Today, the beauty industry, especially thanks to beauty affiliate programs,  generates an estimated $445 billion worldwide. It’s surprising to believe but the modern beauty industry hasn’t been around for as long as you thought. The beauty programs and their markets were fragmented. Small mom & pop shops and companies were busy making beauty supplies. But, it wasn’t until the 20th century that we saw the rise of the makeover. The beauty industry has long since been marked as being “shallow”. Forget that! We’re all obsessed with our appearance whether we flaunt it or question it in privacy. Beauty has its place in our society for expressionism and identity. We use beauty to attract mates and stand out from our peers. We use beauty to shape fashion, entertainment, and social status. A beauty blogger provides real value to their community – they help their community look and feel better. The right choice of beauty affiliate programs can help this blogger make big bucks in the beauty niche.

The Beauty Niche: What You Need to Know

Beauty is like art in which it’s hard to pinpoint what defines the niche. Is it…
  • Lipstick and mascara?
  • Hair products and shaving?
  • Sugar scrubs and eye masks?
Or maybe it’s…
  • Plastic surgery and augmentation?
  • Tattoos and piercings?
  • Essential oils and body rubs?
A lot of beauty bloggers will tell you to shy away from the industry. We think this is a good suggestion because the beauty industry is too broad a topic. Instead, explore the sub-niches found within beauty. Niching down could include:
  • Using and promoting niche brands
  • Sharing holistic or organic beauty tips
  • Pairing fashion and style with beauty and allure
  • Focusing on one part of the body (eyes, legs, ears, etc.)
  • Providing info for ethnic groups or body types
  • Affordable products or luxury offerings
The best beauty bloggers understand their community and market. It’s a market primed to spend a good deal of money to get “the look”. It also has roots in empowering the individual. Beauty brands have understood this allure to stand out and be yourself which they repackage in their beauty offers. Every audience is different. But, there are similarities because beauty uses a set of skills and tools. A woman will likely spend $15000+ on beauty supplies within their lifetime. Spend by men are also on the rise. Beauty has crafted careers from amateur models on Instagram. It’s changed our entertainment. Simply put: The beauty niche is still young and growing, and it’s one of the best to get into if this is your passion. Paired with one of the many beauty affiliate programs and you could turn your beauty blog into a serious money-maker and business.

The Makeup Industry and Niche: By the Numbers

The beauty industry has done an amazing job at crafting lifestyle design. The marketing and advertising from big beauty brands redefined what it’s like to be an individual in public. It’s virtually impossible to escape beauty since it’s permeated our fashion, hairstyles, accessories, clothing, and everything else. What does the beauty industry look like in the books?
  • The three largest segments of the beauty industry are hair care, skin care, and cosmetics
  • 82% of women believe social media drives beauty trends
  • There are more than 650k barbers, hairdressers, and cosmetologists in the U.S.
  • Women spend an average $144 a year on beauty
  • The biggest distribution is done by drug stores, spa services, and department stores
You’ve got brands like Olay, Avon, Neutrogena, L’Oreal, and Nivea accounting for almost 40 billion dollars in revenue. Markets in Asia/Pacific, Western Europe, Latin America, and North America account for the largest consumers.

What’s Driving the Market and Beauty Niche

There are beauty affiliate programs and promotions for every interest whether it’s beard oil for men or bedazzles for women’s privates. Like we mentioned: beauty is like art, people want expression. It’s a subjective market which is its trouble and, yet, its opportunity. What some find beautiful or pretty, others find drab and disgusting. And vice versa. You have some that enjoy going minimal while others will dress in full drag. Both women and men are looking for beauty tips. Here are what people look for when doing a search for beauty:
  • Beauty products
  • Beauty tips
  • Natural beauty tips
  • Beauty shop online
  • Makeup reviews
  • Homemade beauty supplies
  • Beauty tips for girls
Getting some ideas rolling in your head, yeah? This extends throughout to various demographics and social trends. There is no barrier to beauty anymore. All sexes enjoy looking good and feeling confident. The beauty affiliate is locked onto this diversification. These individuals team up with beauty affiliate programs from big brands. They leverage their expertise and tutorials while pointing their community to beauty supply offers and promotions. The blogger is part of the experience – they become the star but also place the community in the spotlight.

