Clothes account for nearly 3.5% of a family’s expenses. A person will spend around $1,700 a year on clothing. Where do they buy clothes? Some do primarily through second-hand shops or via recommendations made by those promoting clothing affiliate programs. Most at big box retailers. A huge portion of the market will go to specialty clothing stores or drop big bucks on designer wear. Clothing programs are the best way to monetize a fashion blog… and a whole lot of others, too. The fashion niche is suitable for anyone and everyone. There are blogs dedicated to high fashion. Blogs dedicated to streetwear. Blogs dedicated to baby clothing. And more. Each time a piece is mentioned is another opportunity to earn money by promoting high paying clothing offers.

The Clothing Niche: What You Need to Know

There are more than 7 billion people across the globe. An average set of clothes would include a top, bottom, and undergarments. Then, add in socks. You could include hats, scarves, gloves, lingerie, coats, dresses, and more. Basically, an average person is wearing 3-5 clothing pieces at any given time. Most individuals will have a dozen+ outfits of their choosing. Seasonal styles and hot trends will change entire wardrobes. A celebrity sporting the latest fashion will cause an uptick in consumer interest. Certain styles fade with the decade (jean jackets, anyone?). What does this mean for the affiliate? A consistent flow of new clothing promotions. Clothes shopping is consistently one of the biggest activities during Black Friday and the holidays. We tend to stockpile clothing. Many of us have a wardrobe we’re hoping to ‘fit again’. But in the meantime, we’re out buying a size larger. It goes both ways. The textile market is in the trillions… yeah, there’s a lot of money going around and yeah, you should begin promoting some of those highest paying clothing offers.

The Clothing Industry: By the Numbers

You and I may buy a pack of white tees and call it a day. Others? Clothes shopping is their lifestyle. Many are hip and trendy. They change wardrobes with each passing trend or season. You also have the second-hand market where limited run pieces of apparel fetch hundreds of dollars. Let’s not forget clothes wear down meaning we’re in a perpetual state of buying new apparel. Here’s what the clothing industry looks like by the numbers:
  • $621 billion – The womenswear industry
  • $402 billion – The menswear industry
  • $285 billion – The expected U.S. apparel market size by 2020
People are spending for the sake of spending. A survey found most buy clothes to cheer themselves up or wanting to treat others. People buy clothes because they’re feeling happy or unattractive. We have blogs dedicated to decluttering our wardrobes – that gives a good idea of how much we’re buying.

Why Promote Fashion, Apparel, and Clothing Affiliate Programs

Well, besides the fact we kind of need them to be seen in public… Clothing and fashion programs pay big bucks – usually 5-15% per sale. The commission rate on clothing offers goes well with the 7-30-day cookie. The commission, per referral, is great when considering many will spend about $150+ per month for clothing. This becomes $22+ a sale if you’re promoting higher-end clothing offers. … but it can go more than that. You have the “whales” that come through and buy up new wardrobes. These individuals may drop several hundred dollars in a single shopping spree. This becomes hundreds for the single referral. There’s also the horizontal and vertical markets, like:
  • Jewelry
  • Glasses
  • Shoes
  • Swimwear
  • Athleisure
Really, anything else we tend to add to our daily getup. You’ll also have the liberty of covering content about fashion trends, news, celebrity gossip, parenting, family, nailcare, haircare, and more. If fashion is your thing then you’ll love the opportunity to make money when promoting clothing affiliate programs.

Look at How Stylish the Fashion Bloggers are Doing It

Fashion blogging is cut-throat since it’s hard keeping up with trends when you’re on a budget. It’d be nice to do a review about the latest trends but who has that kind of money? Well, many brands are willing to do sponsorships with fashion bloggers – to raise brand awareness. Likewise, there’s a whole market dedicated to using what you have or repurposing clothing into trendy fashion statements. The content creator becomes the fashion designer. The community falls in love with the personality and creativity of the content creator. What are fashion bloggers promoting?
  • Women’s clothing programs
  • Designer clothing programs
  • Urban clothing programs
They’ll pair up with the Forever 21 program or go basic with something cute and upgradable from Walmart or Target. They may use the eBay program to list stellar finds to sport a vintage design. Look, see how they’re doing, and get some inspiration from:
  • Fishnets and Rainbows
  • Atlantic Pacific
  • Lust for Life
  • The Chronicles of Her
  • One Dapper Street
Or follow some fashionable people on Instagram like Elin Kling, Alessandro Michele, Derek Blasberg, or Sarah Ruston. Many of these fashion bloggers and social personalities network with brands, getting big bucks to promote their products. Others? They’ll include clothing offers and promotions with embedded stores, links, and references in style guides.

How to Promote the Highest Paying Clothing Offers and Promotions

Everyone has their specific style – sometimes this is hard to overcome when you’re doing fashion reviews and guides. That’s okay. The point isn’t to use your fashion blog as a catch-all, this is what you should wear type site. Instead, niche down and cater to a specific segment of the market. The market segment could include:
  • Urban styles
  • Budget-friendly wardrobes
  • “Copy this look” types
  • Boutique offerings
  • Design by body size
Niching down will help declutter the clothing offers and promotions you’ll need to select. You’ll refine what’s promoted based on brands and what visitors have come to expect. Likewise, you can budget your own clothes shopping if you’re buying and reviewing the pieces vs trying to pick up everything. What specific ways could you promote the offers?
  1. Guides – Create a seasonal style guide or “wear this, not that” type blueprint
  2. Interactive – Let visitors play dress up with interactive styling while listing each item
  3. User content – Get the community to share their fashion tips and tricks
  4. Media-heavy – Media does more than words so get lots of photos and video
  5. Gifts – List what clothes you’d recommend as gifts (by age, body type, etc.)
  6. Investigate – Show people behind-the-scenes of the clothing industry
A lot of fashion blogs cover the basics of trends and guides. What if you went one further? What if you did a wardrobe giveaway? Or, showcased users in the community or around the globe? There are countless ideas once you’re in the thick of talking about fashion – bring over that passion and excitement to the community.

Sewing the Seeds of Clothing Promotions and Offer Commissions

A few ways we’d integrate clothing affiliate programs to the site:
  • An embedded shopping portal
  • A visual breakdown of each item to complete “the look”
  • An FB page/group to talk, share, and discuss fashion
  • An FB campaign, while you’re at it, pointing people to a fashion guide
  • A partnership with a brand to do giveaways and promotions
  • A roundup of influencers, what they’re wearing, or what they recommend
You could also explore doing informational products. We’ve seen plenty of fashion blogs including clothing offer links in their paid style guides as a little win/win with each sale. Of course, there are the usual outlets like:
  • Building and managing a fashion email list
  • Funneling social users to your site and offers
  • Pay per click and banner ad campaigns
  • Content creation and video uploads
… come to think of it: A live fashion show put on by you (showcasing designs and wears) would go over really well! It would give you an opportunity to connect with the audience while linking out to the pages and promotions for each product.

Get Hip, Get Trendy, Get into Earning with Clothing Affiliate Programs

The commissions for clothing affiliate programs and their offers are attractive (5-15% on many). The amount people spend on each clothes shopping trip is staggering ($50-$150). The limitless options and the need for recommendations are telling (fashion blogs are the driving influencers). Competition is tough. It’s a grueling industry to stay up-to-date with. But, if fashion is your thing and you want to make a living blogging about the topic, then promoting clothing affiliate programs is the way to go. Whether you’re starting a blog or trying to find ways to monetize it. Look through our directory and find the brand that’ll fit your style. Sign up and explore what they offer. Stay passionate, stay trendy.
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