Consumers are riddled with debt. The average U.S. household holds about $131,431 in debt. Another report estimates the average household holding $15,654 in credit card debt. Then, you have auto loans, student loans, and all other forms of debt bearing down on the U.S. public. The U.K. isn’t far behind with an average £15,000. These numbers run about the same for most other countries. Simply put: We’re in trouble… and we’re looking for ways out. The debt niche is highly competitive and lucrative. It’s a broad, evergreen niche with millions of monthly searches, hundreds of debt-relief solutions, and countless strategies, user stories, and guides. Chances are you hold debt which gives you a great position to share your journey (and make money in the process when adding in a couple of the highest paying debt offers). Read on to find out why you should consider adding debt affiliate programs when monetizing your debt niche site.

The Debt Niche: What You Need to Know

Blogs like Beating Broke, Mint, Finances Gets Personal, and Money Talk News does incredibly well within the debt niche. Debt Free Dana, Budget Girl, Total Debt Freedom, and My Fab Finance has made a name for themselves on YouTube and social media. The consumer debt niche thrives on providing quality content about:
  • Debt settlement
  • Debt consolidation
  • Debt management
They aren’t the most thrilling topics but they’re necessary for anyone serious about their personal finances. This includes anyone expecting to build a family, own a home, rent a car, take out a business loan, or simply remove the strain of living with debt. Debt bloggers typically approach the topics like so:
  • Lists and tutorials
  • Resources and offers
  • Extensive guides
  • Interactive tools
  • User stories
These bloggers combine actionable content with debt affiliate programs when monetizing their work. Debt consolidation companies and/or debt resources are often the only avenue for many. This means buying a product or subscribing to a service becomes necessary to see debt relief results. Know what that means? Locked-in commissions. The debt niche is part of the overarching finance niche. This means you’re not cornered when creating content about the debt topics. A blogger can expand into other areas like credit cards, business loans, investment, and more if they choose – thus opening their options when adding programs and offers. Though, if the debt niche is the focus, then these are the topics mostly covered:
  • How to get out of debt
  • Business and personal loans
  • Debt relief and consolidation
  • Debt elimination and resources
  • Credit repair and consolidation
An affiliate would use each topic to explain strategies and tips to help their users get out of debt. They may include offers for debt settlement programs or student loan relief. They may partner with curadebt, national debt relief, or freedom debt relief as a starting point, then work their way to targeted offers found through networks and in-house programs. Overall, this is a wonderful niche to explore seeing that you’re likely going through the process, too. The content you’re bound to create will hit home with the audience. The real-life case study (on yourself) adds to your authority and expertise – all of which helps when promoting those debt affiliate programs.

The Debt Industry: By the Numbers

Debt is a, unfortunately, way of life often due to uncontrollable circumstances. A medical emergency or ill-advised investment may have put an individual in the hole. Debt also results from reduced income or savings, a divorce, gambling, lack of financial literacy, and relying on windfall moments. Truth be told: Sometimes it’s our fault, sometimes it’s not, but either way… we want to fix it. Here’s what the industry looks like by the numbers:
  • A total of $2.4 trillion debt is held by consumers in the United States
  • 1 in 50 households holds more than $20k+ in debt
  • Almost 2-2.5 million people will seek credit counseling each year
  • 1 in 10 people have 10 or more credit cards (holding $6500+ in debt)
  • Outstanding balances for student loan debt averages $37,172
There are harsh options when dealing with debt such as bankruptcy but this does incredible damage to credit scores. Garnished wages or a lean on a property can happen, too. Most consumers prefer to avoid these outcomes and make it a point to fix their debt. Unfortunately, financial literacy isn’t a common core topic taught in schools. This is where finance and debt blogging come into play.

What’s the Attraction to the Debt Niche and Debt Affiliate Programs?

Debt seems to be one of those things where people either throw in the towel or fully commit to knocking it down. You have many that will avoid collections calls and scrap monthly bills. But then you have lots taking an active approach to getting things on track and owning up to it. The obvious target market is those willing to make the change. This is what people search for in relation to the debt niche:
  • Debt relief
  • Credit card consolidation
  • Debt help
  • How to get rid of debt
  • Debt management services
  • Get out of debt
  • Debt calculator
All these terms have intent – indicating people are willing to act – which means many are ready to make a small investment (in resources and tools) to ultimately get more in the long-run. The right selection of debt offers, and promotions become the pathway for these individuals. Debt companies pay top dollar for referrals; the debt affiliate programs commission structure is thrilling and lucrative. There’s also the financial market. A blogger exploring debt-relief topics can niche into horizontal and vertical markets whether that’s investments and loans, or even creating a service helping their users. It’s very common seeing paid tools, information products, and classes as part of the debt blog monetization strategies. A person coming out of debt will begin seeking financial stability – giving you the opportunity to promote new tools and resources. Once stable, they’ll look toward investments – another opportunity to promote other programs and offers. See where the money comes from? Awesome, isn’t it?

