting online puts you in quite an advantageous position!

Why You Should Join Domain Registration Affiliate Programs

The short: It’s an essential investment, it’ll make you money. Domain affiliate programs are one of the easier platforms to join with almost no barriers. These programs include a wide selection of domain extensions to expand your offerings. And, come packed with helpful affiliate resources and support. There are several reasons to promote these domain programs – mainly the extras they offer:
  • Domains
  • Hosting
  • SSL
  • Web development
  • Email marketing
  • DNS
…and plenty of other upsells. So, you’re not only promoting domain offers but all other offers included in the service. This gives you a powerful position to get people hooked and charged-up in building something. This one resource has it all for someone fresh to building a site! Domain affiliate payouts typically range around 20-30% meaning you can earn about $4.5 for most, basic affiliate sales. But, this could go way higher if your referral buys multiple domains and services.

How People are Making Money with Domain Name Affiliate Programs

Your typical avenue with domain affiliate marketing would include:
  • Guides
  • Tutorials
  • Round-ups
  • Tips & tricks
You’ll often find blogs hosting this kind of content
  • Domain registrar vs domain registrar
  • How to start a blog/site/forum/etc.
  • Online marketing/business tips using websites
  • Business opportunity tutorials
Each of these tends to include links to the domain affiliate program. Or, they’ll link to their review of the service having an affiliate link, of course. Some programs also let you embed a domain name search into your site for easy look-up leading to nice conversions. You’ll also find domain offers via:
  • Coupons
  • Deals
  • Contests
  • Services
  • Income reports
Again, any way to easily include the domain topic somewhere on their site. Look at some of your favorite business and marketing bloggers and sure enough, they’ll have a combination of these promotional tactics going. In fact, you probably got a start in online business and affiliate marketing through a ‘set up a site’-type guide. Here’s the beauty of it: Domain referrals can fit on just about any website. Doesn’t matter if you’re writing about camping. Or, have a blog about your daily routine. There’s room to talk about creating a site or blog. This doesn’t have to be a big feature – but it’s there earning a passive income from those loving what you do and wanting to do the same.

Is Becoming a Domain Affiliate a Good Fit for You?

Yes! Here’s the thing:
  • You have experience launching a site (or a couple)
  • You went through the process of setting everything up
  • You know what to look for and how to promote these essential services
People. Need. Domains. Sure, they could use a free site or blogging platform. But, if they’re serious (you can give them the nudge) they’ll go through the domain -> hosting -> site setup process, too. The affiliate sales from the domain offers aren’t the craziest but they add up especially when paired with all that goes into building a site, blog, or whatever online project your visitors had in mind. You’ll find ways to add domain promotions to your site because there’s always someone wanting to try what you do. Or, can appreciate the shared tips and tricks helping them explore their creativity. So, look below at our domain registration affiliate programs directory and find one best for you.
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