Why Promote Beauty Affiliate Programs

The beauty niche touches on everything (like we mentioned). This means you’re not “technically” stuck in beauty… you can expand into just about anything. Beauty is more of a lifestyle design than a specific market or industry in which it accompanies attitude, fashion, accessories, career, relationships, and everything that goes into what represents the individual. Why should you promote beauty affiliate programs?
  1. High commissions – The average spend when shopping for beauty supplies is often $40+. Programs offering 10-20% commission on each sale quickly adds up! You should also consider those likely to purchase tons of beauty supplies all in one go.
  2. Reputation – The beauty supply industry (outside of a few mishaps) has a stellar reputation. There are fan service and fanfare for certain brands. There are full-on brawls for limited edition supplies.
  3. Empowerment – There is a social push behind the beauty. The products and styles are part of individuality. Beauty empowers the individual. This strong affiliation turns consumers into advocates and lifelong customers.
Let’s not forget there are literally thousands of beauty products. Plus, women use around 16 beauty products, on average, each day as part of their routine. Take that one sale of $4-$10 (depending on the item) and extrapolate by 16x. That becomes big earnings when you keep sending your followers through the beauty program links.

How to Promote the Highest Paying Beauty Offers and Promotions

The beauty affiliate programs and their industry is ruthless when it comes to competition. The beauty brands spend big bucks on marketing and advertising. Their place in drug stores and retailers account for most of their revenue. One must wonder how a small beauty blogger can begin to get known… … it’s possible with the right passion and talent. 1. Pair with the Right Beauty Affiliate Programs Have a plan in place about which offers and promotions you’ll have on the beauty blog. This could include retailers like Ulta, BH Cosmetics, Sephora, and more. Or, choose if you’ll niche the product and styles based on demographics, lifestyle, and budgets. 2. It’s all about the Visuals Visuals are what gets people paying attention – it’s the reason they’ll share on social. This is why so many beauty brands spend heavily on visual ads and campaigns. You can’t exactly read what a style looks like – the imagery is what sells it. Here are things you should do:
  • Take and share high-quality photos of the makeup and results
  • Do detailed tutorials with each step of the application
  • Live stream the process or upload videos to YouTube
3. Connect Established beauty bloggers can learn a thing or two. There are always up and comers trying new styles and designs. Networking with the established beauty influencers and getting mentioned is an easy way to get on the radar to the general community. Otherwise, connect with the brands since many will help cross promote. In fact, many will send you free products to review which will help establish your brand. -- A lot of it is simply taking your usual beauty routine and putting it out to the public. It’s turning the camera on yourself and walking people through how you do it. It’s a good chance you have dozens of great products to start reviewing and create tutorials around just by browsing the bathroom. The items you own will carry you through the first dozen posts, no doubt. Then…
  • Further niche down to cater to specific community members or requests
  • Really use social to your advantage whether it’s an FB group or Instagram
  • Work with brands to do giveaways and promotions on your blog and social
You could also find opportunities to pitch high paying beauty offers when creating wardrobe guides or local guides focused on finding and buying supplies. There is an unlimited number of options for how you can promote these products and services when you’re an active participant in the community.

Make Your Bank Account look like Your Style… Beautiful

Earning a couple hundred dollars each day from beauty affiliate programs, products reviews, and sponsorship is totally doable with the right personality, passion, and community following. There are several beauty bloggers commanding $100k+ a month. It takes time, of course, but that’s the beauty of beauty… there’s no real “right or wrong”. There are fundamentals and traditional styles but you can explore anything you want. It’s your style. Ready to get started with making money in the beauty niche? Look through our beauty affiliate program directory to see which kind of offers and promotions you can find. Choose a few trusted brands of supplies you already use. Add in a few brands you’re wanting to explore. The beauty niche is a multi-billion-dollar industry. It’s time to get in on that action.
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