Credit Repair

Several factors playing into the financial markets have resulted in many seeing their credit scores drop to depressing lows. The national, U.S. average for credit scores does hover around 700. Yet, a good third of individuals have subprime scores (under 620). Many have seen it bottom out. Credit repair services are here to save the day. Those low credit visitors reading your financial content are likely looking for a “way out”. A way to build their credit. To get back on track and explore interesting topics like retirement and investing. Adding credit repair affiliate programs and topics related to the process presents a great way to monetize.

The Credit Repair Industry: What You Need to Know

Credit scores are used for several, big decisions:
  • Mortgages
  • Vehicle Leases
  • Insurance
  • Loans
Bad credit scores take a substantial amount of time to fix. Write-offs and late payments can stick on credit reports for seven years. A dedicated individual, getting back on track, can realistically fix their credit scores on their own. Yet, credit repair services provide a quicker option. What do these services do? The companies first obtain your credit score from the three major bureaus. Then, they negotiate on your behalf to remove negative items on your credit report. Credit repair affiliate programs links to these services and offers a commission for each paying customer. The major services you’ll likely refer include:
  • Progrexion (Lexington Law)
  • com
  • Watchman Identity
  • The Credit Pros
… unfortunately, the Sky Blue program is no longer around… Each is reputable, long-standing companies providing these services. The companies generally charge a monthly fee for monitoring and disputes.

The Credit Repair Industry: By the Numbers

The credit repair industry accompanies the credit card industry. Many receive their cards and spend foolishly. Or, many find themselves overwhelmed by life, rely on credit, and find themselves receiving late and collection notices. Those wanting to fix their credit will likely consider credit repair services when they’re serious about taking control of their finances. What’s the credit repair industry like?
  • $4 billion – The credit repair market revenue
  • About 35% of Americans have a report of debt in collections
  • Less than 1/5th of Americans obtain a copy of their credit report each year
A lot of consumers won’t attempt to tackle credit problems for fear they may cause more damage. Many may find credit items on their reports well beyond the allotted time they should have fallen off. Those items could have prevented approvals for any number of beneficial financial services! Becoming a credit repair affiliate lets you help those individuals free themselves from bad credit.

Why You Should Promote Credit Repair Affiliate Programs Offers

Those in the financial niche tend to focus on two areas:
  • Debt
  • Investments
Debt is a bread and butter topic because 8 out of 10 Americans have some form of debt. People visiting the finance blog will look for these topics. It usually involves things like “sell stuff you don’t use”, “focus on paying your debts”, and “live modest” – those type of posts. Then you have the investment topics. They’re attractive because you see great earnings or financial stability and think “I want that”. Unfortunately, some of those people bouncing from debt topics and investment topics have bad credit. So, this investment advice is fluff to them. Adding one of the reputable credit repairs leads affiliate promotions helps this segment of visitors. So now you have three big topics you’re covering! This will, in turn, expose you to a greater amount of people searching for financial topics. And, it’ll help build your expertise and authority since you’re covering the full spectrum of finances.

Making Bank with Credit Repair Affiliate Payouts

As noted, there are many avenues for monetizing your finance blog when adding some of the highest paying credit repair affiliate programs offers. You could create a systematic process for it all:
  1. Help people fix their credit
  2. Get people back on track with using credit cards
  3. Show them where to invest
This opens your blog to promotions like National Debt Relief or Capital One. It opens the blog to small loans or crowdfunding. It lets you share financial services, programs, books, tutorials, classes, and more. A person dead-set on repairing their credit is willing to spend the right kind of money. It’s your job to:
  1. Explain the value of fixing credit (better access to finances and terms)
  2. Get them motivated to act (whether it’s through tutorials you offer or paid offers)
You’re sending referrals to these companies willing to pay a handsome commission for leads. Some of the credit repair offers pay $30 - $75 per lead. Sending and closing on 10 referrals a day will net you anywhere from $300 - $750 a day! That’s big bucks!

How to Promote Credit Repair Services, Offers, and Promotions

This is where things get a little tricky. Trust. There’s a lot of information found online related to finances. People don’t play around when it comes to finances. Many have been burned from reading an investment tip or debt strategy. It’s hard convincing people with already bad credit to trust your gospel. Likewise, big institutions are heavily invested in SEO, advertising, and content. Your ideal target when promoting these credit repair services has likely already found major blogs. How can you promote these credit repair offers and promotions effectively?
  1. VS’s – Use topics like “credit repair vs Lexington law” to attract individuals versed in the topic but have yet to decide how they’ll act.
  2. Geolocation – Different laws and rules apply for credit services; use geolocation to your advantage whether it’s covering items like ‘Credit repair Oregon’ or focusing on ‘Orange County, California’. Share what the visitors can expect specific to their state.
  3. Walkthroughs – Be part of the experience by using the same services you’re promoting. Create case studies and walkthroughs showcasing what happens throughout the process. And, the results.
  4. User Stories – It’s hard convincing people to listen to your suggestions. Instead, let the community get others on board by having them share their experiences with the credit repair services.
We suggest you look at some of the leading blogs showing up for this financial niche. See what content they’re covering and make something bigger and better. Be transparent, too.

How to Promote the Credit Repair and Counseling Blog Section

The credit repair and/or counseling will likely be a small subsection of your financial blog. Most efforts will go to our big two like debt and investing. Don’t let this blog section wither, though. You don’t want people landing on outdated information. Plus, you’ve already seen how it fits into the bigger picture. The promotional efforts will follow the general set:
  • Blogging
  • Social
  • Networking
… those will cover your basics. The impactful, industry disrupting tactics to get people coming to those credit repair affiliate programs would include:
  • Live streaming video with a Q&A about finances
  • Holding a contest (with a big reward) for those able to fix their credit
  • Share credit tools embedded on your site
  • Or… create new credit tools for your audience
  • Design and publish helpful infographics
  • Offer a free course on YouTube or Udemy
It’s all about building trust with your audience. The best way is by making it personal, transparent, and identifying with your core audience. It’s letting them see your struggles and triumphs. It’s also backing your claims with stats, references, and sources.

Build Your Blog like You Building Your Credit Score

Credit repair affiliate programs pay top dollar for each referral. It’s a subtopic to the financial niche few other affiliates are pushing on their sites. Their neglect is your opportunity. You still have the options of promoting the normal slew of financial offers. We think becoming a credit repair affiliate, too, will let you offer the full spectrum. These programs are quick to join. There’s no reason why you’d pass on them considering the value they deliver. So, how does earning $30 to $70+ each time someone fixes their credit scores sound? Check our directory, find the credit repair affiliate programs right for your audience, apply and start today.
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