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The auto/transportation niche encompasses several subcategories – cars & trucks affiliate programs and the sub-niches within them being one of them. These two types of vehicles are the focus of the niche rather than spreading too thin covering other topics like boating, cycles, planes, and more. There’s a lot an affiliate can do within this niche. Car rentals, accessories, and tools & supplies are the top three types of offers one would pair with cars & trucks affiliate programs. This introduces thousands of opportunities to make money. A well-positioned car and truck blog likely aligns with your passion. Who wouldn’t enjoy making passive income while talking about vehicles? Plus, the fun community built around it! All this possible when adding car offers and truck promotions.

What to Know about the Car & Truck Niche

As a car & truck lover, you already know the big players like Edmunds, AutoBlog, Jalopnik, MotorTrend, and CarTalk. You probably frequent message boards, post car-related shares on Facebook, and maybe subscribe to some of the big magazines like Car and Driver. The demand for vehicle information is at an all-time high. Before, people were stuck turning to mechanics and friends-of-friends to diagnose and fix their vehicles. Today, we turn to blogs, YouTube, and message boards. We find communities and content to apply DIY fixes for most car troubles. Likewise: Online sales for auto parts, accessories, and gizmos have grown. There are over 1 billion motor vehicles around the globe. The American culture is built on driving – and the world is following suit. There are plenty of ways to go about building a reputable car & truck blog with topics like:
  • Makes and models
  • Tutorials and guides
  • Helpful resources
  • Classics and concepts
  • Parts and accessories
  • Customs and hot rods
  • Graphics and designs
  • Sales and used offers
  • Imports and exotics
Cars & trucks affiliate programs – especially with parts – offer a mix of percentage-based and fixed commissions and payouts. Some parts will earn a few pennies while big builds could bring in thousands. It all depends on the scope of your blog, its target, and how involved you get. And here’s the kicker: Own a vehicle? Like to work on it? You’re already halfway there. Answering questions about your favorite makes and models will get you started. Expanding into repairs and tutorials will solidify your position. Going above and beyond by networking, attending events, and help people maintain or create something great is mind-blowingly profitable. Paired with a cross-selection of high paying cars & trucks affiliate programs offers and promotions and you’ll turn this love for all things autos into a real money-maker.

The Auto Industry by the Numbers (and Why You’ll Love this Niche)

We already established the 1+ billion motor vehicles. But, what else would get you really interested in turning your car blog into an online business? What’s in it for you with this niche? And, does it have enough interest where you can stay competitive against so many big-name players? Consider:
  • Nearly 80 million cars were expected to be sold in 2017 (worldwide)
  • Emerging markets will account for 60% of sales by 2020
  • The dealership structure is shifting to online vs traditional lots
  • Subcompacts, minis, and eco-friendly options are growing quickly
  • By 2020, there will be 10 million self-driving cars
All the hallmarks of the auto industry are still there – but it’s evolving rapidly. Tech-savvy individuals have options. Many are buying cars online. Even more, are ordering parts. The classic car scene is exploding. And, tech is creating a new type of mechanic. In all, the market penetration of the auto industry has created a necessity for these items. Your audience has vehicles… they’re looking for good information and resources.

Why You Should Promote Cars & Trucks Affiliate Programs

Let’s have a reminder: More than 1 billion motor vehicles are on the road throughout the world. You don’t have people coming to your auto blog if they don’t have a vehicle. You’ll get a chunk of visitors looking for news and industry stats. But, most visit because they want advice. Advice creates leverage whenever you’re promoting offers. With a vehicle, you can’t fix the problem without tools, parts, and accessories. This is your leverage with the tutorials and resources. You present how it’s done… they buy the product to do it. You earn a commission for each sale you generate through a cars & trucks program. That’s not all. Car maintenance, repairs, and restorations do a switch. People willing to DIY typically won’t go back to paying a mechanic for basic services. They’re comfortable with doing these items. All they needed was a great tutorial and clear instructions. This means they’re willing to buy parts & accessories for most projects – many are willing to do all the fixes!
  • You’re no longer competing with big brands
  • Your auto blog becomes their go-to resource
Doesn’t that sound great?

How to Promote the Highest Paying Car & Truck Offers and Promotions

The best auto blogs are both professional and have a personal touch. You could try to turn the blog into the next Motor Trend, but we wouldn’t recommend it. The scope of the project is too large – especially if it’s just you doing the work! Instead, focus on building a strong community of likeminded car and truck enthusiasts. Help with:
  • Repairs
  • Customizations
  • Services
Car & truck repairs, rentals, and customizations don’t come cheap. It’s a big investment for many. They come to the blog so they’re not getting ripped off or finding a DIY solution. Adding some personality to these topics will keep them coming back. Here are some of the things people love on auto blogs:
  • Event Coverage – Auctions, races, swaps, and more
  • Repair Guides – Detailed tutorials for fixing specific problems
  • Customs – Sharing history and the culture around it
  • Rentals – Guiding people to the best deals and providers
  • Insurance – Because we all need it to operate
  • Loans – To get people on the road
Most cars & trucks affiliate programs include a 30-45-day cookie. This gives you plenty of time to further convince visitors to follow through with the guidance. Many programs include extensive resources to help with promotions, dedicated teams, and regular improvements to increase conversions. The offers and promotions sell themselves. Like we mentioned… You can’t fix a car or truck without the part. Many car programs offer 5-8% commissions for each sale – imagine that commission if they buy a new or used car through one of your links! Or, if they order a couple parts for a big DIY repair or customization. This adds up fast! What else could you do to promote high paying car & truck offers?
  1. Live stream maintenance, Q&A, or events mixed with shout-outs and links
  2. Create a resourceful ebook or course for your email list with embedded promotions
  3. Interview experts and do regular roundups to expand your promotional scope
Everyone loves a good story, too. Tell how and why you’re involved with the auto industry. Or, keep a journal of how you’ve serviced vehicles as this will show off you know what you’re doing. It’s a bit like a journey – especially if you’re in the process of restoring a car!

Rev Up the Engines to this Incredible Niche Opportunity

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