Monetizing Your Blog with Debt Offers and Promotions

There are several directions one can go when monetizing their debt blog. Or, set a path for how they’ll make money with debt blogging from the get-go. It tends to begin like this:
  • Share a personal story of debt troubles
  • Set a plan and guide for how you’ll get out of debt
  • Blog the process while sharing what you’ve learned
The best debt blogs are often those started by individuals in some form of debt. Their journey becomes a rallying point for their readers. Readers want to see this person get out of debt. They also see the value in their suggestions because they’re seeing how the strategies have worked. The debt blog becomes a case study. As time goes on, the blog will attract a community rooting for you to “win”. They’ll share their experiences and suggestions along the way. It creates a tight-knit community – one that’ll share your posts, comment on social, and even buy offers you’re promoting through debt affiliate programs. What type of content will attract people to the blog?
  • Services and tools reviews and analysis
  • Personal and user stories of getting out of debt
  • Promotions and giveaways for helpful offers
  • Extensive guides, strategies, and lists of helpful tips
There are only so many ways you can tell people the importance of getting out of debt. Same for sharing the already available resources. It’s like the saying, “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink”. Meaning… they must realize their troubles and make up their mind to be debt-free. User stories are one of the best ways to get people on board and checking out debt offers and promos. Why? Because it’s easy to identify with others going through similar troubles. You, the blogger, could be in a unique position when getting out of personal debt. Though, this may not reflect the current condition of your community. User stories, on the other hand, lets your site resonate with all types of visitors while including fresh takes on the topic. On the topic of debt programs to promote – try:
  • Services that’ll help credit, loan, auto, or mortgage consolidation
  • Financial services like small loans or crowdfunding
  • Legal services to help users fight back
  • Credit monitoring and repair type services
  • Calculators, money management, and budgeting tools
  • Handling medical bills and health care
  • Ways to prevent extra debt by being frugal or doing due diligence
Think of all the different ideas and ways you’ve attempted to tackle personal debt. Then, package that into great content, pair it with a few debt promotions and offers, and get it up on that site!

Promoting a Debt Blog and Its Debt Affiliate Programs Offers

Why should people listen to you of all people? Can’t they just go to one of the big, established sites and find all the information they need? Or, talk with financial advisors since they’re the professionals? Sure, they can do that… but there’s something about having a personal relationship with the blogger when you’re on this journey to debt relief. Small debt blogs have this edge because there’s passion. The site is growing so there’s time to respond to each person choosing to follow your guides and tips. Personal stories are real. Realness creates authority. Authority creates opportunity. Promoting a debt blog and its offers follow the same path as you’re doing with eliminating debt:
  • Creating a plan and committing
  • Being passionate about the process
  • Learning and sharing everything you can
There are the technical like on-page SEO, link building, and outreach. But, this is “sticky” niche meaning one or two good mentions by financial institutions or influencers can “lock in” lots of followers. How could you create this stickiness?
  1. Share everything and be transparent (your debts, your process, your intentions)
  2. Give people behind-the-scenes (the good and bad times)
  3. Champion the milestones and even the setbacks
  4. Help one another whether that’s one-on-one or through community participation
  5. Network and build relationships with your fellow finance and debt bloggers
We’ve seen YouTube as one of the best platforms. There are plenty of opportunities there when doing reviews, sharing top 10’s, resource recommendations, and vlogging the journey. Funneling people to your blog and Facebook group is a smart idea, too. The affiliate debt affiliate programs offers, and promotions will tie in neatly as time goes on. Especially if you’re using them on your journey.

Get Debt Free, Document the Process, and Make a Few Bucks While You’re at It

Some debt affiliate programs, like National Debt Relief, pay $41 for each qualified lead; the program pays $300 if that person purchases their service. This is like other debt offers. The industry is big bucks when you’re talking about debt reaching tens of thousands (or more). A couple referrals to these programs will create one helluva monetized debt blog. We welcome you to browse our directory and see which offers and promotions best fit your blog. Read the terms, program details, commission structures, and added bonuses. Work with these same companies while you, too, are getting out of debt to provide real accounts of the service. Who wouldn’t want to be debt free and make a bit of money while doing it? Go for it!
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